Wednesday, 2010-03-03

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JED3paroneayea, you still around?01:12
paroneayeaJED3: via my phone on the bus, yes01:12
JED3heh, nm its not that important. was going to ask you to take another sanity check on that api stuff.  i've implement you+nathan's suggestion of a decorator01:14
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paroneayeaah... remind me tomorrow :)01:15
JED3will do, have a good one01:15
paroneayeaeasier to dco code reviews from real computers ;)01:15
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JED3nkinkade, ping18:41
nkinkadeJED3: Hi.18:41
JED3hey, do you know if civicrm records a timestamp of when a receipt is received after a contribution?18:42
JED3i'm seeing a datetime, but does it store anything with a higher precision?18:42
JED3err a "date"18:42
nkinkadeJED3: Yeah, I think it records a full date.18:43
nkinkadeJED3: Hmm.  You're right, no timestamp, just a day.18:44
nkinkadeHowever, when I store receipt_data I give it a full datetime.18:44
nkinkadeThe fact that it stores no time for a contribution almost constitutes a bug in my eyes.18:45
JED3yeah, i'm wondering if the payment processors are taking longer now than they have in the past?18:45
JED3because i feel that it was only until recently that we got this surge of "where's my login" emails18:45
JED3the invites are scheduled to go out every 5 min in cron18:46
JED3but a contribution's status doesn't seem to be updated until 20-30 min after a donation18:48
JED3i feel as if it used to be much sooner than that, which is why i ask if you know of a table column that could provide that sort of information18:48
JED3nkinkade ^^18:49
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nkinkadeJED3:  There is no good way to find out precisely how much time there was between a donation and the database updating.19:07
nkinkadeThe cronjob that pulls donations down from PayPal runs every 15 minutes.19:07
nkinkadeSo presumably the time should always be less than, say, 16 minutes.19:07
nkinkadeI have an open ticket to look into using IPN to trigger a run of the script.19:08
nkinkadeThe only problem is that I *believe* that only one instance of the script can run at a time.19:09
nkinkadeIt's something I need to look into.19:09
JED3nkinkade, why can only one instance run at a time?19:16
nkinkadeJED3: Some lock that the script institutes.  Why the lock exists, I'm not sure.19:19
nkinkadeI'll ask on #civicrm19:19
JED3ohh ok, its probably doing a write to the contributions table19:19
nkinkadeYeah, but MySQL should have it's own locks.19:20
nkinkadeI would think.19:21
nkinkadeJED3: I just asked on #civicrm and Lobo said that the possibility exists for two processes to be run close enough back to back that duplicate entries could appear.19:33
nkinkadeI mean, for me 15 minutes for a receipt isn't too bad, and up to, say, 20 minutes for
nkinkadeIt's a fast world we live in but 20 minutes for something like an invite to doesn't unreasonable.19:35
nkinkadeAnd that's 20 minutes max.19:36
nkinkadeOn average it should be more like 10.19:36
nkinkadeLobo also suggested that the lock may not be as necessary if we were to fetch from PayPal by transaction id.19:37
JED3yeah, i dont think that 20 minutes is unreasonable by any means, but I think that latency is pretty bad compared to other website registrations which is why people have a zero patience heh19:37
nkinkadeWhich makes sense.19:37
nkinkadeI'm guessing that our current apparently issue has less to do with impatience and more to do with a lack of information.19:38
nkinkadeI don't think we'd get any of those emails, or even any complaints, if people knew up front that it might take up to 20 minutes.19:38
JED3nkinkade, yeah that is almost certainly the main culprit for the deluge of emails19:44
nathanynkinkade, JED3, paroneayea: my meeting with ML is running long, and I forgot my vaccination record @ home; can we push our meeting off to tomorrow?19:47
nkinkadenathany: No problem.19:48
paroneayeanathany: yes19:48
JED3nathany, y19:48
akozakshit nathany, sorry, i totally forgot the sync was moved20:02
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akozaki should have read the buffer first20:03
nathanyakozak, no worries :)20:05
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nkinkadeJED3: paroneayea: Did either of you created any new git repo called zzz?20:32
paroneayeankinkade: nope20:32
nkinkadeOn March 1.20:32
JED3nkinkade: yes that was me20:33
nkinkadeJED3: What is it?20:33
paroneayeaJED3 is sleep-coding20:33
nkinkadeFor some reason it's the only repo that doesn't end in .git20:33
JED3lol, its a convention i use for marking projects/branches as deprecated20:33
JED3nkinkade: its a folder20:33
nkinkadeJED3: Ah.20:34
nkinkadeI only noticed because it was causing this to fail:20:34
nkinkadeif [ ${repo:(-4)} != '.git' ]; then20:34
nkinkadeSince it's only 3 letters.20:34
nkinkadeI guess it's a bug in the script. :-)20:34
JED3:) who knows, maybe its a "rule" that a repo must be 4 char or more20:35
JED3which script is that?20:36
nkinkadeJED3: Nope, it's just a shell script to generate the list of repositories for cgit, which runs /viewgit/20:36
JED3o ok20:36
nkinkadeI just need to change the script so that it doesn't blurt errors when it comes across directories less than 4 chars.20:36
JED3oh fwiw, if you anyone wants to perform some spring cleaning on our git repo.s, i'd be glad to help out20:37
JED3it would be really convenient if all the projects were in git ;)20:39
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akozaksomething is wrong with the font in these screenshots:
akozakdo not like21:20
greg-gI don't like the min/max/close buttons being on the left, and the wifi signal strength icon, too freaking mac-ish21:21
greg-g(we've been discussing this in #ubuntu-us-mi already ;) )21:21
paroneayeawell apparently the new COO of canonical has only barely used GNU/Linux until a few weeks ago, and is a mac fanboy :)21:23
paroneayeahis words, not mine:21:23
paroneayeawell okay, not his words exactly :)21:23
paroneayeabut he pretty much says that there21:23
paroneayeaHere's a personal example. In my new role, I have switched from using Mac OS X to Ubuntu Linux. I've been using a Mac since 2002 when I switched off Windows. This switch would have been painful but for the fact that Firefox runs so well on Linux, and gives me access to a range of online services (like Google Calendar) that I was using before on the Mac. It would have been doubly so if I couldn't keep using Tweetdeck and other software21:25
paroneayeato which I'd grown accustomed on my Mac.21:25
paroneayeaOver time, I'm sure I'll migrate to open-source alternatives, for the same reason I used Adium, not iChat, on my Mac: the open-source alternatives are often the best available.21:25
* greg-g holds back his comments for now, since he should be doing work21:26
paroneayeaI would be interested in hearing your comments though greg-g :)21:27
paroneayeanot to distract you too heavily from your work ;)21:27
* JED3 sighs after reading matt asay's slashdot interview21:30
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JED3paroneayea: ping22:18
paroneayeaJED3: ⓟⓞⓝⓖ22:19
JED3haha, hey not to be a nuisance, but whenever you add that bit to the answers() method, will update the version of the egg as well?22:21
JED3will you*22:21
paroneayeaoh, what we were talking about this morning in cc.license?22:21
paroneayeaI thought you were adding it22:21
JED3ohh okay, yeah I can do it22:23
JED3might it break some test cases?22:23
paroneayeanot sure, can always run the test cases and find out :)22:24
paroneayeacc.engine doesn't use it22:24
paroneayeaI don't think anything else does either22:24
paroneayealet me know when you make the changes and I'll re-release though22:25
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