Thursday, 2010-03-04

JED3paroneayea: doh00:05
JED3licenserdf's questions.xml has the enum descriptions excluded, i wonder why00:06
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JED3if you replace the questions.xml of licenserdf with the version in the trunk of license_xsl it seems to work just fine00:17
JED3paroneayea: just pushed those updates to cc.license00:29
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jzacshhello, I have a copy of a script (programming) that is released under the following license, which specifies "no derivitive work"... however, I don't want to release my modifications of the script, I just want to use the modifications personally. Is this legal? "Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 Netherlands License" --
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IlyaHaykinson_hi all. i am working on a multilingual CC-BY-SA licensed documentation project (the Ubuntu manual), and our translation teams wanted to include translated versions of the CC license in the manual.05:02
IlyaHaykinson_the problem is that there aren't versions of the CC license in all of the languages that we have for our manual05:02
IlyaHaykinson_is there precedent, or policy, on using ad-hoc translations?05:02
IlyaHaykinson_i.e. saying "this is an unofficial translation; read the English version at <url>"? or are these discouraged, and one should use the English / unported version when the localized one is not available?05:03
paroneayeaIlyaHaykinson_: english and unported are two different things :)05:19
paroneayeait is almost always best to use unported, regardless of language05:19
paroneayeaif you have people interested in doing translations though, best to contact Diane Peters: diane [at] creativecommons.org05:21
IlyaHaykinson_paroneayea: thanks. i will reach out to her.05:21
paroneayeaIlyaHaykinson_: np :)05:21
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* paroneayea noises up #cc a bit18:38
mralexOH HI18:39
JED3paroneayea: hi18:40
akozako hai
paroneayeaakozak: let's watch the whole thing!
akozaki was trying to make cc more efficient :)18:42
paroneayeawell ho ho ho, it is my lunch break over here so I am gonna dump this link18:44
* paroneayea making #cc *less efficient* ;o18:44
akozakoh nooooo18:44
JED3paroneayea akozak
akozakhaha JED3 i thought that was andy kaufman at first18:46
paroneayeatiny tim is the best18:46
JED3haha, yes he is18:46
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JED3paroneayea: pingaloo19:54
paroneayeaJED3: pongaloo19:55
JED3are the cc.licenserdf eggs generated from the svn or git repo for license.rdf?19:56
paroneayeathe ones in my eggs directory, svn19:57
paroneayeawhich... heh19:58
paroneayealicense.rdf is going to be hell and a half to merge git with svn once this overhaul is finished :(19:58
paroneayeathanks unordered rdf files!  You don't make diffing and merging difficult or anything19:59
JED3haha, so it's git?20:00
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JED3:) in any case, I've made some changes to license.rdf.git and would like to know if you would rev up the cc.licenserdf egg in your directory whenever you get to the cc.license update20:01
paroneayeaI'll do both of those now20:02
JED3awesome, thanks20:03
* paroneayea needs to remember now why origin/master and origin/packageify are different20:08
paroneayeaand how to cancel a git merge20:09
paroneayeacc.license new version pushed at least20:09
paroneayeaah right20:12
paroneayeaJED3: okay so20:19
paroneayeaI am going to have to cherry-pick that change on top  of the packageify branch20:20
JED3paroneayea: okay20:20
paroneayeabasically that packageify branch is currently incompatible with master/trunk20:20
paroneayeanot permanently but currently20:20
JED3does the cc.license test suite currently pass?20:20
paroneayea** TODO Fix failing unit test (test_title_fails) in cc.license20:20
paroneayea   DEADLINE: <2010-03-02 Tue>20:20
paroneayeanope :)20:20
paroneayeaas you can see I got it done on tuesday! ;)20:21
paroneayeayeah, that needs to be fixed.  I don't know what's causing the failure, haven't investigated it yet20:21
JED3well then my additions to the Questions class may or may not cause some test that would otherwise pass to fail20:21
paroneayeaJED3: know if there's a git command to wipe out all untracked files in your working directory?20:28
paroneayea(your patch cherry-picked easily btw, so yay)20:28
JED3paroneayea: git clean20:28
* paroneayea facepalms20:28
JED3eeks weird Redland error from a cc.license.by_uri("")20:30
paroneayeaJED3: released20:33
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paroneayeaJED3: ping20:58
JED3paroneayea: cc/license/ is that a bug?20:58
JED3or does data_dict actually have a None key?20:59
paroneayeaJED3: once upon a time it had a None key at some point20:59
JED3ahh, okay21:00
paroneayeabecause the predecessor to this utility was something in the function itself where I did21:00
paroneayeaself.translations.get(lang) or self.translations[None]21:00
paroneayeaand I added that hack because it made things work21:00
paroneayeaI don't remember why21:01
paroneayeabut that wasn't a very good fallback system clearly ;p21:01
paroneayeaso I did tack it in as last resort21:01
paroneayeain the utility21:01
paroneayeabtw a whole bunch of tests are failing now21:01
paroneayeaif you can work on the newly failing tests I can work on the test_title_fails failing test21:01
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JED3paroneayea: all of the failures are a result of that None key index21:06
paroneayeaJED3: correction21:06
paroneayeait isn't the None key, because what that means is that no fallback could be found at all21:06
paroneayeathat means there isn't the locale... isn't even an 'en' key21:07
JED3paroneayea: yeah for this case, some items won't have any strings for that field21:07
paroneayeabut those tests passed before21:07
JED3ahh i know a way to fix..21:07
nkinkadenathany:  Just want to make sure that responding to the i18n thread is still on your radar.21:07
paroneayeaJED3: I don't understand... something must have broken, as those tests previously did pass21:08
nathanynkinkade, yes, both that and servers21:10
paroneayeaUgh, I can't believe I'm going to accomodate the diaper pattern in cc.license to fix this failing test.21:10
paroneayeabut that is what the test currently is checking:21:11
paroneayea"make sure we shit in this diaper"21:11
JED3lol paroneayea21:16
JED3which one, test_title_fails?21:16
JED3paroneayea: i just pushed the fix21:19
paroneayeaJED3: to which21:19
JED3the enum21:19
JED3no cc.license21:19
paroneayeabtw, test_title_fails is now irrelevant kind of21:20
paroneayeabecause we now do fallbacks to 'en'21:20
paroneayeaso I'm going to remove it21:20
JED3that'll give you 150 tests rather than 151 (i have an affinity for nice numbers)21:21
paroneayeaI am kind of confused by this latest commit21:22
paroneayeathe first hunk of the diff I mean21:22
JED3hehe yeah, i was hoping that would slide by :/ but i can explain21:23
JED3the enums are now a 3 member tuple (label, id, description)21:24
JED3if the enum does not have a description then there is an empty dict in its place21:24
JED3if there is an empty dict, then we dont want to call that locale_fallback function or it'll produce a keyerror since the dict is empty21:25
paroneayeamaybe it would be cleaner to do an if clause here then21:25
paroneayearather than this boolean logic21:25
* paroneayea nitpicking :)21:25
JED3paroneayea: absolutely, but _lib seemed to be filled with a lot of cryptic logic ;)21:26
JED3plus that would break that nice little list compression there, but yeah i can rewrite in a cleaner way21:27
JED3guess i should wiped my feet off before coming into your cc.license domain ;)21:28
paroneayeait's not really my domain21:28
paroneayeaI don't know all this code exhaustively21:28
paroneayeacc.engine-git is kind of my domain now ;)21:28
paroneayeadef. wipe your feet there :)21:28
JED3haha i'll keep that in mind21:28
paroneayeaJED3: btw, emacs feature you may not have known about21:29
paroneayeaC-x v g21:29
paroneayeasee who wrote what when21:29
paroneayeaas you can see this is mostly tobiaville21:29
JED3whoa, neat hadnt seen that before21:31
paroneayeaJED3: actually rather funny21:34
paroneayeatry annotating test_jursidictions.py21:34
paroneayeaLine 7 is the only non-tobia line, by asheesh... and it's blank21:34
paroneayea"thanks paulproteus for this blank line"21:34
paroneayea#cc inside jokes time21:35
nathanyparoneayea, JED3, nkinkade, akozak: we should have a sync meeting; 10 min?21:35
paroneayeanathany: yes21:36
JED3paroneayea: that look any better?21:38
paroneayeaJED3: looks much better :)21:39
JED3paroneayea: awesome the new rest api is returning localized enum descriptions now21:40
paroneayeaJED3: yay!21:41
paroneayeaI'll make a new release of cc.license as well21:41
JED3just deleted a gnome-panel and am relying on this now pretty slick21:43
nathanyhey guys, what room?21:45
nathanyok, 621:46
nathany paroneayea, nkinkade &&21:46
nathanyer, ^^21:46
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paroneayeanathany: "one thing I don't want to do is" *BSHHHHHHHHHHKT* <hold music>22:08
paroneayeaguess maybe asterisk exploded mid-nathan's sentence22:08
paroneayeaseemed like the conversation was winding down though22:08
nathanyparoneayea, oh, sorry22:09
nathanyi thought you were just quiet :)22:09
luisvJED3: have you tried gnome-shell yet?22:09
nathanyparoneayea, i will be following up via email22:10
JED3luisv: I've seen it, but have not tried it yet, is it worth trying out for someone who doesn't use multiple workspaces often?22:11
nathanyparoneayea, thanks for the call; good work on cc.engine/license22:11
paroneayeahx nathany22:11
luisvJED3: aimed at non-workspace users22:12
paroneayealuisv: I've been meaning to play with gnome-shell22:12
nathanynkinkade, we had the call, assuming you're @ lunch; i'll be following up via email on a couple open threads22:12
nathanyis gnome-shell actually buildable these days? last time i tried it was... painful :)22:12
paroneayeadebian has a package for it in testing22:13
paroneayeawhich I have installed actually22:13
paroneayeaI just haven't tried it yet22:13
nathanyoh damn22:13
nathanynevermind :)22:13
nathany(it's been a whlie)22:13
luisvnathany: jhbuild built it for me pretty painlessly, and I'm a lawyer ;)22:14
luisv(on fedora, dunno about ubuntu, etc.)22:14
luisv(jhbuilding moblin defeated me, I'm afraid)22:14
nathanyluisv, :) i wonder how far ahead of the packaged version the jhbuild version is22:15
nkinkadenathany: Sorry about that ....22:15
nathanynkinkade, no worries22:15
luisvnathany: dunno, I don't know how often they are doing releases22:15
JED3luisv: this is dope22:15
luisv(and they aren't doing a very good job of blogging about it)22:16
luisvJED3: sweet.22:16
JED3the alt-tab is worth the change over alone22:16
nkinkadenathany: My cousin just got back from a Mexico business trip and stopped by my place on the way home from the airport I was away from the computer  for a while. :-)22:16
luisvJED3: and when they finally do a good job integrating search into the menu thing that will also be awesome22:17
nkinkadeNot a good excuse like lunch, in other words. :-)22:17
JED3luisv: is there a settings gui for gnome-shell?22:18
luisvI'm going to go ahead and guess probably not22:18
luisvbut you might try poking their mailing list?22:18
luisvor just hacking at it, it is all javascript so no waiting for compiles or anything like that22:19
nathanynkinkade, why don't you just send a quick report to the three of us via email? I'm going to follow up on i18n, servers as soon as i get board slides done22:20
JED3paroneayea: right now i am taking a serialized xml string given by cc.license and parsing it into a elementtree only to be serialized once again in an http response22:28
JED3AWESOME design if you ask me22:28
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paulproteusMan, I hate serializing and deserializing data.22:50
paulproteusI wish I could just mmap() across the Internet directly into other people's computers.22:50
paulproteusIP is such a drag!22:51
paulproteusAnd don't get me started on how switches have to copy *all* those Ethernet frames!22:51
paulproteusWhat a waste.22:51
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borcoi understand cc is not recomended for software22:59
borcois there a mailing list where i can get more explanations why is that?22:59
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JED3paroneayea: ping23:24
paroneayeaJED3: pong23:48
JED3hey, i think HTMLFormatter might be producing invalid xhtml23:49
paroneayeafor cc0?23:52
paroneayeaoh for the normal formatter23:52
JED3no, cc0 will parse but not the standard licenses23:52
paroneayeathe problem here is that this isn't an xml document23:53
paroneayeaIt's not wrapped in a <div> or whatever23:53
paroneayeaan xml doc needs to be contained within a single element23:53
paroneayeabut the stuff people copy and paste isn't23:53
JED3ahh, good point, and CC0 is all contained in a p23:54
JED3hmm okay23:54
paroneayea"<p>%s</p" % formatted_stuff23:56
paroneayea"<p>%s</p>" % formatted_stuff23:56
JED3aghhh yeah, but then i have to prune off the p elements after its parsed :/23:56
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paroneayealet's peel some layers off this onion23:59
paroneayeathen glue them back on23:59
paroneayeathen peel them off again23:59
paroneayea(the layers here are xml elements!)23:59

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