Tuesday, 2010-03-02

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JED3mralex, ping00:26
mralexJED3: hola00:27
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MTi have a question00:40
MTif i use GPLv300:40
MTcan i sell my redistibuted work ?00:41
MTthank you for your help00:43
MTcan other people sell their redistributed work based on my project too ?00:44
JED3nkinkade, ping00:46
nkinkadeJED3: Hey.00:46
JED3hey, was I ever given an account to the Peer1 portal?00:46
JED3or should i just use the CC login? nkinkade ^^00:47
nkinkadeJED3: We have a single account for mypeer1.net.00:47
nkinkadeI can give you the login if you want.00:47
nkinkadeIt may be on Teamspace, I forget.00:47
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JED3nkinkade, i think you im'ed it to me last time and its stored on my other machine's chat history00:49
dryicerxhi, are there any similar to deviantart... except specifically targetted towards open artwork where deravatives and remixing between each other is encouraged ?00:55
dryicerxsite* similar to deviantart00:55
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MTi lost my connection01:01
MTsorry for my smiliar question but my english level not too high i couldnt understand the page that you sent clearly01:01
MTcan others sell my work too01:01
nkinkadeMT: You might be better off asking this on a GNU or FSF channel.01:10
MTthank you nkinkade01:15
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Cidgot a question about the SA clause, maybe someone can answer that one:11:17
Cidif "share alike" explicitly means that a derivative work has to be published using the same license...11:17
Cidthen does that mean that, lacking the SA clause, derivative work can be published under any other license?11:18
Cidfor example, from "CC-BY" to "CC-BY-NC", from "CC-BY-NC" to "CC-BY-SA", etc.?11:18
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akozakmralex, everything look decent enough to publicize now? http://wiki.creativecommons.org/ODEPO19:29
akozaksample page: http://wiki.creativecommons.org/Beyond_Textbooks19:31
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akozakthe left gray div is expandable up to50%19:31
akozake.g. http://wiki.creativecommons.org/EduCentrum_association_%E2%80%93_KlasCement19:32
mralexakozak: i'd put in an extra line space between each property in the article pages19:33
akozaki was hoping to keep it fairly compact19:33
akozakbut that makes sense.19:33
akozakmralex, how is this? too little? http://wiki.creativecommons.org/EduCentrum_association_%E2%80%93_KlasCement19:36
mralexakozak: looks good19:36
akozakcool thanks mralex19:37
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JED3nkinkade, ping19:39
akozakJED3, paroneayea, you guys see this? http://dreampie.sourceforge.net/19:46
JED3akozak, yeah i briefly took a look at it last week19:48
JED3have you tried it out?19:48
akozakmy python training is on pause atm...19:49
JED3heh, are you in Java learning mode?19:49
akozakheh no im just swamped with other stuff19:50
JED3ohh okay, wasn't sure if DiscoverED was one of the swampers19:50
akozaknot really. im not doing any direct development19:51
akozakalthough i did get a local nutch instance running :P19:51
akozaki was pretty proud of that19:51
JED3nice :)19:51
akozaki swear one day ill be able to call myself a programmer.19:52
JED3akozak, :)19:57
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JED3paroneayea, ping22:08
paroneayeaJED3: prong22:10
JED3hey, are you aware of any py package that'll parse HTTP-ACCEPT header strings?22:12
JED3i don't care what it returns at this point, maybe a list of media types or a mimetype obj22:14
JED3damn, okay22:14
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JED3paroneayea, http://code.google.com/p/mimeparse/ fffound22:17
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JED3nkinkade, ping23:29
paroneayeaat the risk of creating cross-talk23:45
paroneayeaJED3: also ping23:45
paroneayeahm nevermind I'll send an email instead of creating cross-talk :)23:45
JED3ha thats okay, whats up?23:45
paroneayeaso I'm trying to remove the "horrible startup time" created by compiling the mo files every time you load ccorg_i18n_setup (or the babel equivalent)23:47
paroneayeaso I have a script now that's part of cc.i18npkg23:47
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paroneayeait compiles all the mo files to cc/i18npkg/locales/*23:47
paroneayeaeg cc/i18npkg/locales/en_US/LC_MESSAGES/cc_org.mo23:48
paroneayeamy question is, should that directory be locales/ or should it be mo/23:48
paroneayealocales/ seems to be more traditional23:48
paroneayeafor reasons I am not really familiar with though :)23:48
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JED3i would say mo/23:54
JED3is there a po/ directory in the same level?23:55
paroneayeacool, sounds good to me23:55
paroneayeabecause the i18n/ directory contains the po/ directory ;P23:55
paroneayeabut that's a git submodule23:55
JED3ahh okay, well yes i think it makes more sense (to me at least) for it to be rooted in an mo dir23:55
paroneayeaspeaking of which, what's the difference between i18n.git/i18n and i18n.git/po23:55
JED3i think the i18n/po is a pootle working directory23:57
JED3yeah po/ has pootle relevant files, i'm not sure how the merging into i18n/ works though23:59

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