Monday, 2010-03-01

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tantekgreetings - is there anyone around who is interested in working on / furthering some of the item-license #microformats work for indicating licenses to portions of pages or external resources like images? i.e. starting with the progress made here:
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pyrakpaulproteus_, pingingjahsdfkihgasdfh06:29
paulproteus_pyrak: prongle06:29
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nkinkadenathany: Are the CC+ and custom attribution features on Deeds known to be working or not?16:53
nathanynkinkade, they should be working; counter example?16:54
nkinkadenathany: Just that someone wrote to say that when they use the chooser and fill in the "more permissions URL" that the Deeds don't seem to be exposing that.16:55
nkinkadeI'll check myself now.16:55
nathanynkinkade, ok16:55
nkinkadeAnd I seem to recall someone writing last week to say that the custom attribution feature wasn't working for them.16:55
nkinkadenathany: Strike that.  It is working.16:59
nathanynkinkade, glad to hear it :)16:59
nkinkadeHey greg-g, should the highlighted Case Studies link to /Case_Studies/$casestudy, or just /$casestudy?17:17
nkinkadeIt's doing the latter, but I suspect it should be doing the former.17:18
greg-gthe former, from what I remember (haven't explicitly looked)17:20
nkinkadegreg-g: Are you the person to ask about that?17:20
greg-gwell, I can look into it, Jessica might know better than I17:23
nkinkadeFrom CC AU?17:24
nkinkadeI've never had anything to do with the Case Studies pages, really, so I don't know how those links are intended to work.   The images link to /$casestudy, but the textual part to the right links to /Case_Studies/$casestudy.17:25
greg-gnot sure why those are different17:25
nkinkadeThat may be intended.  A guy from Linux Outlaws wrote to say that he thought it was broken.17:25
nkinkadeI guess I'll email Jessica.17:26
greg-gyeah, sorry I can't help out more17:26
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nathanyparoneayea, i just reassigned a couple tickets to you in roundup that are related to cc.engine/license18:14
nathanyshould be straight-forward18:14
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paroneayeanathany: ok, cool18:30
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* luisv kicks 'I'm using a creative commons license' for the nth time19:30
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paroneayeanathany: ping19:54
paroneayeaoh, I guess you are out to / about to be out to lunch19:54
paroneayeawell ping me when you can talk19:54
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akozakmralex, can you think of a better way to do the info icons on the ODEPO pages?
akozakrefresh if it looks weird21:16
mralexakozak: does each property need to be linked to its description at all times? Can't you just include links in the faq or some other documentation page? — that is, all those 'i' buttons looks bad.21:24
JED3nathany, do you have any objections to me renaming the current cc.api.git repo to something else? I want to push my work upstream but feel "cc.api" is the sanest name for the project.  your thoughts?21:27
akozakmralex, yea i know it looks bad... I think I'll just remove them and then link to the faw like you said21:28
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nathanyJED3, I think the old cc.api.git is pretty... unremarkable. Don't we have a prefix for deprecated repos?21:29
JED3nathany, not to my knowledge, in the past i've marked dormant branches as zzz/21:31
nathanyJED3, ah, got it; let's just rename it zzz/cc.api.ftobia21:31
JED3cool, thanks nathany21:31
akozaknathany, nkinkade sent me an email to info@ about wanting to run an instance of ded. is there a repo i cant point them to in addition to telling them we expect it to be more portable 6-12 months from now?21:51
nkinkadeCorrection: it was to cclearn-info@21:52
nkinkadeThis distinctions is worthwhile, else I wouldn't have sent it to you. :-)21:52
akozaknkinkade, feel free to forward info@s to me also21:53
nathanyakozak, yes, is the webview of the repos21:53
akozaknathany, perfect, thanks21:53
nkinkadeNo problem ... I'll answer the cclearn-info@ mails when I can ... but since DiscoverEd is something you are involved with more deeply I just passed it on.21:53
nathanymore portable in <= 6 mo, i suspect21:53
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nkinkadeJED3: You're doing the comt stuff, right?22:29
JED3nkinkade, correct22:30
nkinkadeJED3: Is the official domain name or
nkinkadeThe latter, right22:30
luisvhow are you guys finding that to set up and maintain?22:32
JED3the latter yes22:32
nkinkadenathany: iteamspace?  Is that site a relic, or does anyone still use it?22:32
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luisvalso, completely OT: does CC consider 'some rights reserved'+link to a license (what flickr uses) sufficient or does CC officially prefer something like 'Available under CC-BY-NC-SA'?22:33
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JED3luisv, setting up comt?22:34
luisvJED3: well, we're not (we're going with a hosted solution for our comt needs) but I was curious how you guys are finding it22:35
JED3luisv, it think in the past it had been a bit painful, but with the latest releases it was a bit easier22:36
luisvah, nice22:37
JED3luisv, comt does depend on some OpenOffice python libraries for the uploading ODT files that i had to grep and comment the comt source to disable22:37
nathanyluisv, yeah, the headless OOo is sorta bs22:39
nathanyluisv, also, i think that showing the license name (or short name) is preferable to not, but beyond that no official opinion on link text22:39
luisvI'd really like to recommend full license name22:40
luisvbut there is no good place to put it on this (fairly minimalist) page layout without it looking grossly out of place22:40
luisv(we put up a website where most, but not all, of the content is CC-licensed, and forgot to indicate which is which, oops ;)22:41
nathanyi think that "CC BY" has nearly the same recognition as "CC Attribution", and both convey more information than "Some rights reserved"22:41
luisvunfortunately this is CC-BY-NC-SA22:42
luisvthe most maximally wordy license string :(22:42
luisvI was surprised to see that flickr uses 'some rights reserved' indiscriminately for both BY and BY-SA22:43
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