Tuesday, 2010-02-23

luisvwe should form a support group00:00
luisvfor people with emacs-related insecurities00:00
JED3paroneayea, lol, yeah this will be about the tenth time i've picked up org-mode00:00
JED3it never sticks for me00:00
paroneayealuisv: we can file them as high priority critical insecurity bugs00:02
paroneayeaJED3: did you use the agenda?00:04
paroneayeaI think that using the agenda is pretty much key00:04
paroneayeaand binding it to a key, like C-c a00:04
JED3paroneayea, yeah, but not as much as just using individual files00:06
paroneayeausually I use it to find what I need to do and then narrow-to-region on what I'm working on00:06
paroneayealately I also clock in on each task as I work on it so I don't forget what I'm doing00:07
paroneayeaalso helps when writing up my (bi-)weekly summary00:07
paroneayea(setq org-log-state-notes-into-drawer t) is key if you're gonna do that though00:07
paroneayeaheh, well… I'm no lispertarian00:09
* luisv continues to recommend getontracks.org for your free software, web2.0-y, not-badass-enough-to-use-org-mode needs00:09
JED3LISP = lots insane spurious parens00:10
JED3Lost in Stupid Parentheses00:11
paroneayealisp: your editor doesn't have paren matching?  you are so fucked00:11
luisvbut of course does anyone write lisp in anything other than emacs?00:11
paroneayealisp: your editor has paren matching?  You're still a little fucked00:11
paroneayeaoh ho00:11
paroneayeaoh ho ho ho00:11
paroneayeamy friend frank00:11
paroneayeais both a vim advocate and a common lisp advocate00:12
JED3and academia00:12
paroneayeahe admits to having "emacs insecurities"00:12
paroneayeaactually I think he even said that00:12
JED3and science commons lol00:12
paroneayeathey don't use emacs?00:12
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paroneayeaI thought most lispertarian oldies loved emacs00:12
JED3paroneayea, whoops i misread that as "for emacs"00:12
paroneayeabut, in a terminal, with syntax highlighting off00:12
paroneayeawho needs this syntax highlighting; kids these days I tell you, wanting to be able to visually distinguish between code elements00:14
paroneayealuisv: I hadn't heard of getontracks.org00:15
luisvclearly you have not read my blog long enough ;)00:15
paroneayeaohhh, wait this does look familiar00:16
paroneayeathe color scheme does at least :P00:16
luisvit is pretty web-2.0-y00:16
paroneayeamaybe I should change my keywords in orgmode to those characters instead of TODO/DONE/CANCELED00:19
luisvyou also need WAITING FOR00:20
paroneayeahey, my font in emacs can read that00:22
paroneayea⌛ ⌛ ⌛00:22
paroneayeahourglass character ftw00:22
luisvthat would be sort of sweet00:23
luisvprobably wouldn't work on my phone, though00:23
luisv(mobile version is really what I love about tracks- same tasks all over the place)00:24
* paroneayea has git+orgmode+emacs running on his n900... :X00:24
luisvthat is hardcore00:25
luisvyou use git for the sync?00:25
luisvOK, yeah, that is fucking hardcore.00:25
paroneayeait may be my highest nerd achievment.00:25
mralexand the font size is incredibly small00:27
paroneayeausually not a problem, though the zoom keys scale the terminal font00:28
paroneayeamain irritation is that the blue color I have in xterm on that is unreadable.  I need to port over the "tango" color theme that gnome-terminal has :|00:28
luisvthere is a tango terminal color theme?00:29
paroneayealuisv: yep.  It's shades-that-actually-look-good-on-black colors pretty much00:29
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paroneayeamorning #cc, how are you today?16:19
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greg-ghrmm, where's mralex?17:44
greg-gnkinkade: is it just me, or am I not aligned with the rest of the list on this page? http://creativecommons.org/about/people/fellows17:44
greg-g(yes, I'm updating my bio, that is a taaaad out of date)17:45
nkinkadegreg-g: It does look like you are mis-aligned.  Don't you like being different?17:45
greg-gsure, we can keep it if you want :)17:46
nkinkadegreg-g: fixed.17:49
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nathanynkinkade, would you be willing to do a quick blogpost on labs pointing out that i.cc is now available over HTTPS?18:25
nkinkadenathany: Look at labs.18:25
nkinkadeI did this already about 30 to 60 minutes ago.18:25
nathanynkinkade, awesome, you're living in the future ;)18:25
nathanythank you :)18:26
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luisvgreg-g: how are you generating the activity micrograph on your blog?18:59
greg-gluisv: tis a plugin that I asked nathany about a few weeks ago :) lemme find it18:59
luisvI mean, I'd show a flatline18:59
luisvbut maybe I could incorporate it into my private/personal homepage to kick me in the ass ;)19:00
greg-gthat was my hope... hasn't really worked :)19:00
luisvlife is like that sometimes ;)19:00
* luisv has 'start a getting things done support group' on his todo list19:00
nathanyluisv, yeah, that was sort of my motivation, too; it's had mixed efficacy19:02
greg-gluisv: http://www.pantsonhead.com/wordpress/activitysparks/19:02
luisvah, I was hoping it would be more extensible- it would be nice to have dents, bugs closed, etc., in there19:03
* luisv has been so tempted lately to start offering bounties for code19:05
luisvneed to get my budget under control first :)19:06
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paroneayeanathany: btw, I thought you said something like mongodb doesn't have indexing19:24
paroneayeabut it looks like it does?19:24
paroneayeaI didn't totally catch your criticism when we were talking at pycon19:24
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nathanyparoneayea, i does do indexing19:27
nathanyit does, that is19:27
nathanyparoneayea, but it doesn't do full text search19:27
nathanysee http://www.mongodb.org/display/DOCS/Full+Text+Search+in+Mongo19:27
paroneayeanathany just does the indexing19:27
paroneayeanathany plugin!19:27
paroneayeaah okay19:27
nathanyparoneayea, it does do the indexing, but you need to do stemming, etc on your own19:28
nathany(it also doesn't support scoring, AFAIK)19:29
* paroneayea files notes19:30
nkinkadenathany: paroneayea: Would either of you be interested in a tech@CC.org mail group for us, or something similar.19:30
nkinkadeSometimes I want to communicate with just you two and John, not all of webmaster, and group would be good for that, I think.19:31
nkinkadeIf you two have never found yourself in that situation, then I guess it's not worth it.19:32
paroneayeaI feel like in those cases I'm fine just putting you all on the To: line19:32
paroneayeait doesn't happen very often, and most often we're already talking in #cc19:33
paroneayeaI wouldn't object but I feel like there's enough communication lines already open19:33
paroneayeaI guess the advantage of a mailing list is that it preserves history19:33
nathanyparoneayea, unfortunately those aren't mailing lists, just aliases19:34
paroneayeaoh I see.19:34
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nathanynkinkade, i don't have a strong objection, but similarly don't want to propagate lines of communication unecessarily19:34
nathanynkinkade, if you want to create + use, that's fine with me; people can use or not as they wish19:35
nkinkadeWell, if the idea doesn't immediate strike you as something good, then we should just pass.19:35
akozakreminds me of congress19:44
paroneayeanobody's holding a filibuster quite yet19:48
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paroneayeankinkade: you around?20:14
nkinkadeparoneayea: Yeah.20:14
paroneayeaI think I am lost in a sea of apache config directives20:14
paroneayeamaybe I should just type up what I think I have figured out and ask for your clarifications?20:15
nkinkadeparoneayea: That works.20:15
paroneayeaokay, I'll work on that.20:15
nkinkadeparoneayea: When are you generally trying to do?  Redirect incoming requests to a certain port, etc?20:17
paroneayeatry to get the current state of apache config directives to cc.engine to work with the new version20:18
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paroneayeathere are a number of things, including the change in the caching system and etc20:18
paroneayeaand also not needing /++foobarzope++/licenses/ kind of stuff20:18
paroneayeaand some other things that I am not sure why they are here and if I need to care20:18
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paroneayeaoh I see20:20
paroneayeaso the varnish config on staging is not the same as the varnish config on the live server20:22
paroneayearestarting varnish and all the services is going to be a nervewracking activity when we actually move from staging to live20:22
paroneayeaI guess such things are always nervewracking20:22
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paroneayeanathany: what's creativecommons.org/characteristic/ supposed to be?20:32
nathanyparoneayea, oh, uh, tiny pages describing one characteristic of the license...20:36
nathanyie, http://creativecommons.org/characteristic/by20:36
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paroneayeawell it was handled by zope cc.engine and I haven't handled it yet20:38
paroneayeaI just discovered it by looking at the varnish file20:38
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paroneayeaheya pyrak20:57
pyrakparoneayea, yo!20:58
pyrakheard you met paulproteus at pycon20:59
paroneayeawe stayed up all night discussing foss & free culture philosophy and politics20:59
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paroneayeaprobably a sad reflection on me that it was likely the most fun I'd had in quite a while21:00
pyraksounds like the best kind of night21:00
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csarvenHow suitable is CC license for source code?21:09
csarvenAlright, thanks21:10
pyrakcsarven, if you're looking to openly license source code, you might checkout the GPL21:10
csarvenwell, I was thinking CC BY-SA 3.021:10
luisvhttp://jay.tuley.name/archives/2006/03/27/5-reasons-not-to-choose-a-Creative-Commons-license-for-code <- good summary21:10
luisvsadly that blog entry does not appear to be CC-licensed else I'd suggest copying and pasting it into http://creativecommons.org/software21:11
csarvenHmm.. why is LGPL mentioned at http://creativecommons.org/licenses/LGPL/2.1/ ?21:13
luisvbecause (as pointed out in both of those posts) CC offers human readable descriptions of both gpl and lgpl21:16
paroneayeafor the v2.X editions anyway.21:25
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nathanymralex, maybe we should just use Gravatars for the staff photos ;)21:40
nathanywith the wacky auto-generated geometric ones for those without ;)21:40
mralexis yours of Maddie?21:40
nathanyno, just me looking brooding and angry, of course21:40
nathanymaddie should have her own, though21:40
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* luisv mumbles about gravatars and centralized services21:47
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JED3nathany, does this suffice? http://api.creativecommons.org/docs/readme_dev.html#locale-xx22:30
nathanyJED3, yes22:31
nathanylooks like that's live on dev now?22:31
JED3yes, as of sunday22:31
JED3working on the email now22:31
nathanysounds good22:31
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mralexnkinkade: i totally forgot to bug you about it at the all-staff, but did you ever get anywhere with your ideas about the ccorg homepage?23:13
*** [ASV-TSC]Ineluki has joined #cc23:14
nkinkademralex: It's still in my inbox as an action item. :-)23:14
nkinkadeI do still plan to put something together, thought.23:14
nkinkadeI've been lately thinking to make it a really crude looking mock-up in HTML.  I started on in a few weeks ago but ran into some early problems battling with the CC CSS.23:15
[ASV-TSC]InelukiHi .. I am new to Creative Commons Licences ... I searched the last 12 hours at creativecommons.org but was not able to find a licence applicable to my needs ... may anyone help me ?23:15
mralexnkinkade: wireframes may be easier, rather than battling css and layout.23:16
nkinkademralex: wireframes?  I'm not familiar with those.23:16
mralexnkinkade: simply getting the function and concepts across, without the gloss. (http://wireframes.tumblr.com/)23:17
nkinkademralex: :-)23:18
paroneayeankinkade: so I'm trying to figure out how this REQUEST_FILENAME stuff currently works for the deed caching23:18
nkinkadeYou may be right.  All I really want to mock up is a rough, rough idea of some key elements that I think could make a difference.23:18
paroneayeaI see how it is used but not how it is populated23:19
nkinkadeparoneayea: What Deed caching?23:19
paroneayeain cc.engine in the apache config23:19
paroneayeamaybe nathany knows more about this23:19
paroneayeaeg RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f23:19
nkinkadeI'm not aware that there is any deed caching going on, except with nathany's new wsgi stuff.23:19
nkinkadeIs that implemented already on staging?23:20
paroneayeathe old stuff used caching23:20
paroneayeaI'm trying to figure out how it worked23:20
nkinkadeparoneayea: Those rewrite rules don't have anything to do with caching, that I know of.23:20
paroneayeaso I can change the apache rules23:20
nkinkadeThose are just the rules to divert incoming requests from Apache to cc.engine.23:20
nkinkadeBut I think that we use Varnish for that now, anyway ... unless I'm confusing it with something else.23:21
paroneayeaI thought the old cc.engine also used caching, and wsgi_cache was kind of reproducing its behavior23:21
paroneayeamaybe the caching was just done inside of zope though.23:21
nkinkadeparoneayea: I suspect that is right, that it was all done inside Zope and/or cc.engine.23:22
paroneayeaat any rate, yeah the disk caching does work and writes files to disk now23:22
paroneayeaso I guess I should figure out the rules so that cc.engine can use it23:22
nkinkadeparoneayea: It's possible the old cc.engine cached things, at least on staging, but for some time (2 years?) we have been serving static Deeds.23:22
nkinkadeHence bin/mkdeed.23:22
nathanyparoneayea, nkinkade, the old cc.engine did no caching on its own23:23
nathanyonly varnish or static deeds23:23
[ASV-TSC]InelukiI'd like to have a license like CC-bync but allowing derivative works to be licenced comercially e.g. under CC-by.23:23
nkinkade[ASV-TSC]Ineluki: As I'm sure you found, no such CC license exists, at least to my knowledge.23:25
luisvhttp://wiki.creativecommons.org/CCPlus ?23:25
[ASV-TSC]Inelukion first sight, I presumed CC-bync would be exactly this .. and keeping the NC status would require SA ... but this seems mot to be the case23:25
nkinkadeNC doesn't require SA, but there is a BY-NC-SA license.23:25
[ASV-TSC]Inelukino, I thought that a derivative work of CC-bync could be CC-by oder CC-bync or CC-byncsa ... and not only CC-bync and CC-byncsa23:26
paroneayeanathany: ah okay23:27
[ASV-TSC]Inelukithanks for the tip, I'll habe a look at CC+23:27
nkinkade[ASV-TSC]Ineluki: No, that isn't correct.  Here is a license compatibility chart:23:31
[ASV-TSC]Inelukiyeah, I found that Chart, too. Therefrom I have my information, that CC-bync is not compatible to CC-by23:35
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[ASV-TSC]Inelukibut thanks for the link anyway23:36
[ASV-TSC]InelukiThank you all for your help. CC+ seems to be the thing I was looking for.23:53
*** [ASV-TSC]Ineluki has left #cc23:53

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