Monday, 2010-02-22

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JED3paroneayea, you around?00:34
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paroneayeaJED3: am now00:55
paroneayeasitting in the airport, waiting for the flight back to chitown00:56
JED3hey, do you know how to tell setuptools to *not* use a pypi egg?00:56
JED3trying to buildout a project using the cc.license eggs you have on a9, but setuptools grabs a cc.license egg off of pypi00:57
paroneayealook at the buildout conf in cc.engine00:57
JED3yeah, i have the same approach00:58
JED3...using find-links00:58
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Z1r0nHi friends12:32
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akozaknkinkade, do you have an eta on arrayextension for the cc wiki?18:03
nkinkadeakozak: No, but I can try to get to it today.18:04
akozaknot urgent, it's just that my data is broken :P18:04
akozakok cool thanks18:04
JED3paroneayea, ping18:11
JED3i'm still trying to figure out a sane solution to the problem i detailed yesterday, have any ideas?18:12
paroneayeaJED3: pong18:20
paroneayeawait, let me recap18:20
paroneayeaah right18:20
paroneayeado you have a commit somewhere where I can pull your current setup?18:20
JED3uhm, sure, not so much a commit but i have a deployment staged18:21
JED3a8 : /var/www/
paroneayeaJED3: well you have possibly two problems in buildout.cfg I think18:23
paroneayeayou have two entries for find links18:23
paroneayeaand neither is my eggs directory18:23
paroneayeawhich is where cc.license is kept18:23
JED3that was it18:24
JED3haha i have no idea how i kept overlooking that18:24
paroneayeasometimes it is impossible to notice one's own obvious errors, one has to find someone else to look at them18:25
paroneayeanotice how I used "one" instead of "you", like I was writing some shitty academic paper18:25
paroneayeaJED3: is nathan in the office?  I don't see him on IRC or XMPP18:25
paroneayeashoulda checked stausnet18:26
JED3no, he's still in ATL i think, he sent out a dent or email earlier18:26
paroneayeaokay.  He said he was going to give me permission to update wsgi_cache on pypi, so I'll just send him an email about it18:26
JED3ahh okay, i'm sending a related pypi inquiry to you two as well18:27
JED3actually i'll just hold off on it for right now18:27
JED3so after my troubles of compiling py2.6 on debian lenny I realized that there is a multiprocessing backport for 2.518:29
nkinkadeJED3: Is api-dev back up?  If not, will you let me know when it is so that I can re-enable notifications in Nagios for it?18:37
JED3nkinkade, yes it is, but i was actually going to tell you to disregard any alarms i set off today18:38
JED3so maybe its best the notifications aren't re-enabled just yet18:39
nkinkadeJED3: Cool ... just let me know when it's safe for me to re-enable notifications.18:39
JED3nkinkade, will do, thanks18:39
paroneayeathat kind of reminds me18:56
paroneayeaone of the interesting features they have in unittest2 is apparently an @expected_failure decorator18:56
paroneayeakind of an interesting idea, since sometimes I write tests for features I don't have yet but expect to have happen in the future18:58
paroneayeathat's pretty rare though ;)18:58
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JED3nkinkade, ping19:38
nkinkadeJED3: ?19:38
JED3hi are you familiar with the processes used to serve the rest api?19:38
nkinkadeJED3: At what level?19:41
nkinkadeI don't know anything about the code that runs the API.19:41
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nkinkadeJED3: Bah! tangential to the above, I just bought an SSL cert for, but forgot that we have an SSL version of already running on the default IP address for that machine.19:52
nkinkadeI guess I'm going to have to try to cancel the order/cert. and get it reissued under something like
JED3nkinkade, can't we just get another IP for a8 and have the cert resassigned to the new address?19:54
nkinkadeJED3: We already have another IP address for a8.19:54
nkinkadeThe problem is that is at the same IP address as as well as the SSL version of
JED3nkinkade, can we update the dns entry of to a different address?19:57
nkinkadeJED3: That's probably a better idea.19:57
JED3and have the cert reassigned?19:57
JED3since it hasn't fully gone through yet, that may be a feasible option19:58
nkinkadeJED3: The cert won't need to be redone in this case.19:58
nkinkadeThe only problem was that has the same IP as  As long as all requests to come in to the new IP address, then the SSL vhost for will pick it up.20:00
nkinkadeThanks for that suggestion ... I feel pretty bad that I somehow missed that ultra simple solution. :-(  ... but glad that I mentioned here so that you could propose it.20:00
JED3nkinkade, ahh, i thought a certificate was tied to an ip, but i guess it only protects at a higher layer20:01
nkinkadeJED3: Right, it's just tied to a domain name.20:01
JED3nkinkade, /usr/bin/python2.5 ./bin/zdaemon -S /var/www/ -C api_zd.conf ./bin/server20:03
JED3i need to restart this process on a8 but cannot figure out how to20:03
JED3i considered killing it and creating a new one, but am afraid that I won't be able to start one back up20:04
JED3its running as nathan20:04
nkinkadeJED3: a8 $ cat /etc/rc.local20:05
JED3nkinkade, yeah I see how their stopped but I can't get the api-dev instance to stpo20:09
nkinkadeJED3: They are started via the commands in /etc/rc.local20:09
nkinkadepresumably you should be able to replace "start" with "stop"20:10
nkinkadeIs that not working?20:10
nkinkadeIf it's not, then try just killing the proc manually.20:10
JED3nkinkade, no its not working, but just for the dev instance20:10
JED3the api zdaemon was started via the rc.local but there is another running to serve the dev instance and it was started by nathan20:10
JED3and if you su nathan and try to gracefully stop it, it says that there isn't a zdaemon running20:11
JED3i'll just kill and run another as root20:12
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* paulproteus blinks innocently.20:45
greg-gdid CC hire a local SFer for the DiscoverEd thing?20:45
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greg-gor, better question: what is the status of the DiscoverEd hiring?20:46
greg-gof course, don't answer in the channel if that isn't smart ;)20:48
* greg-g wanders around looking at the floor, whistling a tune, pretending he didn't ask anything20:49
akozakgreg-g, i won't comment just because it's all speculation on my part20:51
greg-gakozak: gotcha20:51
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nathanynkinkade, thanks for the quick turn around on SSL for idot21:27
nkinkadenathany: Of course.  Evan was right ... it was definitely something we should have had running.21:28
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akozakor did you mean the post/page editor21:51
mralexpost editor21:52
mralexi expect there's an admin plugin21:52
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JED3 yayyy22:43
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JED3nkinkade, you can re-enable alerts for api now23:21
nkinkadeJED3: Thanks.23:21
JED3thank you23:21
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JED3paroneayea, i want to dive back into org-mode, do you know of a good "this is how i do it" tutorial? maybe a good GTD approach?23:33
paroneayeaJED3: hard for me to say since my uptake of it was somewhat organic, denying that it would take over my life until it did23:38
paroneayeayou've seen this I assume?23:39
paroneayeathat's a really useful talk to watch23:39
paroneayeaI think the key points of using orgmode are:23:39
paroneayea - For all your projects that aren't too specific, just keep a general orgmode file (mine is called, many people call theirs
paroneayea - Be sure to schedule things so that you don't forget about them23:40
paroneayea - Just start making todo items for broad tasks and break down further into "trees" of tasks as you go23:40
paroneayea - Using the agenda is key23:41
paroneayea - Archiving is also key23:41
paroneayeaalso, archiving as in terms of archive trees are much much better than archive files imo, as you don't lose the context of where old tasks that you don't want to look at any more were23:41
paroneayeahonestly my uptake started with just taking notes using it as an outline mode, then I started turning some sections into todo items, then I started using the agenda, and then it gradually took over the rest of my life.23:42
paroneayea - oh, and also keep your orgmode files under git so you can sync them between computers23:43
JED3paroneayea, thanks i'm committing these hints to record23:46
JED3do you manually vc your files?23:46
paroneayeausually I'm just lazy and add a bunch of files and commit with "stuff I did on grumps/livian/xyz-computer"23:47
paroneayeaand then merge in changes on other computers and fix conflicts23:47
paroneayeausually I don't hit conflicts, though in the cases I have23:47
paroneayeaimportant to realize that you should switch to fundamental-mode so that some of the diff hunks aren't hidden by folden trees23:47
paroneayeaotherwise you may commit some <<<<<<< and ======== and >>>>>>>>23:48
JED3okay, and what does remember-mode add to editting org files?23:50
JED3paroneayea, ^^23:50
paroneayeaoh man remember-mode is the best23:51
paroneayeawell, it is if you use it with remember templates (orgmode's modifications of that)23:51
paroneayeaso with that you can just from anywhere remember, "Oh shit, I need to take out the trash", and hit the keystroke to remember templates23:52
paroneayeaand select a todo item or something23:52
paroneayeaor schedule23:52
paroneayeaand then fill in the information23:52
paroneayeathen hit C-c C-c and it'll file it away23:52
paroneayeaif you give it a deadline you won't forget23:52
paroneayeathere are some different templates for different kinds of tasks23:52
paroneayeahere are my remember templates:23:52
paroneayeaI didn't start using remember until after a long time23:54
paroneayeabut I wish I had sooner23:54
paroneayealook at the docs for remember templates though, that explains that a lot better23:54
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JED3awesome, thanks paroneayea, i'm starting a new project today and will be using org-mode to manage my dev time23:56
paroneayeaI guess as hinted there, I also use orgmode to track my weight and calories.  Which has worked, actually… down ~40 pounds from a year ago, according to the file :P23:56
paroneayeaI'm not gonna paste that file though… too embarassing23:56
JED3:) congrats! haha23:57
JED3you should start an infomercial23:58
paroneayeaI know how you feel, a year ago I was just like you23:58
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paroneayeafat and disorganized and staring at my computer monitor all day23:58
akozakdude. that is awesome23:58
paroneayeatoday I am slightly less fat and slightly less disorganized23:59
paroneayeabut still stare at my computer the same amount too23:59
paroneayeaand you can too23:59
paroneayeaall for the low low price23:59
paroneayeaokay I'm gonna stop23:59
mralexthis is some freaky EMACS pyramid scheme23:59
akozakive always secretly wished i was an expert with emacs23:59

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