Wednesday, 2010-02-24

nathanyJED3, can I change my mind on the API docs? can you add a section that outlines the valid work-info fields for CC0?00:03
nathanyprobably under "Providing Work Information"00:03
nathanywe can add the valid fields for "standard" later00:03
JED3nathany, sure00:04
JED3how much longer will you be in the officE?00:05
nathany30-40 min?00:05
JED3okay that'll do00:06
paroneayeaRewriteRule ^/legalcode /index.php?p=9999999999&roflcopter [L]00:07
nathanyparoneayea, ask nkinkade about the roflcopter :)00:07
nkinkadeparoneayea: See a5:/var/www/
nkinkadeClearly there is something, umm, "non-standard" going on there. :-)00:11
JED3nathany, should the valid work-info fields for CC0 use the same names as the engine does?00:13
JED3 what i am currently doing00:14
JED3should "actor_href" "work_title" and "name" be explicit instead?00:14
nathanyJED3, unless I misunderstand the part that people would actually supply is "title", "work-url", and "creator", right?00:15
nathany(and that's what we're interested in documenting)00:15
nathanyor am i misunderstanding the question?00:15
JED3no you are, but what i am asking is should we still be looking for those strings in the work-info even though CC0 uses a slightly different naming scheme internally00:16
nathanythose are the roughly equivalent strings used by the "standard" work info, right?00:17
nathanythen i think consistency between the classes is useful in this case00:17
JED3okay, agreed, just wanted to verify00:18
JED3wasn't sure if people would get hung up on the "creator" vs. "actor" for CC000:18
paroneayeacreativecommons.conf is making me realize just how little I grok mod_rewrite00:20
JED3paroneayea, will you make me an Ascii slice of bread? toasted would be great00:24
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mralexgrilled cheese?00:24
paroneayea   ____ ___00:27
paroneayea ((    '   )00:27
paroneayea  ||      |00:27
paroneayea  ||      |00:27
paroneayea  ||______|00:27
paroneayeaoops, forgot to toast it00:27
JED3haha, beats the hell out of mine00:27
JED3   _--_   _--_00:27
JED3 .*    *.*    *.00:27
JED3(               )00:27
JED3 |             |00:27
JED3 |             |00:27
JED3 |             |00:27
JED3 |             |00:27
JED3 |_____________|00:27
mralexthat really doesn't look right in helvetica.00:27
paroneayea   ____ ___00:27
paroneayea (( #..'..#)00:27
paroneayea  ||.#..#'|00:27
paroneayea  ||#.'##.|00:27
paroneayea  ||_'.#'_|00:28
JED3haha, nor does it in fixed width!00:28
mralexoh dear.00:28
paroneayeahm not bad JED300:28
paroneayeanow with more happy00:29
paroneayea   ____ ___00:29
paroneayea ((    '   )00:29
paroneayea  || o__O |00:29
paroneayea  || \__/ |00:29
paroneayea  ||______|00:29
akozakmy home connection is so damn spotty00:30
mralexmaybe it needs more toast00:31
akozaksome whole wheat toast00:31
paroneayea                  INTERNET TOASTER00:36
paroneayea     .--------00:36
paroneayea    / // // / |   FOR ALL YOUR00:36
paroneayea   / // // /  |   INTERNET TOASTING NEEDS00:36
paroneayea  /_______/   |      ____ ___00:36
paroneayea  |      |    '    ((    '   )00:36
paroneayea  |  __  |   /      || o__O |00:36
paroneayea  |  ||  |  /       || \__/ |00:36
paroneayea  |  ||  | /        ||______|00:36
paroneayea  '______|/00:37
mralexthat looks like a cranky old man in a trucker hat, in my client!00:37
paroneayeayou need to stop using such a terrible client00:37
paroneayea║ DIALOG BOX                 ☒ ║00:37
mralex(that could be a slight reference to Powdered Toast Man, but not really)00:37
paroneayea║ ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT        ║00:37
paroneayea║ TO REFORMAT YOUR COMPUTER?   ║00:37
paroneayea║      ┏━━━━━━┓  ┏━━━━━━━━━━┓  ║00:37
paroneayea║      ┃ OK ✓ ┃  ┃ CANCEL ✗ ┃  ║00:38
paroneayea║      ┗━━━━━━┛  ┗━━━━━━━━━━┛  ║00:38
paroneayea║ INTERNET TOAST 2000        ☒ ║00:40
paroneayea║ DO YOU WANT TOAST?           ║00:40
paroneayea║   ┏━━━━━━━┓  ┏━━━━━━━━━━━━┓  ║00:41
paroneayea║   ┃ YES ✓ ┃  ┃ ALSO YES ✓ ┃  ║00:41
paroneayea║   ┗━━━━━━━┛  ┗━━━━━━━━━━━━┛  ║00:41
paroneayeahey nathany... where should I configure the cached deeds be writing to?00:44
*** nathany has quit IRC00:44
paroneayeaI guess I should not be writing them to the documentroot00:44
paroneayeasince that is under svn00:44
paroneayeawell okay in that case I am just going to wait till tomorrow to finish solving this.00:44
paroneayeain the meanwhile have a turtle everyone00:45
paroneayea    ,/-\,00:45
paroneayea   / o_||00:45
paroneayea  | .,  '_.----,00:45
paroneayea   \// /// \,/ \\00:45
paroneayea     \||/\,/ \.//.00:45
paroneayea      \\./_\_/_//00:46
paroneayea     /_'-------L\00:46
akozakleave it to the designer to run irc with helvetica as the main font :)00:55
akozakmralex, btw I just watched the helvetica documentary this weekend00:56
mralexa fine choice ;)00:57
akozaknow I can't stop noticing it everywhere00:57
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JED3mralex, akozak have you seen Objectified?01:18
mralexi enjoyed it01:20
JED3as compared to helvetica?01:20
mralexsimilar style01:21
mralexi'd recommend it :)01:21
JED3cool, waiting for it to stream on netflix01:21
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akozakhaven't seen it yet... read so-so reviews but it looked interesting01:22
JED3a must see:
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paroneayeamorning everyone16:42
*** thomg has joined #cc17:07
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tvolgood morning paroneayea17:14
paroneayeamoring tvol, how goes it?17:16
tvoli'm hypercaffeinating, paroneayea. you?17:17
paroneayeaI'm caffeinating, but probably not hyper17:18
paroneayeaearl grey with agave and soymilk17:18
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nkinkadenathany: Did you all use a polycom in the conf room in an effort to reduce the outbound VoIP load and/or load on the Asterisk box?18:36
nathanywe all used a polycom because we're supposed to be face to face in the office for the call; i don't think we considered any alternative18:37
nkinkadeAh, I didn't know that part of the change to bi-weekly calls was that all SF staff should be in the same room.18:38
nathanyyeah, supposed to help people be more engaged in the call18:38
nkinkadeIn any case, the audio quality of the call seemed pretty good to me.18:38
mralexalso the mic we use for group voip can be a pain in the arse to get working18:38
nkinkade... and I didn't personally notice any delay.18:38
mralexpolycom = more convenient18:38
nkinkadeThe polycom mic seemed to work just fine.  I didn't have a problem hearing anyone.18:39
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akozaknkinkade, I have a request for 2 more extensions on the CC wiki: Maps and Semantic Maps.
akozak#geocode is broken atm and each ODEPO page throws up an error19:09
nkinkadeakozak: Send me an email.19:09
akozaknkinkade, sure thing19:09
nkinkadeI'll install them today.19:10
akozakawesome, thanks19:11
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nkinkademralex: I've got a quick PHP question for you.21:16
mralexnkinkade: yep?21:17
nkinkadeI'm bouncing users back to /donate for less than $5, but when I URL encode the error message I get strange encoding:21:17
nkinkadeIt doesn't do that on zupport.21:17
nkinkadeWhat is that extra 25 between the % and 24??21:17
nkinkadeAny idea?21:17
mralexwhat's the encoding expected for "$"?21:17
nkinkadeStrangely, if I don't urlencode() at all I get21:18
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nkinkadeI'm stumped.21:18
nkinkadeLike I say, zupport doesn't do this.21:19
mralexi don't know21:19
nkinkadezupport works as expected.21:19
nkinkade"%2520 is a space character that has been encoded twice"21:20
mralexhm, %25 is the encoding for "%"… like it's getting encoded twice21:20
nkinkadeI wonder why it's doing that on support but not zupport.21:21
mralexis the string that comes out of urlencode the one wiht the double encoding, or is that what you see in the location bar?21:22
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nkinkademralex: It's hard to tell so far, because I can't echo anything on the live site.  I guess I could write the output to a file and look.21:24
mralexnkinkade: so apache could be encoding the encoded url, for some reason?21:24
nkinkademralex: I guess so.  But it's not  consistent because if I do no URL encoding at all then it passes the $ along with no encoding and double encodes the spaces!21:25
nkinkadeIf I urlencode() then it does the spaces correctly, but screws up the $.21:25
nkinkadeAnd zupport and support are on the same machine.21:26
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nkinkadeI looked at the Apache configs and also the CiviCRM configs and can't see where they differ that this should happen.21:26
nkinkadeHmm.  Before urlencode() it looks like "Donations must be at least $5", after it looks like "Donations+must+be+at+least+%245"21:29
nkinkadeBoth are correct.  It seems to be happening somewhere between header() and the browser.21:30
nkinkadenathany: JED3: paroneayea: Are we thinking to meet today?21:30
nathanynkinkade, yes21:30
nkinkadeRight now?21:31
nkinkadeconf line #8?21:31
nkinkadeI'm in not rush ... just notify me when everyone is ready.21:31
nathanyyes, dialing now21:31
nathanyparoneayea, room 821:31
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paroneayeankinkade: so just to double check that I understand things... apache is serving on 8080, so that's "default" in varnish... anything that doesn't hit something special in vcl_recv will thus go to default/8080/apache.  Correct?22:01
nkinkadeparoneayea: That sounds right.22:01
paroneayeagreat :)22:02
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nkinkademralex: These urlencoding problems seem to have to do with HTTPS.22:43
nkinkadeI have also noticed in the past that I cannot upgrade Drupal via HTTPS.22:43
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nkinkademralex: I found the problem: me.22:55
paroneayeankinkade, nathany: I sent you guys an email detailing what I am hoping to achieve with the mod_rewrite, but I am still lost.  I spelled it out pretty clearly though, I hope22:55
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paroneayeaI'm not sure if I need to break all those conditions into separate blocks or not22:55
nkinkadeI was doing header("Location: http:// ...")22:55
nkinkadeWhich was hitting an apache rewrite rule that redirects all http requests to https.  I think I wasted about an hour on that. :-(22:56
mralexnkinkade: oops!22:56
JED3paroneayea, you want to term those python conditionals into rewrite rules?22:56
paroneayeaJED3: well, that is how it would have to work22:56
paroneayeait's made complicated by this:22:58
akozakpretty cool:
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paroneayea ->
paroneayeaunfortunately it has to add __index.html and etc to any url it's caching that ends in a slash23:00
paroneayeasomething that doesn't it can just end with that same filename, eg deed.es23:01
JED3quick and dumb question that shows i'm very late to the party or perhaps just forgetful: but why are using a disk cache again?23:01
JED3are we*23:02
JED3paroneayea, why does it need to be __index.html? and not index.html?23:03
paroneayeaJED3: it doesn't have to be23:03
paroneayeathat's just how it's configured atm23:04
paroneayeayou can set it to monkeys.html if you want in the paste config file23:04
paroneayeait's just that __index.html is unlikely to ever be a real file, so that's why it's the default23:04
paroneayeaas for why, I think the reasoning is that apache serving static files directly would be fast without us having to muck with something fancier like memcached23:05
nathanyJED3, disk cache because rendering is currently expensive, and it's high traffic23:05
nathanyparoneayea, probably don't need to rewrite that to include __index.html, just set the default document for that directory appropriately23:05
JED3oh okay, was wondering if you were trying to avoid a DirectoryIndex issue with apache23:06
nathanyi'm still not wild about the __index.html stuff...23:06
paroneayeawell we can set it to anything.23:06
nathanyright, directoryindex (forget that)23:06
paroneayeais there something you'd prefer?23:06
nathanyi'm sorry, i need to focus on a couple other things yet this afternoon; i'll have to look @ your email later and reply23:07
nathanylet me take a look and i think we can simplify23:08
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akozakyo just print like "hello world" bro23:15

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