Wednesday, 2010-02-10

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akozakinteresting question luisv, might ask on cc-community?00:22
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paroneayeankinkade: yo17:42
nkinkadeparoneayea: Hey.17:43
paroneayeaso, staging17:43
paroneayeado you know what server I'll be pushing to, any docs I should read, since I haven't dealt with th setup on cc's servers before?17:43
nkinkadeparoneayea: It's on a7.  /var/www/
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paroneayeaah cool17:52
paroneayeankinkade: where's the apache config for this?17:56
nkinkadeparoneayea: /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/staging.creativecommons.org17:56
paroneayeankinkade: great, thanks :)17:56
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nkinkademralex: Do you know anything about Analytics ability to track URL fragments?18:30
mralexnkinkade: i know you can do fairly complex search queries to see which pages have been accessed with a fragment. what were you thinking?18:31
nkinkademralex: I'm thinking about the URL fragments in the TOC of the FAQs.18:32
mralexnkinkade: seeing whichare the most accessed?18:33
nkinkademralex: Exactly.  Presumably it would have to be all JS, as there is no page reload for a fragment.18:35
mralexnkinkade: right, there would have to be some JS in the middle to pick up on the fragment change and send it to analytics18:35
mralexnot hard18:35
nkinkadeAnd I'm not even sure of the value of that for the current FAQ because the TOC is nearly as long as the document. :-)18:35
nkinkade... so I figure most people just scroll instead of clicking a TOC link.18:36
mralexaverage time spent on both FAQ pages is around 2 minutes18:36
mralexnkinkade: and i agree, FAQ is not a very usable page, and never has been18:38
mralexand it remains more popular than the FFAQ page18:39
nkinkadeDiane and I are starting to look at an overhaul of that.18:39
nkinkadeI wonder why it gets more hits than the FFAQ considering that most of the prominent links on CC sites should be linking to the FFAQ?18:39
mralexi think the license chooser still links to the FAQ18:39
nkinkadeAh, and that's a huge one.18:40
mralexall other nav links should be pointing to FFAQ18:40
mralexnkinkade: yep, analytics says the deeds themselves18:41
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mralexnkinkade: does mediawiki allow you to insert arbitrary javascript into a page?20:13
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Peteinhow can I format a sub div using the css from the div?20:36
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paroneayeamralex: wouldn't that open up XSS attacks?21:00
mralexparoneayea: it could, yes. i was gravitating towards no for my question :)21:03
mralexoh petein, not understanding the cascading in cascading style sheets21:04
paroneayeaJED3: would you object to switching:21:18
paroneayea    def format(self, license, work_dict=None, locale='en', country='US'):21:18
paroneayea    def format(self, license, work_dict=None, target_lang='en_US'):21:19
JED3paroneayea, no not at all, that looks much better21:27
paroneayeagreat :)21:27
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paroneayeaI really need to document all the places that require target_lang='en-us' versus target_lang="en_US"21:35
paroneayeanot sure I am passing in the right thing everywhere21:35
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