Tuesday, 2010-02-09

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greg-gnkinkade: https://twitter.com/g_gerg/statuses/886187033917:06
nkinkadegreg-g: :-), thanks.17:07
greg-gI mean, it is just wordpress :)17:07
greg-ghow is nkinkade?17:07
nkinkadeI haven't ever found a need to take a blog down just to upgrade Wordpress, but maybe they are doing it manually instead of with Subversion??17:08
* nkinkade is well ... just getting back from being on vacation since last Wed.17:08
nkinkadegreg-g: You'll be in SF next week, right?17:10
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greg-gnkinkade:  no :(17:11
greg-gI need to make it out there sometime in the next year, find some excuse17:14
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nathanynkinkade, JED3, paroneayea: tech call imminent21:29
nathanyparoneayea, nkinkade: conference room 421:30
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paroneayeanathany: oh..21:47
paroneayea** Meeting with Tatiana (11:30 SF time)21:47
paroneayeawhen did you say you want to start the meeting on tuesday?21:47
nathany3:30 at the earliest21:47
paroneayeaok, np then :)21:47
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nkinkadenathany: Do you know of any sites that are actively using CC+?23:02
akozaknkinkade, i think jamendo is23:02
nathanysoundexchange was; i think there's a site in the netherlands as well that uses it23:02
nkinkadeThere is a small list on the /CCPlus wiki page, but some are broken links, some are defunct.23:03
nkinkadeI'll check those two.23:03
luisvso is incorporation of CC-licensed content into a (signed, inaccessible from other tools) iphone app imposition of an effective technological measure on the Work?23:55

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