Thursday, 2010-02-04

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akozakthey need one of these for people on bart playing music out of their cell phone18:42
akozakor people with their ipods turned up louder than a jet engine18:43
nathanyakozak, yeah, i'm going to get shivved on the T-third one of these days when I finally lose it18:43
akozakyoud be a martyr18:43
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luisvyeah, I don't have cell phone problems very much lately18:45
luisvbut if I can identify what music you're listening to on your ipod, you're waaaaay too loud18:45
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akozaki bet i could survive for a week on command line only with this:
akozak... maybe19:14
paroneayeanathany: btw I mentioned on here yesterday, I was wrong about being on branch master on cc.license... I'm on branch template_revamp.  Not sure if that's still relevant to you19:24
nathanyparoneayea, ok, thanks; i'm not sure either at the moment :)19:25
nathanyparoneayea, can you refactor cc.engine.util.get_selector_jurisdictions into cc.license?19:27
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nathanywe're going to need that exact functionality in the API implementation19:27
nathanyideally as a method on the selector, I think (does that seem sane to you?)19:28
paroneayealooking, one second19:30
paroneayeaah yeah, sure19:30
nathanyparoneayea, thanks19:46
nathanyparoneayea, just replied to your jinja question19:52
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paroneayeanow that I am looking at this I am puzzling over why I was working on the template_revamp branch19:56
nathanyor maybe :/ ? ;)19:59
paroneayeait's not a big deal, they merge back and forth just fine20:04
paroneayeaurk.  Not sure if I should put this in cc/license/rdf_helper or cc/license/util20:06
paroneayeaer, cc/license/_lib/rdf_helper.py20:06
paroneayeaoh now I know why20:08
paroneayeabecause I didn't want to make the unit tests fail20:08
paroneayeaI think is why anyway20:08
paroneayeanathany: moved it into cc.license20:09
nathanyparoneayea, thanks20:10
paroneayeanathany: there's one thing in the old code that I think might be a bug but I'm not sure, so I want to know if I should "port" it over ;p20:40
paroneayealook at the textboxes of these two urls:20:40
paroneayeathe difference between these two is whether or not we have actor_href= with nothing or just skip actor_href at all in the GET request20:41
paroneayeathe difference between these ends up doing:20:41
paroneayea<span about="[_:publisher]" property="vcard:Country" datatype="dct:ISO3166" content="BD">Bangladesh</span>.20:41
paroneayea<span about="" property="vcard:Country" datatype="dct:ISO3166" content="BD">Bangladesh</span>.20:42
paroneayeaoh, in reverse order I guess20:42
paroneayeabut anyway, I think in both cases it SHOULD have about="[_:publisher]"20:42
paroneayeathe reason it doesn't in the case where you have actor_href= is because of this line:20:43
paroneayeapublisher = work_dict.get('actor_href', DEFAULT_PUBLISHER)20:43
paroneayeaso, when it does the .get() it gets a blank string20:43
paroneayeaso that line should probably be work_dict.get('actor_href') or DEFAULT_PUBLISHER20:43
paroneayeaand in both cases, have the explicit bnode20:43
paroneayeais that correct?20:43
paroneayeaokay, now that I've typed this out and not just puzzling over it in my head I am almost certain it is correct :P20:44
paroneayeaonce I resolve this all unit tests will pass for the cc0 formatter20:45
nathanyparoneayea, i'm not sure i follow all of this, but yes, there needs to be an explicit about for the vcard:Country20:49
paroneayeaokay cool20:50
paroneayeaso doing TDD revealed that bug in the current implementation, and actually I had the same bug in my code too.  Horray for tests! :)20:51
paroneayeaand also, horray for cc0 formatter all tests passing!  merging it into master now20:51
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luisv-mobileSo have any free software licenses actively released with cc-syle human readable deeds?21:02
luisv-mobileI know cc created one for gpl, but did fsf participate in that?21:02
akozakthis exists but i don't know if it's official or what its status is:
luisv-mobileHuh, I had never actually read that21:06
luisv-mobileIt is... not as clarifying as I had expected21:06
* luisv-mobile was wondering about it in the mpl context21:07
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nathanyluisv, FSF did not participate in making that deed22:44
nathanyFSF is publishing metadata for their current license versions using our vocabulary22:45
nathanyis not doing deeds AFAIK22:45
nathanyparoneayea, quick cc.license question22:45
luisvnathany: thanks for the details22:45
nathanywhen getting a license selector, is cc.license.selector.choose(...) the canonical way to do that?22:45
paroneayeahm, let me look at my notes22:45
nathanyparoneayea, i ask because i see no CC0 support in the license selector22:46
nathany(or are you not in master on cc.license these days? maybe that's what you pinged me about previously)22:46
paroneayeaokay, yes22:47
paroneayeaalthough, I am not sure if I am correctly using selectors this entire time :\22:47
paroneayeaI did for the original chooser22:47
paroneayeaI think I just did not for the cc0 chooser22:47
paroneayeajust grabbed cc.license.by_code('CC0')22:48
nathanyparoneayea, ah, got it22:48
nathanyparoneayea, not the worst approach; there are no issue questions, i suppose, only "work info"22:49
paroneayeaand that only affects the formatter from our use22:49
paroneayeabtw, cc0 chooser works now.  The other "special choosers" also work except they are hitting a unicode error with this dash character in the .po files22:51
paroneayeaactually, there's one more thing to do with the cc0 chooser with is the email thing, I am working on that right now22:52
paroneayeaI need to watch the pycon talk on unicode in python tonight or something, I got really exasperated trying to fix it without editing the .po file itself and changing the character manually or using my cheater util.unicode_cleaner utility22:54
paroneayeawhich I am not sure is the right way to do things22:54
nathanyparoneayea, since you didn't do a selector, we don't have a "license class" id for CC0 yet, right?23:08
paroneayeawe do23:11
nathanyparoneayea, oh, the class name (ie, "standard", "recombo") is "CC0"?23:11
paroneayeaI *think* that was your suggestion when I asked you :)23:11
paroneayeaI am not using a selector but you need one to be able to pull a license from cc.license.by_code23:12
paroneayeaso yeah I added them23:12
nathanythat's the license code, not the license class (which in this case are different, but likely the same)23:12
paroneayeaheh :)23:13
paroneayeawell if I do:23:14
nathanyparoneayea, is it difficult to reverse myself and want that to be "zero" instead?23:14
paroneayeait returns CC023:14
paroneayeaI can probably change it to zero, I need to remember how it works :)23:14
paroneayealuckily I type about everything I think into one humongous orgmode file23:15
paroneayeaw/r/t cc anyway23:15
paroneayeaI can work on changing that if you prefer23:16
paroneayeanathany: it looks like selector id *is* selector class:23:17
paroneayea    @property23:17
paroneayea    def license_class(self):23:17
paroneayea        if self._lclass is None:23:17
paroneayea            lclass_uri = rdf_helper.get_license_class(self._model, self.uri)23:17
paroneayea            # XXX this feels hackish23:17
paroneayea            for value in cc.license.selectors.SELECTORS.values():23:17
paroneayea                if value.uri == lclass_uri:23:17
paroneayea                    self._lclass = value.id23:17
paroneayea        return self._lclass23:17
paroneayeaI don't know how it *should* work, but that is how tobia wrote it23:19
paroneayeabut I do know how to change it to zero, so I will do that now23:19
nathanythanks, paroneayea23:19
nathanyi'll think about whether it's write23:19
paroneayeanathany: is that a simple ZPT parser?23:20
nathanyparoneayea, yes23:20
akozaknathany, quick question. I'm trying to setup nutch locally to get more familiar with it.. but when I try to do the first ant compile, it tells me that it can't find a javac compiler. it thinks that my JAVA_HOME is set to "/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun-" when *right before* i compile i set it to "/usr/lib/jvm/java-6-sun"23:23
akozakdo you have an idea why it might be getting changed?23:23
akozaksomething in the build.xml?23:23
nathanyakozak, it's assuming JAVA_HOME points to a JDK23:24
nathanyand JDKs by definition have the JRE at /jre inside them23:24
akozakok i need to do some more reading23:25
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paroneayea46224 lines...23:49
paroneayeaI always forget how big index.rdf is until I open it and try scrolling to the bottom23:49
paroneayeaend-of-buffer ............ wait ..................23:49
paroneayeaI have just been reminded of how horrible it is going to be to merge the packageify license.rdf branch with trunk after everything else is cleared :(23:52
paroneayeadamn unmergable rdf, not preserving ordering23:53
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