Friday, 2010-02-05

paroneayeanathany: done with the CC0->zero license selector name change thingy, and also made adjustments to cc.license's unit tests so they pass with that change... it works00:00
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tvolmornin' #cc16:01
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akozaki feel like this local instance of nutch could be useful for something... not sure what yet18:51
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JED3nathany: are you sure it was Armenia causing a fuss?19:07
nathanyJED3, no19:07
nathanyi thought that's what nkinkade said19:07
nathanyhell, just delete everything except the English variants on your local check out :)19:08
JED3yeah i've already tried that too haha, no luck19:10
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greg-ghey, if Microsoft is paying for the food and reception why is there a $72 ticket price?
greg-gtvol: ^19:23
tvolhey greg-g: huh. not sure, maybe they're trying to defray travel costs for presenters, etc.19:26
greg-gsuppose so19:28
greg-gnathany: what is that graph on the right side of your blog under recently?19:54
mralexoh yeah, i was going to ask you about that sparkline too19:55
mralexrate of posts?19:55
nathanygreg-g, mralex: posts + comments19:55
nathanybut it's not really clear to me how it's working19:56
nathanybecause the periods seem to be off19:56
nathanyso it just looks pretty19:56
mralexdefinitely pretty19:56
nathanygreg-g, yeah, let me see which one19:56
nathanyActivity Sparks
greg-gdamn, damn fine19:58
greg-gcool, installed20:02
greg-glike it20:02
mralexnathany should appreciate that one ;)20:31
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paroneayea /whois saull22:34
paroneayeahello hello :)22:34
saulli need a cc for test22:35
paroneayeasaull: check the /topic22:35
mralexreturn to EFnet from whence you came22:35
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paroneayeamralex commanded it and it was so22:36
JED3nathany: do you have a sec?22:39
nathanyJED3, sure, give me a minute to finish this email?22:39
JED3nathany, sure take your time22:39
paroneayea   \'.22:40
paroneayea    \ '.22:40
paroneayea     \  \22:40
paroneayea     _L__L_22:40
paroneayea     //~ ~    <- mralex22:40
paroneayea     G   >22:40
paroneayea     / \\\\-------.__  * * * *22:40
paroneayea    / ' \\\______ |T  * MAGIC *22:40
paroneayea   |   \ \\      \|    * * * *22:40
paroneayeamralex is a wizard22:40
paroneayeabanishing deamons22:40
mralexi, uh, well, thanks22:41
nathanyyou know he's a wizard because he's *British*!22:41
mralexdo i have to roll for initiative now?22:41
mralexi get a +1 English bonus, you know22:41
nathanyi need to consult the rule book on that one22:42
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nathanyparoneayea, you around?23:19
paroneayeanathany: yep23:20
nathanyparoneayea, can you, JED3 and I do a quick phone call?23:20
paroneayeasure thing23:20
nathany(i know it's after quitting in CHicago)23:20
nathanyIM me the # and we'll call23:20
JED3yet if you comment out the import, lxml will parse the file23:25
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nathanyJED3, paroneayea23:30
nathanydef issue()23:30
JED3line 5 regardless of which xsl is imported23:33
JED3paroneayea, svn co api, go to nose-test-suite-branch, add 'cc.license' to and add the find-link to your cc.license egg to the buildout config23:38
paroneayeaJED3: after building out, do what to reproduce?23:43
paroneayearun nosetests?23:43
paroneayeaError: Couldn't install: utidylib 0.2-cvs23:44
JED3paroneayea, sorry remove tidylib from requires23:45
paroneayeaah ok23:45
JED3paroneayea, i think i found it 1 sec23:45
JED3wow this is strange23:49
* paroneayea is still building out...23:49
paroneayeawhat's strange?23:49
JED3paroneayea, so the top level __init__ of cc.license was the culprit for the whack exception thrown23:51
paroneayeado you know how?23:51
JED3so i after commenting out the imports in the init file...
JED3still no dice23:53
paroneayeaJED3: how should I reproduce the exception?23:54
JED3but, if you comment out the try block for importing redland: then i can safely import cc.license and all is well23:54
paroneayeamaybe remove the "del RDF" ?23:55
paroneayeawild guess here23:55
JED3still an error23:57
paroneayeaJED3: I'm still not sure what I should be doing to reproduce this error... seems you're getting it via running the server, but running ./bin/server results in an ImportError for tidy23:58
JED3python -c "import RDF; print 'reland bindings are installed.'" <-- passes23:58
JED3paroneayea, the error is reproduced via an interpretter as well23:58
paroneayeacan you give me the snippet I should paste into my interpreter?23:58
JED3hmm yeah, you'll need tidylib though i believe23:59
JED3>>> import support23:59

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