Wednesday, 2010-02-03

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JED3paroneayea: ping00:29
paroneayeaJED3: poing00:29
paroneayeapong, even00:29
paroneayeawhat's up00:29
JED3hi, how is the work coming along on the CC0 selector in cc.license?00:30
paroneayeaHeh, depends on how nathan responds to the long email I just sent00:30
JED3ahh okay00:31
paroneayeabasically I've been working on adding back the RDFA html formatter stuff to cc.license this last week00:31
paroneayeawhich took me a long time, longer than expected00:31
paroneayeaso that is pretty much done, excepting a couple of formatting things, but00:32
paroneayeatoward the end I realized that we were going to make things really difficult for translators because of our trying to get around these html attribute things00:32
paroneayeaI just sent nathan an email asking if I should switch zpt -> jinja2 so that we don't have translation strings that look like00:32
paroneayea[a href="${foo}"]bar baz[/a]00:33
paroneayeawhich translators would have to switch to00:33
paroneayea<a href="${foo}">bar baz</a>00:33
nathanyparoneayea, what branch of cc.license are you working on these days? master?00:33
nathanyparoneayea, nevermind, just saw your commit message00:35
nathanyparoneayea, do you remember [re]moving a cc/license/ ?00:38
paroneayeahm... no?00:38
nathanyok, thanks00:39
nathanyi'll try to track it down00:39
paroneayeanathany: why do you ask?00:40
paroneayea(or, what did it do?)00:40
nathanyparoneayea, i'm looking at Franks' old API code that used the initial version of cc.license he wrote00:40
nathanycc.license.registration is an import error [these days, at least]00:40
paroneayeahm, maybe that does sound familiar00:40
paroneayeaI remember hitting an import error thing at one point00:41
paroneayeathough I don't remember what00:41
paroneayeahm, the imports I removed were in 03e0c030dca0ecfa7a0cfede806a3c8cf2c709d200:42
paroneayeaand they weren't registration00:42
paroneayeathe cc/license/formatters/ is what I remembered removing00:42
nathanyparoneayea, thanks00:44
nathanyparoneayea, JED3, looks like the "new" API code is a lot less baked than I remember00:44
paroneayealol, that's good I suppose? :)00:45
nathanyfor some value of "good" ;)00:45
JED3heh, so no PnP for CC0 in the API </accronym>00:46
nathanyJED3, yeah, I think I'm going to dig in a little this evening and see how hard it'll be to whip it up00:47
paroneayeaJED3: plug and play for cc0?00:48
* paroneayea not sure what you mean00:48
JED3paroneayea: nathany and I were talking over email on how to add CC0 support in the API00:49
paroneayeaJED3: there is support00:50
paroneayeaI added it00:50
paroneayeaif you are using master00:50
JED3paroneayea: sorry, i meant the REST API00:50
paroneayeaokay yes, that is different :)00:50
nathanyparoneayea, I was hoping JED3 could just plug your CC0 work into cc.api to support CC0 in
paroneayeaah yeah, unfortunately the chooser requires different get values and etf00:52
paroneayeaif you look at CC0HTMLFormatter, it takes different values in the work_info :(00:52
paroneayeabut it's pretty much taking that work_info data from the GET/POST00:52
paroneayeamaybe we could do translation into the same values the main formatter uses00:53
paroneayeabut looks like you're talking about more than just the RDFa00:53
* paroneayea honestly has not looked at the REST API before, is a bad person00:55
nathanyparoneayea, yes, no problem that it takes different work_info values01:00
nathanyexpected that01:00
nathanyno worries, i haven't asked you to look @ it01:01
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sduboiswhen i use someone under Attribution-Noncommercial 2.0 Generic, say from flickr, do i give credit to the flickr username?01:52
nkinkadesdubois: Giving credit to the user's Flickr name good .. even better is linking to the user's photostream or profile.01:56
sduboisk, i'll have to do that at home, my school blocks flickr02:00
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* tcp_ip who have paypal france msg me.03:14
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paroneayeatcp_ip: read the channel /topic05:26
paroneayeaI suspect this is not the place you think it is05:26
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augustinasguten morgen11:34
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paroneayeagood morning #cc15:26
augustinasIt's not just you! looks down from here.15:27
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oralok easy Question, is it possible to do BY-SA -> BY-ND ?16:22
oralin any way?16:22
luisv'under same/similar/compatible license'16:23
luisvclearly *intended* to mean SA16:23
luisvthough frankly 'similar' is not as clear as it should be16:23
oralso answer is NO. hmm16:32
oralso it's time to try it, don't think somebody will sue me ;-)16:36
luisvthat is... an extremely rude way to think about it, oral16:38
luisvyou've benefited from the generosity of whoever produced that CC-SA work16:38
luisvthe *least* you can do is respect their choices about licensing16:39
luisvrather than say 'oh, they probably won't sue me'16:39
luisvand ignore them16:39
paroneayeaaside from being rude, I don't think you can expect anyone to respect your licensing choice, or even for it to hold up if you don't respect theirs, so the move to a more restrictive license doesn't make sense16:41
paroneayeaalso yes, quite rude16:41
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oralmaybe CC is bad, because it don't think about authors like me. I want to translate some hostings company wiki and add some more info. But you don't know our country. Stealing everything what is digital is I don't want to support some MFA makers etc. If CC would offer something for my case it would by cool, and I can say it's ok coz SA say "similar". After all it's better then do dead bug and have no license at all..16:55
augustinasthink globally act locally :)17:04
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oralYou can express here:
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oralMaybe it will help tommorow generations, coz license is so hard to interpret (evidently my case)..17:14
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luisvparoneayea: I almost used the technical term 'dick move'18:06
paroneayealuisv: heh18:06
luisv(rather than 'rude')18:06
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paroneayeaJED3: apparently yesterday I said I was working on cc.license master20:52
paroneayeathat was a lie20:52
paroneayeaI guess I really have been working on the template_revamp branch it seems20:53
JED3paroneayea: yeah I noticed that this morning20:53
JED3;) no prob, didn't affect me20:53
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akozakis there a tech sync today or is it cancelled?20:55
paroneayeagood question.  I think nathany is on a plane20:55
JED3paroneayea: I started toying with the idea of a lisp wrapper to the license api20:56
paroneayeaJED3: ... which lisp? :)20:56
akozakparoneayea, I'll just assume no then...20:56
paroneayeaI think it would be neat, though tbh I am not sure how much it will be used20:57
paroneayeawould be a fun project though20:57
JED3paroneayea: haha, very rarely I am sure20:57
akozaki think that would merit a nerd badge20:57
paroneayeawhy don't we program it git style, C binaries wrapped in perl20:58
paroneayeathen other languages can wrap our perl and bash scripts for their own apis20:58
paroneayealike GitPython!  That's how GitPython works, subprocess.popen20:58
akozakthat reminds me, anyone else see the facebook hiphop project thing20:59
paroneayeait kind of scares me, converting php to C21:00
paroneayeaI guess it is like pyrex for PHP?21:01
JED3wouldn't a closer relative be cython?21:02
paroneayeawould it?  I thought that was for writing C extensions21:02
paroneayeapyrex converts python to C21:02
paroneayeaand then compiles it21:02
paroneayeaI thought that was what hiphop does21:02
* paroneayea did not read carefully though21:02
JED3paroneayea: i haven't read much into hiphop21:03
paroneayeaHipHop for PHP isn't technically a compiler itself. Rather it is a source code transformer. HipHop programmatically transforms your PHP source code into highly optimized C++ and then uses g++ to compile it. HipHop executes the source code in a semantically equivalent manner and sacrifices some rarely used features — such as eval() — in exchange for improved performance. HipHop includes a code transformer, a reimplementati21:03
paroneayearuntime system, and a rewrite of many common PHP Extensions to take advantage of these performance optimizations.21:03
paroneayeait kind of makes me gag, but maybe I am being a code bigot21:04
paroneayeawhy I gotta be so racist against php21:04
JED3i wonder what they consider to be in the "rarely used features" set?21:04
paroneayeanot sure.  Though it sounds like this can run *most* php21:05
JED3i hope they didn't scrap goto ;)21:05
paroneayeawhereas pyrex is "like" programming python21:05
akozakI think the most interesting thing about that post was that they seem to have done this because not enough of their developers know c++21:05
paroneayeawell, there is also the cost of migrating a codebase21:06
akozakwell in a way they are migrating it aren't they?21:06
paroneayeaI imagine what the facebook codebase is probably like21:06
paroneayeathere i am being prejudiced again, this time against facebook21:06
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akozakmralex, what are the wp elements in the cc wiki theme?21:10
akozakis it wrapped in a wp theme or are there just specific calls to the wp code?21:10
mralexakozak: i think i misread your original post about which theme to start from21:11
akozakmralex, ah.21:11
mralexakozak: but i am unclear about the branding and messaging if you're wanting to start from the cc wiki theme21:11
mralexunless it's your intent to merge in the sj wp theme elements21:12
akozakmralex, exactly. i'd replace the logo, change the color, and modify the header links.21:12
akozakand the footer I suppose21:12
akozakmralex, I really like everything else about the theme though.21:13
akozakdoes that seem sensible?21:14
mralexit should be clear enough where to replace the header and footer blocks21:15
akozakok, I think we're waiting on nathany to weigh in on running a new MW instance.21:16
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JED3-lunchparoneayea: hey what dates will you be in SF?22:59
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paroneayeaJED3: hey... 15-18 of this month23:09
paroneayeaoh wait hm23:09
paroneayeathat's not right23:09
paroneayeaokay it is23:10
paroneayeaI come in the night of the 14th23:10
JED3okay cool23:13
JED3thought you may find this event interesting:
JED3it has a waiting list (which I am on) so if you're interested you may want to jump on that list23:14
paroneayeaoh whoa23:15
paroneayeayeah that does look interesting23:15
paroneayeathx for letting me know23:15
JED3yw ;)23:15
paroneayeasigned up :)23:16
akozakhey, that looks interesting and i dont even know python23:26

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