Tuesday, 2010-02-02

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mralexi seem to recall asking about localizing the changes that i made, and the general response was it's kludgy right now, make the changes, localize later00:19
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oralHi! I have problem ;-) I wanna translate something which is BY-SA, but it's not only translation. I'll add other (my) information too. And want to use BY-ND. Is it possible? ShareAlike says I can do this "only under the same, similar or a compatible license." ?11:23
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oralmmm anyone?11:44
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caro19someone hav cc ?12:20
augustinasi think almost everyone on here12:22
caro19i want cc plz12:23
augustinascaro19 read topic :)12:23
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nkinkadeCoding challenge: the shortest amount of shell code that will ensure that a script that is set to run once every week via a cron job will only actually execute every other week.18:32
nkinkadecron doesn't seem to be able to run things every other week.18:32
nkinkadeI've already implemented something, but curious to see if anyone else has any interesting ideas.18:33
JED3nkinkade: does your script run every week via cron, but conditionally execute based on which week of the year it is?18:36
nkinkadeJED3: It's actually the script for the staff updates.18:36
nkinkadeIt runs every week on Monday.18:36
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nkinkadeI started to try to do something with the date command then I realized that the concept of "every other week" is vaguely abstract in terms of actual dates and numbers.18:37
JED3nkinkade: you could add this logic to pywikipedia18:40
nkinkadeJED3: I figured it was easier to add it to the bash script that actually calls the pywikipedia stuff, which is how Asheesh did it.18:41
JED3ahh okay18:41
nkinkadeAre you just thinking that it would be easier to write the code in Python?18:41
nkinkadeThe easy solution, which I found on some thread about running cron jobs every other week, was to simply write a file.  If the file exists the the script removes it and runs.  If it doesn't exist then it creates it and exits .. which is a simply for it to alternate weeks.18:43
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JED3nkinkade: wouldn't this work?18:53
nkinkadeJED3: I do believe so, and it's much more elegant than writing a file.18:54
mralexwouldn't "* * */2 * *" in the cron line do it bi-monthly? i guess that could get off-kilter after a while...18:56
nkinkademralex: Yeah, that was the problem, that the weeks/days drift through each month.18:57
nkinkadeJED3: Here is the bash version: http://dpaste.com/153825/19:09
JED3even better :)19:09
mralexman, 80% of traffic to search.cc is via firefox search bar19:19
mralexnot when the top 200 queries are completely unrelated, "normal", search queries19:22
JED3greg-g: yes except for 98% of the queries look unintentional19:22
mralex"ebook" may be related19:22
mralexwe get that one quite a lot19:23
mralexi'll throw in "creative commons"19:23
mralexso, yeah, 98% unrelated19:24
greg-gJED3: ah19:25
greg-gwait, what is a "normal" search query that you know isn't related to CC? I mean, what about "mushrooms"?19:25
mralexi mean, "gmail", "facebook", "google", "bing", "sex", "xxx", "netflix"19:26
JED3greg-g: ha, its pretty easy to be deterministic with these queries19:26
greg-gmralex: ahhhh19:26
mralexaverage time spent on the site is 4 minutes.19:26
JED3i wrote a script that displayed the queries in real time yesterday and had it open all day just to get a feel for how its being used19:27
JED3for those interested, its in my home dir named queries.py on a8, run it as sudo19:28
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nkinkademralex: Those stats would explain why we get so many emails to info@ like: WHY DID YOU TAKE OVER MY BROWSER.  I DIDN'T WANT YOU.  YOU CAME.  GO AWAY.  I'M GOING TO GO BACK TO IE!!  YOU SUCK!19:52
mralexnkinkade: yup19:54
nkinkadeHonestly, I think the ccSearch search engine for Firefox creates more problems than it solves.  I'd like to see it go away forever.19:55
luisv(the whole search plugins thing is busted, IMHO)19:57
luisv(I'd be *shocked* if more than 1% of the browser-using population *ever* uses anything other than the default engine)19:57
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nkinkademralex: Would you login to support to check something for me?22:26
nkinkadeA layout issue.22:26
mralexwhich page?22:29
nkinkademralex: Any contact page.22:30
nkinkadeThe layout is apparently broken for Mel and Allison, but not for me.22:30
mralexnkinkade: a civicrm view contact page?22:31
nkinkademralex: ^^22:31
mralexi see the general layout is nicer, upgraded vresion?22:31
nkinkademralex: I upgraded about an hour ago.  All the menus are at the top now ... nice.22:32
mralexnkinkade: nothing stands out as "broken" to me22:32
mralexmellisa's here, i'll see what she means22:32
nkinkademralex:  Thanks.22:32
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mralexnkinkade: the tabs are powered by jquery, maybe it's a JS problem22:41
nkinkademralex: With Firefox?22:41
nkinkadeI'm using my usual Firefox setup.22:42
nkinkadeLet me tell her to try it in Safari.22:42
mralexfirefox 3.6beta, probably a minor JS bug22:45
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paroneayea       T23:18
paroneayea     .-'-23:18
paroneayea    | O_O|   INCOMING TRANSMISSION23:18
paroneayea    '----'   ---------------------23:18
paroneayea   // ooo|\  ag3x081xag-w104.?013!23:18
paroneayea  //| |XX|\\ gz3148508asvxz-1234ho23:18
paroneayea  C | ---| C va1*4)#fgapoi~09PVZqo23:18
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