Monday, 2010-02-01

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nkinkademralex: Is it published somewhere public what fonts are use for our icons and logos?17:50
nkinkadeI remember a presentation you gave where you mentioned it, but don't know where that info is, if anywhere.17:50
mralexhm, it used to be on the downloads page, but not now17:51
mralexofficial font is akzidenz grotesk, but arial can be used (however much that pains me to say)17:52
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nkinkadeHey JED3: Is internationalized fully?18:45
nkinkadeThat is, is it implemented?18:45
JED3nkinkade: what do you mean? are all of the possible strings extracted or fully translated for every domain?18:46
nkinkadeJED3: Is there currently a way for any user to view the interface translated.18:46
JED3nkinkade: yeah, it should render the language based on their browser18:47
nkinkadeJED3: Can I pass in a variable?18:47
JED3nkinkade: unfortunately no18:47
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JED3np, is there a single language that you'd like to test?18:48
JED3nkinkade: I could default to a lang on staging if you just need to look at a particular translation domain18:48
nkinkadeJED3: I was just setting up privileges for someone in Pootle and was wondering whether to bother with ccnetwork.  I think for now I'll not worry about it.18:49
JED3nkinkade: okay, sounds good18:50
JED3nkinkade: i meant to ask you, at the dev all-hands mtg were you delegated the task of brainstorming/mocking up changes to
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nkinkadeJED3: I was.18:52
nkinkadeI have just been sidetracked lately and haven't got around to it.18:52
JED3nkinkade: ahh okay, well I have some ideas as well, would you mind if i proposed some recommendations as well?18:53
nkinkadeJED3: By all means, put your suggestions into an email and ship it off to webmaster@ or at least to NRY, myself and Alex.18:53
JED3mralex: morning18:53
nkinkademralex, that is.18:53
JED3nkinkade: just didn't want to step on any toes ;)18:54
nkinkadeAny ideas are good.  My first step was to just implement the pretty-noiframe branch with iframes. :-)18:55
nkinkadeI think ccSearch has sort of been a thorn in everyone's side for a while ... not knowing quite the best way to approach it since it is, after all, just a portal to other sites.  I think the consensus is that frames suck in general for that purpose, but it's hard to think of a totally viable way without them.18:56
JED3nkinkade: yes, this is true, i think the next iteration should be focussed towards finding a less dominating UI like Ben had mentioned18:58
mralexit would be nice if we could see if people, when they search, look at different tabs18:58
mralexor just go with one search site18:58
JED3mralex: thats another thing, we can't metric on the tabs18:58
mralexwell, i could probably coerce google analytics to work18:59
JED3mralex: yeah, but you had to have at least make search interface use anchors for those tabs18:59
JED3you actually may be able to use the GA API to make pings in the JS when a tab changes19:00
mralexJED3: not necessarily; a _gad.pageview message could be sent on a tab click, all inside the javascript19:00
mralexright ;)19:00
JED3very cool, thats relatively new right?19:01
mralexi've noticed that method isn't 100% accurate, but it does work19:01
mralexnew in the past year perhaps, its been documented for a while19:01
JED3I wonder how many of the search providers have rights filtering in their search api's19:03
JED3such as:|cc_attribute|cc_sharealike|cc_noncommercial|cc_nonderived%2919:03
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paroneayeadid git just start deleting directories when I run git rm and there is nothing in them?21:19
paroneayeathat seems new21:19
paroneayeaer, when I run git rm *and thus* there is nothing in them21:19
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nkinkademralex: I'm noticing 1px black lines under a few of the icons on some of the Deeds:21:48
nkinkadeOn that one, with Firefox 3.5.7, I see black lines under the toShare icon and the Noncommercial icon.21:49
nkinkadeIs that something you knew about?21:49
nkinkadeI don't see it with a Webkit based browser.21:49
mralexi don't see anythign on FF 3.621:56
mralexcan you send me a screenshot?21:56
mralex(also never seen that before on any prior versions)21:56
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nkinkadeAnd I now also notice lines at the end of the section headings.22:00
mralexthat's odd22:00
luisvI don't see that in ffox 3.7 nightlies (on mac) FWIW22:00
nkinkadeNotice how they change on this Deed:22:00
mralexit could be a linux rendering error for background-image styles22:00
nkinkademralex: Epiphany doesn't display the lines. Seems to be only Firefox.22:01
nkinkadePoking around, it almost seems to have something to do with li.license {padding-bottom}22:01
mralexcan anyone else using linux in here take a look?22:02
nkinkadegreg-g: ^^^22:02
mralexi see no reason for it in the css22:03
nkinkademralex: As I shrink the browser I start seeing the lines on the right edge of the images as well.22:03
mralexnkinkade: what if you zoom the page?22:04
nkinkademralex: One zoom level in makes them go away.22:04
paroneayeamralex: I don't see a black line22:05
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mralexnkinkade: seems like an issue on your system, X11 and/or Gecko rendering error22:06
nkinkademralex: Maybe it's my monitor size?  23" with a res. of 1920x1080??22:06
nkinkadeI also experience some weird rendering issue with Gallery3 that appeared to be Gecko related, but who knows.22:07
* greg-g is looking at that link, if that is what he is supposed to be doing22:09
greg-gnot seeing any lines on Fx 3.6 on Ubuntu22:10
greg-gfor either the uported or it22:10
mralexpretty conclusive ;)22:13
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greg-gholy cow22:15
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mralexsigh, some of the rendering errors on that look new to me.22:18
nkinkadeJust like Google, CC is officially not supporting IE6 anymore.22:20
mralexmy level of support for that antique has been "make sure the site doesnt look like complete shit, and is still at least usable"22:21
mralexluisv: nice. may have to implement that.22:23
luisvI mean, sort of obnoxious (maybe only something to implement on the main site and not the actual licenses themselves?)22:23
luisvbut effective-ish22:23
mralexwe got 235,475 visits from ie6 last month, 40,031 to the main site22:38
mralexover 2x that from ie8 though22:38
JED3mralex: my quick and dirty ui :)22:49
mralexJED3: ;)22:52
mralexi'm really thinking search should be more of a marketing exercise than anything22:53
mralexit's rare it ever gets used for its intended purpose22:53
JED3mralex: yeah thats what i was trying to say in the kitchen earlier22:53
mralexJED3: yeah22:53
JED3i've had this buffer up all day, and its pretty depressing like you said22:54
mralexwould it be wrong to put in an ajax script to pull what people are searching for on the text input on
JED3mralex: yes i would think so22:55
JED3i was timid to share that screenshot22:55
mralexyou should probably rm that screenshot now22:56
JED31 step ahead ;)22:56
akozaki'm guessing that's nowhere near as depressing as google search analytics22:59
mralexit's the same data22:59
mralexbut live22:59
mralexso muy depressing22:59
akozakright i mean google search in general22:59
akozaki remember when the aol data was released23:00
akozakgood times23:00
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nkinkademralex: The links on ccSearch are still pointing to utm_campaign=fall200923:24
nkinkadeWhen did that text get changed?  It's seems to have broken the localization stuff.23:24

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