Sunday, 2010-01-31

MikeChelenand Wikipedia switching from GFDL to CC license helped make things simpler too00:09
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dev0hi #cc, I have to questions regarding cc licensing: 1. if I use an CC licensed image, is it sufficient to have the image link to a page containing all the attribution information?01:57
dev02. I may not alter a BY-ND work, but how about including it as an image on a web page? how about having it displayed shrunk using html and what about having other page elements hovering over it partly using css? all, of course, without actually altering the file01:58
dev0when does "build upon" start?01:58
dev0and when is it just a copy?01:58
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MikeChelendev0: check out the definitions of collective vs. derivative works
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dev0MikeChelen: thank you, as far as I understand then the use I described should be "Collective Work". But how about using a by-nd image as the background image of a web page by setting the css background property? I'd personally consider this a derived work, because the image would be a centric part of the webpage - without actually beeing altered at all. I'd guess I'd need to consult an lawyer for such close cases?02:19
MikeChelendev0: consider solely the usage of the CC work, is the image itself being transformed or adapted? it may be a grey area, unless your work can clearly fall within the "collective work" definition02:23
MikeChelendev0: it might be worth consulting an attorney, and also look to find existing examples to see if someone else does anything similar, because that will still be useful even if your case is slightly different02:25
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fieldseMorning all. beautiful snowy day in NC, hope it is where you are12:19
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fuppsongs on Jamendo is licenced under by-nc-sa. I'm somewhat unsure what commercial use means. I assume this means that any web page that has any ads can not embed such songs? What about a web site which has ads, but not the particular page the song was embedded? In that case there is no direct commercial use, but one might perhaps argue that there is an indirect commercial use as it makes the website more valueable for users and make the users more likely to17:23
fuppgo to other pages on the site which do include ads...17:23
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fupphm, it raises the same question but doesn't seem to answer it.. doesn't look like the polls included a specific question for whether the it's commercial use when the pages which includes NC content have no ads, but other parts of the site does...18:01
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fupplike an ad-supported blog with no ads on any pages that includes NC-content18:07
fuppI suppose the safest bet may be to ask the content creator if there is doubt18:14
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