Saturday, 2010-01-30

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Matsonare verbatim collections considered derivative works?  One of our users wants to make a collection and has asked "if we mind".  I'm telling him to follow the licenses for each work.01:06
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EspreonDoes anyone know if v3 of the CC-BY is compatible with v2 of the GPL?06:40
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Kogs|Wso, I have a question about copyrights18:33
Kogs|Win the Final Fantasy series, there are always two characters called Biggs and Wedge. I was wondering whether it'd be a copyright breach to use these two names in the same manner in a story I'm writing18:34
Kogs|WI'm intending it as an homage, would it be taken as such from the pov of the Law?18:34
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MikeChelencan CC-BY-SA be posted on a CC-BY-SA-NC site?23:31
paroneayeaMikeChelen: no23:32
MikeChelenparoneayea: doh, thanks23:32
paroneayeanp :)23:32
MikeChelenwould like to use some Wikipedia content on WikiEducator, maybe will try to convince them to take off the -NC bit23:33
greg-gMikeChelen: please do23:48
greg-gMikeChelen: wait, isn't wikieducator BY-SA?23:49
MikeChelengreg-g: oh, you're right! they are both BY-SA23:52
greg-gthen there ya go :)23:53
MikeChelenhaha, that makes things easier :)23:53
paroneayeaevery time someone chooses BY-SA over BY-SA-NC, god pets a kitten23:57

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