Friday, 2010-01-29

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paroneayea     /\_/\          '-___-'          /\_/\17:14
paroneayea    / -.- \         / 0.0 \         / 0.0 \17:14
paroneayea   == _|_ == _     == _|_ == _     == _X_ == _17:14
paroneayea    /     \ / \     /     \ / \     /     \ / \17:14
paroneayea   | || || | /\|   | || || | /\|   | || || | /\|17:14
paroneayea  |_|_|_|_|_|     |_|_|_|_|_|     |_|_|_|_|_|17:14
paroneayeamornin #cc17:14
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nathanynkinkade, did you see civicrm 3.1 was pulled?18:12
nkinkadeYeah, I just sent you an email a few minutes ago.18:13
nathanyah, ok :)18:13
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nathanynkinkade, you mean re: git-svn?18:13
nkinkadenathany: In the email?18:13
nathany:) i see an email from you re: git-svn and civi18:14
nathanyi was referring to a tweet i saw this morning from Lobo saying that 3.1.0 has issues and they're pulling it from the download servers18:14
nathanyreleasing 3.1.1 shortly18:14
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nkinkadenathany: Ah, no I didn't see that.  I mis-read the word "pulled."18:16
nkinkadeYeah, I was referring to the git-svn/civi email.18:16
nathanynkinkade, right, replying to that thread now18:16
nkinkadeAh, the perils of not being a social networker.18:16
nathanythe perils, indeed :)18:16
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greg-gnkinkade: any reason we use the google analyticator plugin instead of one other g-analytics plugins?19:27
greg-gThis is both a personal and Open.Michigan work-related question19:27
nkinkadegreg-g: mralex would know.19:28
nkinkadeI didn't install them.19:28
greg-gmralex: any reason we use the google analyticator plugin instead of one other g-analytics plugins?19:28
mralexgreg-g: are tehre better ones? :P19:28
mralexi can't see how much better one could be though, it's just inserting the required JS, which is all it needs to do.19:29
greg-gI'm just looking at 3 of them right now.19:29
greg-gyeah, but some other ones track outbound clicks, too19:29
mralexi think analyticator can do that too19:30
greg-gI guess the one CC uses does too19:30
* greg-g nods19:30
greg-gcool, just curious is you remembered the reason for the decision19:30
mralexUltimate Google Analytics is also horribly out of date19:31
mralexalst update in 200819:31
greg-gyeah, and not much usage19:31
mralexi don't recall teh reason. it just worked? heh.19:31
greg-gwas also looking at
greg-ggood enough reason for me.19:31
mralexit's also updated on a regular basis19:31
JED3nathany: is it correct to not display attribution info on the deed if the referrer has multiple attributionName || URL claims?19:36
nathanyJED3, correct enough :)19:36
nathanyit's a little ambiguous, but that's been our practice to date19:36
JED3nathany: great, just wanted to make sure that was a feature and not a bug ;)19:37
nathanyyes, a "feature"19:37
JED3nathany: another quick question, one thing that we don't currently do is enforce that a license triple exists before we display the attrib, reg, & more perm information.  so essentially if someone just linked to a license and had SIOC assertions, they could fool the deed into displaying information19:42
JED3do not enforce*19:43
nathanyreally? i thought we checked that before we checked anything else19:43
nathanyJED3, see in
JED3sigh, you're right19:44
nathanyok, no worries, just wanted to make sure I wasn't completely insane :)19:45
JED3yeah, my code doesn't though, I was right about that much lol19:45
nathanywell we can push that server side with the other processing if we want, right?19:45
nkinkadenathany: Would this indicate some problem with Arabic?19:51
nkinkadelxml.etree.XSLTParseError: xsl:copy-of : could not compile select expression '$Հետևյալ հեղինակի/կատարողի'19:51
nkinkade... with mkdeeds?19:51
nkinkadeOr maybe that's some other language.19:51
nkinkadeLooks like one we launched recently ... can't recall which.19:51
nathanynkinkade, not arabic, looks like thai characterse?19:53
nkinkadenathany: Armenian?19:53
nathanyprobably a missing parens or quote in the translation string19:53
nathanyi don't know what that looks like19:53
nathanywhy do you think it's recent? it could just be an updated translation19:54
nkinkadenathany: Why would that happen when building Portuguese Deeds?19:54
nathany(could be, though)19:54
nathanynkinkade, mostly likely it's a translation error in licenselocale.xsl19:54
nathany(which is used for rendering deeds, chooser, etc)19:54
nathanysure, looks like it19:55
nathanydid i see you just regenerated licenselocale.xsl in the commit messages?19:55
nkinkadenathany: How would you solve that?  By just manually looking for it in that file or correcting the root of the issue?19:55
nkinkadenathany: Yes, that was me.19:55
nathanyi'd grep their PO file for that string19:55
nathanyfigure out what i18n string it is and compare to english19:56
nathanyit may be obvious that it's missing a brace or a quote19:56
nathanyoverwise just delete that translation and regenerate licenselocale.xsl19:56
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nkinkadenathany: Uh, yeah.  They translated the variables.20:01
nkinkadeHope it was just for that one string.20:02
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nkinkadeNope, they done it in a number of places.20:03
nkinkadeI'm going to just delete it and deal with that later when they launch.20:04
nkinkadenathany: Does that affect questions.xml too, possibly?20:05
nathanynkinkade, not sure20:06
nkinkadeI'll regenerate it as well, then, just for giggles.20:07
mralexnkinkade: are you on the conference line?20:07
nkinkademralex: No.20:07
nkinkadeI guess I should be.20:07
nathanyshouldn't matter in questions as much, since they're not processed by a "real" parser, but can't hurt20:10
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nkinkadenathany: Do you happen to know why Brazil has pt *and* pt_BR in licenses.xml?: <languages>pt pt_BR</languages>21:02
nkinkadeA lot of their Deed strings are English and I suspect it's because mkdeeds used pt strings instead of pt_BR..21:03
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nkinkadeI'm thinking I should remove pt from <languages>21:03
nathanynkinkade, i suspect it's hysterical21:04
nathanyer, historical21:04
nathanyiirc there's a "default language" setting21:04
nkinkadenathany: But do you agree that it's safe to remove pt and regenerate Deeds?21:04
nathanyyou might try changing that21:04
nathanyi am a little ambivalent on removing21:05
nkinkadeOh.  Where is that setting?  In the XML?21:05
nathanyfor fear of unintended consequences21:05
nkinkadeor in mkdeeds?21:05
nathanynkinkade, in the xml21:05
nkinkadenathany: Where is that documented?  There is no instance of the word "default" in that file.21:06
nathanynkinkade, maybe it's just the ordering that matters21:07
nkinkadeI'll reorder them.21:07
nkinkadeBut that does affect mkdeeds, correct?21:07
nathanyi think so21:08
nathanyoh, come on, nkinkade, say thanks like you mean it ;)21:10
nkinkadeWhat my "Thanks" about as half-hearted as Jen's "Hi" at the beginning?21:10
nathanynot quite *that* half-hearted ;)21:10
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greg-gI'm trying to find some good archived discussion of the CC-DevNations license and its retirement, any pointers (the usual google searchers aren't helping)22:16
greg-gI can only find stuff announcing the license, then announcing its retirement22:16
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nathanygreg-g, not sure, ask mlinksva (maybe via email)23:21
JED3the most blessed meme of all23:33
paroneayeagod will not give up or let down upon those people23:47

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