Thursday, 2010-01-14

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nkinkadeHa.  dmidecode.  I couldn't remember that name.  That was actually the tool I went searching for when I came across lshw.01:13
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SarckSo, I was thinking of making something like a Creative Commons Culling- a Creative Commons licensed blog that reviews and collects together Creative Commons licensed works, and maybe features some of its own. Does anyone here know a list of Creative Commons works or have any suggestions for review?01:38
SarckAlso, would that be possible/viably legal to do if the blog itself was distributed using a torrent file that includes the individual Creative Commons works that will be reviewed?01:42
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nkinkadeJED3: paroneayea: were either of you working on a7 yesterday as the user svn?17:40
nkinkadeActually, I think not ... don't see that either of you logged in.17:41
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paroneayeaaugh unicode decode errors aughhh19:16
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nkinkadeWhoa:  a git-svn clone of the entire CiviCRM source repository is only 500M.  Doing an svn checkout of the same takes up around 35G!20:26
nkinkadeIt took hours and hours to do the checkout, then it left my laptop with only 6G free so I decided to delete it, and it took about 5 hours to rf -rf the thing.20:27
mralexhow long did the git clone take?20:27
JED3nkinkade: any reason why you need all the history of the civicrm repo?20:28
nkinkademralex: I'm not sure because I did the clone a long time ago.20:31
nkinkadeJED3: I didn't need all of the stuff, but I was just being thorough.  I had no idea it would be so massive.20:32
nkinkadeBut it just goes to show how radically more efficient git is at storing data than subversion.20:32
nkinkade500M compared to 35G20:33
nkinkadefor the same files!20:33
JED3chyeah, thats pretty impressive20:33
paroneayeankinkade: svn externals?20:34
nkinkadeparoneayea: I don't think so.  Just loads of files and lots of tags.20:34
nkinkade== lot of duplication in subversion, as I understand it.20:34
paroneayeankinkade: out of curiosity, did you do a du -hs on .git and on .svn20:35
nkinkadeparoneayea: No I didn't, just on the entire directories.20:35
nkinkadeMy understanding is that .svn doesn't contain huge amounts of data.20:35
paroneayeawhich is why that doesn't make sense to me20:36
nkinkadeThat it's all on the server.20:36
nkinkade(i could be wrong)20:36
paroneayeabecause they'd both have the same files in the main directories20:36
paroneayeathe non- .git and .svn directories20:36
paroneayeagit's compression only happens in .git/20:36
paroneayeafor the packfiles and etc20:36
nkinkadeparoneayea: But for each tag subversion has a duplicate of every file, I believe.20:36
paroneayeaoh I see20:36
paroneayeaokay, now I understand20:36
paroneayeathat does make sense then20:36
nkinkadeBut I thought that git didn't store the file multiple times, but just deltas for a given blob.20:37
paroneayeawell in .git yes, and that also only happens after repacking20:37
nkinkadeSo you could have 10,000 branches, and it's essentially free, but in subversion you'd have 10,000 copies of each file.20:37
paroneayeaactually, if you commit a file in git, and then commit a second version of it20:37
paroneayeainitially it'll have both versions as separate files in their entirelty20:38
paroneayeabut when you run git gc is when it efficiently stores the deltas in a pakfile20:38
paroneayeawhen you do a big checkout it automatically runs git gc several times through the process though20:38
nkinkadeparoneayea: Good to know ... I didn't know that before.20:38
paroneayeathat's my understanding anyway20:38
nkinkadeMy understanding is very high-level and vague at that.  But I now have empirical evidence that git stores things a hell of a lot more efficiently than subversion.20:39
* paroneayea recommends reading:
nkinkadeIt would be great if CiviCRM were on some DVCS anyway.20:39
paroneayeaexplains the internals of git very clearly20:39
paroneayeaPro Git is a great book20:39
nkinkadeI'll check it out.20:40
* paroneayea giving a talk on GitPython tonight20:40
nkinkade"I have already waited the many hours it took to sync the first time.  Doing this for FAI took days.  And the repository had the sheer indencency to end up tiny."20:42
nkinkadeI remember having read that a while back, when paulproteus pointed me to that article.20:42
nkinkadeNow I see what he means.20:42
paroneayeayeah git's pakfile system seems really cool20:43
paroneayeawhich is why I was kind of excited about that git-pakfile based backup system20:43
paroneayealess because of it being a good idea and more because it takes advantage of the git pakfile system, which I think is neat20:43 said: "The mysql error was: Too many connections."20:50
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|There once was a lawyer from Texas21:58
|who tackled the issues that vex us21:58
|CC is contrived21:58
|when defining "derived"21:58
|So let's switch before arguing wrecks us21:58
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nkinkademralex: Do you have a quick solution for this?:
nkinkadeIs that a theme issue?22:34
mralexwoah, wtf happened there22:35
mralexnkinkade: zupport is running a newer version of drupal?22:36
mralexas per your email earlier22:36
nkinkademralex: yeah.22:36
mralexnkinkade: do you have a link to release notes/changes?22:36
nkinkade6.15, but it wasn't a feature release ... just a bugfix release.22:36
nkinkadeI think the most significant update was from Ubercart 2.0 to 2.222:36
nkinkadeI doubt the issue is Drupal, that is.22:36
nkinkadebut it could be.22:36
nkinkadeI also updgraded about 5 or 6 other modules.22:37
mralexi think it's related to how i'm using the attributes ubercart provides for store item photos22:37
mralexubercart release notes? i guess something changed between 2.0 and 2.2 then22:37
nkinkademralex: Ah.22:38
nkinkadeThe source between live and zupport is quite different.22:38
nkinkadeThey almost look like 2 diff. pages.22:38
mralexfor the ubercart module?22:38
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nkinkademralex: I'm having a hard time finding any sort of changelog for 2.0 -> 2.2 for Ubercart.22:41
nkinkadeI feel like I've had this problem before.  Their Upgrading page is not terribly packed with info.22:41
mralexnkinkade: i think i see what changed based on the various output differences. i'll look into it.22:42
nkinkadeIt's basiclly, login as admin -> remove old files -> add new files -> run update.php -> report bugs.22:42
nkinkadeOr something not far from that.22:42
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mralexoh, you know what, i think that rendering error is my fault22:44
nkinkadeThat's not quite a changelog, but it may help.22:44
nkinkadeI noticed the live site isn't rendering quite right even ... well, the titles have HTML in them, that's all.22:44
mralexi guess i quickly updated production to fix the popup attribtion without updating staging22:45
mralexbut git should have merged the change back to zupport… weird.22:45
nkinkademralex: I'm thinking we should avoid merging at all costs.22:46
nkinkadeIt might not be a big deal, but merges or anything other than linear commits seems to have a negative impact on upgrades via the git rebase method we are relying on.22:46
mralexnkinkade: oh no, my bad, i mean it's purely a theme issue. nothing related to ubercart code.22:47
nkinkadeOh, good. :-)22:47
nkinkadeThese days, because branching is so easy with git, I don't really do merges.22:48
nkinkadeFor example, for this upgrade here I just replace zupport with a fresh checkout of cc_production_6.13 and then started working there.22:48
nkinkadeWhen it all looks good I'll just push it origin/cc_production_6.15, then check that out on the live site.22:49
mralex"git pull" or git fetch ; git merge origin/2009 between staging and production :)22:49
nkinkademralex: So just update 2009?22:49
nkinkadeThe cc theme is a submodule so it should be just a git pull or checkout.22:49
mralexi see what happened22:50
mralexyeah, theme should be running on the 2009 branch22:50
mralexright now it appers to be in a "(no branch)" limbo state22:50
nkinkadeI'll update it.22:51
nkinkademralex: Ah, yes, that did the trick.  Thanks.22:53
nkinkadeThe "Add to cart" button doesn't look placed right, but it's the same on production at least.22:53
mralexnow any weirdness will be software update related :)22:53
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