Wednesday, 2010-01-13

nkinkadeJED3: Are there any restrictions on characters in the login for
JED3nkinkade: for the username?00:05
nkinkadeJED3: Yeah.00:06
JED3yeah, pretty sures its alphanumerics only00:06
nkinkadeSome is saying that name like isn't working.00:06
JED3let me double check to see if any punctuation is allowddx00:06
nkinkadeSo no dots?00:06
JED3no dots00:07
JED3only alphanumerics and underscroes00:07
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nkinkadeJED3: Thanks.00:13
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RobOakesHi, I have a quick question about Creative Commons material that is licensed with the "Share-alike" attribute.00:17
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RobOakesIf I were to include one of these images in a book, would that mean that the entire book would also need to be licensed under a "Share-alike" license, even though the image would not be modified?00:18
nkinkadeRobOakes: Probably not.00:21
nkinkadeSee section 1(a) and 1(b) of this license:
nkinkade(for example)00:21
nkinkadeIf your make a derivative, you must license the derivative under the same BY-SA license.  If your use the work in a "Collection" you just have to give attribution.00:22
nkinkadeMy feeling is that including an unmodified image in a book would be categorized and a use in a collection.00:22
nkinkadeIf you're in doubt you should ask the copyright holder.00:22
nkinkade(none of what I've said is legal advice :-)00:23
nkinkade(sorry about so many spelling and grammar errrors)00:23
RobOakesOkay.  That makes sense.  I'll try and get ahold of them.  I would love to use an image from Wikimedia commons, but my publisher would have a fit if that were to somehow violate their copyright protection on the text.00:24
RobOakesThanks for the link.00:25
luisv(that is *such* a faq)00:26
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luisv(actually, it is just what timbl was asking about, basically)00:30
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*** nathany has joined #cc16:29's new trademarked logo:
nkinkadeThat's great.16:33
nkinkadeAs seen in the header here:
nkinkadeYou have to love a company that isn't afraid to put "No Bullshit!" on the front on their site, and then trademark it.16:35
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nkinkadeOh, man, it just get's better and better:  "'No Bullshit'? Have we gone mad? No! We just got fed up of pussyfooting around trying to find a nice, friendly strap line which brought to life the values of our business when really all we wanted say is we're a 'No Bullshit' company."16:37
paroneayeankinkade: wow, are you serious?16:46
nathanynkinkade, i like it :)16:46
nkinkadeYou just have to follow the links.16:47
paroneayeathis isn't like, a huge joke16:47
nkinkadeThey even have an a whole page about it.16:47
nathanyparoneayea, no, this is the corporate company we keep :)16:47
paroneayeaI guess it isn't so bad16:47
nathanythis makes me so much happier than pictures of busty indy car drivers16:47
nkinkadeIt's the best thing I've seen in quite a long time.16:48
paroneayeayeah it's true16:48
nathanyand annoying "ask bob" crap16:48
paroneayeaat least they don't have completely sexist marketing16:48
nkinkadeDotster and GoDaddy are bullshit, so it's nice to see a company differentiate themselves explicity.16:48
nathanysexist and heterocentric :)16:48
paroneayeamaybe it is my fears of them adopting shitty godaddy like marketing, I just finally escaped from that place completely16:48
nkinkadeThey also revamped the website, which looks better now.16:49
nathanyfair enough; yeah, hopefully it just remain a URL and not a whole ad campaign :)16:49
nathanyyeah, it does16:49
paroneayeanathany: and their ceo is pro-torture:
paroneayeayeah, he has a super right-wing talk show like personality blog16:50
paroneayeaand he made a couple of links to it on godaddy's homepage16:50
paroneayeathat was like, "Close gitmo??? No way!"16:50
nkinkadeI like a registrar who neither bullshits nor pussyfoots.  It's great.16:50
nkinkadeThey said it, not me, but I like it all the same.16:51
paroneayeaokay, I am warming up to no-bullshit.  I had a knee-jerk reaction like16:51
paroneayea"oh no, I just escaped as a refugee from a registrar with assy marketing!"16:52
nathanyQOTD: "I read some Shakespeare every year, Lear always. Cheers you up if you read that." -Ernest Hemingway16:52
* paulproteus waves.16:53 also sells domains.16:53
paulproteusYeah, GANDI is great.16:53
paulproteusAlso as a Debian Developer I get their bulk rate even for non-bulk purchases (just for virtual private servers).16:54
paulproteusSadly I don't really need virtual servers in France.16:54
paroneayeathat's pretty awesome that they're such a nice supporter of debian16:54
paulproteusThey also donate money to Debian.16:55
paulproteusThey've been sort of obviously awesome since I first ran into them in 2000 or something.16:55
paulproteus"Last century."16:55
nkinkadeDo their name servers run on Debian?16:55
paroneayealast MILLENIA16:55
paulproteusmille + annus = millennium.16:56
paulproteusmille + anus = millenium.16:56
nkinkadeI've sent them a few tech support requests over the past few years and they have always got back to me, which is more than I can say for Dotster.16:56
paulproteusNow I don't spell millennium with too few 'n's.16:56
paroneayeapsh, okay16:56
paroneayeaspeaking of things I need to control my knee-jerk reaction to16:58
paroneayeadespite this having the word "cloud" in it, this looks very interesting:
paroneayeaesp because I am interested in seeing how to get free software python webapps to be easily deployable16:59
* paulproteus nods.16:59
paroneayeaian says the code is pretty early still, but I am going to give it a shot this weekend hopefully17:00
nathanyparoneayea, paulproteus, have you seen
nathanythe idea of doing something like that with wsgi is... intriguing to me :)17:01
paroneayeaI think that is kind of the thing that toppcloud is trying to do17:01
paroneayeait's like app engine style deployment but using free software17:01
paroneayeafor wsgi apps17:01
paroneayea(well, that follows "app engine style" I guess)17:01
paroneayeaso apparently it uses:17:02
nathanyi think the one thing that appeals to me about heroku is the DVCS integration17:02
paulproteusI guess I should make a "git push to free app engine" service that costs money for no particular reason.17:03
paroneayeathen you could tie it into openhatch17:08
paroneayeaand also have premium openhatch gold accounts17:08
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nathanyparoneayea, did JED talk to you about a lang attribution on the deeds yesterday?17:18
paroneayeaI added it17:19
nathanyparoneayea, awesome17:19
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JED3ah ha!18:33
JED3mralex: I ended up going with the gopro btw, many others seem to have shared your advice18:38
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nathanynkinkade, JED3, paroneayea: reminder, we have a sync call today; 1330 PST20:31
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nathanynkinkade, JED3, paroneayea -- we'll use conf room #9 in a few minutes21:28
nkinkadeSounds good.21:29
paroneayeankinkade: ^21:36
paroneayeaMe being dramatic21:36
paroneayeaI should delete that comic.21:36
JED3paroneayea: tell emacs autosaves the scratch buffer21:38
JED3tell me*21:38
paroneayeaJED3: no...21:42
paroneayeadid you lose something important?21:42
JED3ughh yes21:42
JED3well not too important since it didnt work yet haha21:43
akozakhaha paroneayea21:47
akozaki love the sound server party21:48
akozaknever thought I'd see oss breakdance21:49
paroneayeaakozak: :)21:49
paroneayeaI am not sure how I feel about that comic.  It expresses my feelings and experience but I almost feel like a traitor for having it up21:49
akozakthat's absurd21:51
akozakit's like you're living in soviet russia or something21:51
akozakcriticism of an implementation shouldn't be considered heresy21:52
paroneayeaI guess I just feel bad that I know there are people who are actually trying hard to get this stuff to work.  I might just over-worry!21:55
paroneayeain actuality though I haven't had problems with my wacom tablet working in a couple of years, but that used to be hell and a half to configure21:55
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nathanynkinkade, what model of thinkpad do you have?22:06
nkinkadenathany: SL40022:07
nkinkadeIf you want to see it in person, Ted has the same one.22:07
nathanynkinkade, ok22:07
nathanydo you know what graphics chipset it has off the top of your head?22:07
nkinkadeNot off the top, but I can tell you in a few seconds ...22:07
nathanyno worries, just poking around22:08
nkinkadeIntel Corporation Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller22:08
akozakheh nathany, aggregate with -force has been running 24+ hours now...22:08
nkinkadeThat's not a chipset #, but it something.22:08
nkinkadenathany: (II) intel(0): Integrated Graphics Chipset: Intel(R) GM4522:09
paroneayeathat's it22:10
paroneayeaintel graphics cards are the only cards with decent free software opengl support22:10
paroneayeathey still don't have very good GLSL support on mine though22:11
nkinkadenathany: driver=i91522:15
nkinkadelshw is a neat tool.22:15
paroneayeaoh neat22:16
paroneayeaI didn't know about lshw22:16
nkinkadeI had to Google for it a minute ago, but I have used it in the past ... specifically to find out how many memory slots a remote machine had.22:17
paroneayeaI just knew about lspci22:17
nkinkadelspci was where I got the generic name for the graphics controller.22:19
nkinkadeless /var/log/Xorg.0.log was where I got the chipset name.22:19
nkinkadelshw was where I found the driver name.22:20
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paulproteusYou guys have it easy.23:08
paulproteusBack in my day we'd use dmidecode and page through the results by hand!23:08
paulproteusAnd we'd like it!23:08
JED3nathany: was that the "Google Mail Checker" extension?23:11
nathanyJED3, "Google Mail Checker Plus"23:12
JED3ahh thanks23:12
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