Friday, 2010-01-15

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sparrif a photo is labelled "CC-BY-SA || CC-BY-NC", what does that convey to you?07:02
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paulproteussparr: To me, it means, "Choose either one."10:18
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akozakwow this DiscoverEd aggregation has been running for days19:32
akozakI hope we aren't pounding anyone19:33
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paroneayeapaulproteus: ping20:01
paroneayeahm, I think I solved this historical puzzle on my own.  I'll just send an email to nathany to confirm later20:06
paroneayeaso nm!20:07
nkinkademralex: I think I'm going to launch the Drupal upgrade.  It wasn't a feature upgrade, but just a bug fix and security update, so the Drupal upgrade should be trivial and fairly risk free.  Ubercart was a larger upgrade.  I'm going to do a bit more testing on PayPal's sandbox with the store, and if it looks good, upgrade.  Could you poke zupport in some places you think the upgrade could have affected?20:09
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JED3ala Google Chrome:
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paroneayeaJED3: at the rate I open tabs in firefox, I fear I'd soon run out of process ids if I ran chrome21:55
paroneayea(not seriously ;p)21:55
JED3paroneayea: thats what happened to me21:55
JED3i was preparing a bulk of tabs for a presentation21:55
paroneayeahow many tabs did you have open?21:56
JED3hmm not as many as there are worker processes in that list21:56
paroneayeacwebber@livian:~$ cat /proc/sys/kernel/pid_max21:56
paroneayeaseems like I can have a lot of processes open21:56
nkinkademralex: I'm thinking about pushing this Drupal/Ubercart upgrade.21:56
paroneayeacwebber@livian:~$ ps auwwwx | wc -l21:57
mralexnkinkade: i haven't seen anything weird on zupport since yesterday21:57
paulproteusparoneayea: pong21:57
paroneayeaI am using .5% of my process limit21:57
paroneayeathat's quite the tag name22:00
paroneayeaI guess I abuse branch names like that though22:00
paulproteusYeah, destroy if unneeded.22:00
paulproteusNow ttyl, at mystery hunt (-:22:00
paroneayeahaha, have fun22:00
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nkinkademralex: Do themes/cc/heatmap and json.js need to be commited to the cc theme for support?22:15
mralexnkinkade: no, i'll move that out of the way22:19
nkinkademralex: Ooops.  Too late, I committed them. :-)22:19
nkinkadeWon't hurt anything at least.  Unless there is sensitive info in them.22:19
mralexoh well, no harm22:20
nkinkadeWe can remove them later.  I just want to make sure the repository and submodules are totally clean so we don't get any ugly git errors.22:20
nkinkademralex: On second thought, I think I'll wait till Monday to upgrade.  It's always a good policy to not do upgrades late in the day on Friday. :-)22:27
nkinkadeUnless you want to run the risk of being up till 1AM working out some unexpected bug.22:28
mralexhehe, true22:28
nkinkadeOr getting emails over the weekend about how some feature broke.22:28
nkinkadeWe should really have a test suite for our main sites.22:28
nkinkadeIn any case, everything is pretty much prepped ... it's just a matter of pushing the big red button on Monday.22:30
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nkinkademralex: Did you upload dinner.png to zupport as some sort of test?22:40
mralexnkinkade: it was a possible new addition that's now been canned. so delete.22:41
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nkinkademralex: Can it be deleted via the web interface?  Or did you upload it manually?'22:42
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mralexnkinkade: deleted :)22:43
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