Thursday, 2010-01-07

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Stephen_if i had a picture licensed under ccbysa 2.0 and edited it can be be licensed under 3.0 then ?01:05
greg-gStephen_: yes.01:10
greg-gsee 4(b) here:
Stephen_thanks greg-g01:10
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ChabacanoI want to play ambient music in a restaurant. Two questions: 1) can I use themes with "nc/Non commercial" licenses 2) how to give attribution?15:09
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JED3nathany: ping18:54
nathanyJED3, pong18:54
JED3are we using metadata_scraper's /scrape in any project or is safe to scrap it?18:54
JED3is it*18:54
nathanyJED3, I don't *think* so, but I've been leaving it in just in case... it *might* be used with the older version of the MTAs.18:55
nathanyseems low cost to leave it in18:55
JED3alright, no problem, I just couldn't remember what you had told me a few weeks ago regarding its use18:56
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akozaknathany, still want to meet this afternoon?20:49
nathanyakozak, i was just going to email you about that20:50
nathanyi was going to go through the teamspace page20:50
nathanytry and flesh out things and prioritize "wishs"20:50
nathanywishes, that is20:51
nathanymaybe we can do the first round async?20:51
akozaknathany, sure sounds good, i think you're in a better position to give more details on each item but I can go through it as well.20:52
akozaklike what each wish would entail, etc20:52
nathanyakozak, i'll go through after lunch, ping you for re-review :)20:52
akozakcool sounds good20:52
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paroneayeamralex: btw, if you haven't added those symlinks yet, don't worry about it, I figured out a way around it that is very clean in my code21:08
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akozakmralex, do you know much about video encoding?21:40
mralexakozak: a little. nathany has some experience with Linux.21:41
mralexakozak: is that the native resolution of the video you sent out, or did you downscale it?21:41
akozakmralex, downscaled because natively its ~150mb in ogg and mpeg21:42
akozakbut I don't know the best mix of resolution/encoding for distributing around, especially if it's ending up on the web21:42
mralexakozak: ah, you were doing something wrong then.. shouldn't have been that big. certainly with mpeg4/H.264 compression.21:42
mralexwhat codec did you use?21:43
akozakIn Kino I set the export to MPED-4 AVI Single Pass (ffmpeg)21:44
akozakand the profile was medium size, progressive, 564 hb/s21:44
akozakthat's the one I sent you21:44
akozakThe big one was native size, interlace, vbr21:45
akozakkino export doesn't give you much control21:45
mralexmencoder from the mplayer package is still probably the de-facto, command line, tool21:46
akozakmralex, ok, I think I'll try saving the project as a .dv since that's what kino uses and then convert it with that21:46
paroneayeawrote tests and documentation for the assets/static content stuff in cc.engine, checking off that whole tree21:48
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akozakmralex, do you know around what filesize I should have for a ~3min video at 640x480?21:57
mralexakozak: 20-30mb?22:01
mralexactually, 10-20 probably22:02
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