Wednesday, 2010-01-06

akozakmralex, have you by chance already created a hi-res SJ 2.0 logo? I'm working on an SJ video and could use it if you have one.00:17
akozakotherwise I can wait00:17
mralexhow big?00:22
akozakmralex, hrm, I guess anything bigger than 720x48000:23
akozakor even around there would work00:24
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paroneayeacss/js/images in place in latest cc.engine checkin :)17:34
nkinkadenathany: Any problems with wireless drops since the new openwrt router when in when I was in SF?18:01
nathanynkinkade, my laptop hasn't been great, especially when i'm trying to pump any large amount of data over the connection18:03
nathanyno idea if it's limited to me or not18:03
nkinkadeYou mean you get dropped, or just the performance is poor?18:04
nathanyI get dropped18:04
nkinkadeHmm.  What wireless driver are you using?18:04
nkinkadeI've got a Thinkpad here running over the same router with openwrt and I haven't had a problem, but then again I'm the only one on the connection.18:05
nathanyath9k or 5k on yours?18:05
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nkinkadenathany: ath5k18:07
nathanyah, so it could be the driver18:07
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nkinkadeMaybe.  I assume that if other people were getting dropped frequently that we'd have heard about it by now. :-)18:08
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nkinkadeSeems consistent with what you are seeing: drops when network transfer gets high.18:12
nathanydoesn't look like there's a solution at the moment?18:13
nkinkadeThat's what I gather, sadly.18:16
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* paroneayea switching over functional tests to using instead of just passing in webob request objects into the views directly19:30
paroneayeashould make things cleaner, and good time to do so since I broke the tests by attaching url generators and static resource resolving object stuff onto the request object19:32
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paroneayeaJED3: nkinkade: are we having the weekly devcall?20:56
paroneayeaoh that's in half an hour still20:57
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