Friday, 2010-01-08

akozakmralex or nkinkade, I don't suppose either of you has edited the opened style recently?00:38
nkinkadeNo, I haven't touched it either.00:39
akozakreally weird. do the h1 headings look weird to either of you here:
mralexi don't recall if it's supposed to look any different00:40
mralexthe other pages look right00:40
akozakmaybe I wasn't supposed to do h1 headings00:41
mralexman, that offset column on the category pages still looks really weird.00:41
akozakmralex, heh yea00:42
mralexoh, did you use h1 for the federal, state, local links?00:42
akozakmralex, no for United States and International00:42
mralexh1 isn't apprpriate there anyway00:42
mralexoh, that's an h1? lol00:42
akozakwell it was =United States=00:42
akozakis that even valid mediawiki syntax? heh00:43
mralexwhat's federal, etc? ==?00:43
akozakit was00:43
mralexyes, taht's MW for h100:43
akozakI just changed it00:43
mralexthat's better, and appropriate00:43
mralexi've of the school that page titles are h1, everything else is h2+00:43
akozakmakes sense.00:44
akozakmralex, did you have any input at all on the opened theme or was it all whitewhale?00:44
mralexi had some input00:44
mralexothers preferred some parts00:44
mralex(like those offset columns.)00:45
mralexi doubt anyone would notice if they went away00:45
akozakyou've been looking at the opened analytics have you? ;)00:46
mralexopened gets a fair amount of traffic00:48
akozakYea, I guess I wouldn't be satisfied no matter what the number. It's been declining though.00:50
JED3paroneayea: ping00:57
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mralexJED3: you drive a stick?18:43
JED3mralex: yes18:44
JED3all my life ;)18:44
mralexJED3: i had an, amusing, time getting used to driving manual again when i got my recent car18:44
JED3you have a mazda miata right?18:44
JED3i love the clutches in mazda's18:45
JED3i drive a 318:45
JED3pssh I wish18:45
JED3i almost went for one, but as a college student my insurance quotes were astronomical haha18:46
mralexhah, i bet18:46
mralexa 12 year old miata is bad enough with most insurance companies.18:47
JED3mralex: my friends and i used to go to the dealerships to test drive cars all the time, and speed3's were always one the funnest18:47
JED3miatas are really fun too18:48
mralexindeed, with such a little engine too.18:49
nkinkadenathany: Did you add Danish to LP, or did I just happen to randomly select Danish when I uploaded a few test languages?18:49
mralexit goes well with the SV - the miata of motorcucles.18:49
JED3yup, light bodies go a long way18:49
nathanynkinkade, lol18:49
nathanyi didn't add it18:50
nathanyyou must have?18:50
nkinkadeI guess I did.18:50
JED3mralex: since i have your attention, do you have a helmet cam for your motorcycle?18:50
nathanyi think Henrik was making some edits yesterday, accepting suggestions, so it'd be good to update it there from pootle18:50
nkinkadeI had randomly selected 4 languages, and apparently Danish was one fo them!18:50
nkinkadeYeah, I saw there were edits as of the 5th which surprised me.18:50
nathanyon pootle?18:50
nkinkadeLuck is a great thing.18:50
nkinkadeNo, in LP!18:50
mralexJED3: i don't, but i know the Go Pro is the best setup around right now, and reasonably priced if i recall.18:51
nkinkadeAnd I haven't touched the LP stuff since before Xmas.18:51
JED3mralex: looking at getting the HD Pro18:51
nkinkadenathany: This person was translation on Danish for us!:
nkinkadeI guess paroneayea was right, it's magic.18:52
nkinkadeTranslators just appear out of thin air.18:52
mralexJED3: yeah, i've seen some great quality videos from that18:52
nathanydid we figure out the round trip story? (ie, how we're going to update translations there with new strings and how we're going to pull them into our system)18:52
mralexJED3: there's also the ContourHD, which some people prefer over the GoPro18:53
nkinkadenathany: The bzr-svn thing was the last thing I touched.  I got as far as getting is setup, I *think*.  Now I just need to do some test translations on LP, then fetch those with bzr-svn and see if I can easily push those to a svn repo.18:53
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nathanynkinkade, great18:53
nkinkadenathany: Should I work on that for the moment, or push ahead with the GC stuff?18:53
nathanydo enough on LP to enable the Danish thing (which may be nothing but sending Henrik links, etc)18:54
nathanyand then let's get GC done so we can get on with our lives18:54
nkinkadeYesterday I got OneClickDonate.php prepped for the inclusion of GC, but there is still implementing it in that script, then gettign ContributionProcessor.php to be able to do all the stuff we need.18:54
nkinkadenathany: I think the LP stuff is as simple as you say, sending Henrick links.18:55
mralexnkinkade: do you foresee the OneClickDonate.php api changing at all?18:55
nkinkademralex: No ... I'm going to make sure that it stays the same ... the only thing that will differ is that we'll have to start passing a variable to identify with payment processor.  I've named it $pp for the moment.18:56
mralexnkinkade: ok, sounds good18:56
nkinkadepp=paypal, pp=gc18:56
akozakvideo editing on ubuntu is the worst thing ever19:04
luisvnot to be nitpicky19:05
luisvbut I think you mean 'on linux'19:05
luisv(neat trick ubuntu has pulled off, really, marketing/reputation-wise: anything good in ubuntu they get credit for; anything bad gets blamed on linux)19:05
luisv(even by someone like me)19:06
luisv(who really should know better)19:06
JED3not to nit pick on a nit pick, but i think you mean Gnome19:06
luisvno; as far as I know all linux-based video editors suck19:06
luisv(though as usual KDE people may have delusions that their software is full of light and goodness)19:06
luisvbut in the video area I haven't even heard them claim that19:07
mralexyou mean full of options and settings19:07
JED3haha yeah, but the blame game should not skip any rungs on the ladder19:07
luisvmralex: only half of which work at any given time19:07
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akozakwell, none of that decreases my frustration19:09
luisvcan't blame you19:09
luisvI wish I had a magic bullet for you19:10
akozakhow about a real one?19:10
luisvhell, I wish I understood why it has been so hard to get basic video-editing right19:10
luisvI would have thought by now that the very basic toolchain would work, but as best as I can tell not even that works19:10
akozakcould it be that getting a stable video editor to work requires a lot of system components to work together well?19:12
akozakI wonder what the rationale was for ubuntu defaulting to pulseaudio19:14
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nkinkadenathany: You're going to be gone Friday the 19th, right?19:56
paroneayeaJED3: btw, what was it you were pinging me for yesterday?19:56
nathany19th of what, nkinkade?19:56
nathanyoh, february?19:56
nkinkadenathany: Yeah, Feb.19:57
nkinkadeI'm just booking my travel.19:57
nkinkadeYou had said early in the week is good.19:57
nkinkadeLater not good.19:57
nathanynkinkade, yes, i'm booked on a red eye out of SFO @ 1030 thursday evening19:57
nkinkadeOkay, I'm going wiht the 16th to the 19th, then.19:58
paroneayeanathany: :o19:58
paroneayealooks like I'll be probably be doing the same thing eh19:58
* paroneayea needs to get his tickets resolved 19:58
nkinkadeI'd fly in the 15th to have all day of the 16th but the Virgin America prices went from $109 to $349.19:58
nathanyparoneayea, perhaps :) depends on what airline you wind up flying, i suppose19:58
nathanynkinkade, got it19:58
nathanyi wound up reluctantly on delta because it was direct to ATL19:59
nkinkadeI guess because it's a 3 day holiday weekend, and also because business traveller usually leave on Monday's19:59
nathanyyeah, probably19:59
nkinkadeBut that's a huge jump.19:59
nathanyyeah, it is19:59
nkinkadeBut it's not worth the extra $150 just to arrive 12 hours earlier or so.19:59
nathanynkinkade, i concur20:00
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paroneayeanathany: I was planning on doing a cclabs blogpost about how cc.engine's guts work today, but maybe a more interesting blogpost would be "Django Minus Django"... or how to have an almost django-like setup using wsgi with no specific framework20:34
paroneayeawhich might capture the former anyway but in a more interesting and generally useful way?20:34
paroneayeahm, I will just start writing and see if I am over my head with that one.20:36
paroneayeahm, nm!  The talk I saw at djangocon is actually accessible, and so I can just annotate that:
nkinkadeIs down for anyone else?20:41
nkinkadeConnecting to||:80... connected.20:42
nkinkadeHTTP request sent, awaiting response... 301 Moved Permanently20:42
nkinkadePlease tell me that's just my machine or ISP.20:42
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nkinkadeNope. Just my ISP.20:42
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nathanyparoneayea, sounds good20:48
JED3paroneayea: regarding yesterday's ping, it was to ask for another eye on a python bit i was working on20:50
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paroneayeaJED3: ah, sorry I was away for that... still want me to look at it?20:58
paroneayeabtw: <- interesting post20:59
JED3paroneayea: yeah i read that20:59
JED3not many 'pro's20:59
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paroneayeamaybe most interesting because I know almost nothing about unicode and his criticisms were thus interesting21:00
paroneayeaturns out this is the guy who wrote jinja2 and gave the "django without django" talk at djangocon, hey :)21:00
JED3paroneayea: yesterday i was going to ask "which is less ridiculous?"
JED3in other words, which is more readable to you (i was curious as to what someone else would think)21:02
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JED3i personally favor lambda's but after writing about 5 other them in a single block of code, I feared that this may be a preference of mine that isn't shared with others21:03
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paroneayeaI think that if you formatted the former like:21:05
paroneayeaworks = [21:05
paroneayea    work for work in triples[owner_url][SIOC('owner_of')]21:05
paroneayea    if self._get_license_uri(w, metadata) == license_uri]21:05
paroneayeathat one is more readable21:05
paroneayeabut I personally like list comprehensions in python for iterative stuff.  But they are both pretty readable :)21:06
User8698Hi my name is Nicolo' sorry for my ignorance, I have a question about creative commons api. I implemented it in my website. I trigger licenses via javascript and I store the the <html> data of the  XML  response of in my database. What is the rdf? Thank you21:44
akozaknkinkade, I need to share a high-quality version of this SJ video with cc learn staff. Can I use my homedir on a6 for that?21:49
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paroneayeaUser8698: what do you mean by "what is the RDF"... "what does RDF mean", or "how do I figure out what RDF data applies"21:56
paroneayeaoh too late21:56
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nkinkadeakozak: Sorry about the delay.  Yeah, you could use your homedir on a6.  Probably not the best place if it needs to be semi-permanent, thought.22:26
akozaknkinkade, right. but is it web accessible by default?22:32
nkinkadeakozak: Yes.22:32
akozakah ok thanks22:32
nkinkadeakozak: Just in case you weren't sure.  Create ~/public_html/ on a6.22:35
nkinkadeWhatever you put in there will be available at /~akozak/22:35
akozaknkinkade, cool, thanks. Yea, I didn't know that.22:39
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akozaknkinkade, this video isn't for public distribution. do I need to worry about crawlers?23:12
nkinkadeakozak: Not unless a6:/~akozak/ is linked to from somewhere.23:12
mralexdon't paste the url in irc :)23:12
akozakmralex, got the size down to 25mb :)23:13
nkinkadeAnd of course anything you put in there is readable by anyone.  You could perhaps stick and .htaccess file in there.  I think that should be allowed by the default rules.23:13
mralexakozak: nice23:13
mralexakozak: at full size?23:13
akozakmralex, yea. although what that size is is totally nonobvious to me. The resolution has been a huge headache for me, and it's reported differently in different places.23:14
akozakthe flipcam videos are 640x480 and so were my stills, but it's reported as 720x48023:14
akozakbut it doesn't look wrong23:15
akozakI know very little about video formats and it's a really, really frustrating thing to deal with23:16
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akozakthis is awful:
akozakthat's what I get for using a dv editing program I suppose23:44
mralexah, yeah, rectangular pixels23:48
mralexyour vid looked fine at 320x240, so it'll work at 640x48023:49
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