Wednesday, 2009-12-23

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* paroneayea blinks01:41
paroneayeaI think I just got the partner interface to work entirely, though I thought I had a couple steps left01:41
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paulproteusparoneayea, Hurry, write some tests that prove you wrong!04:09
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paroneayeapaulproteus: :)04:37
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paroneayea       _,,,,,_16:03
paroneayea   ,-'`  *  o `'-,16:03
paroneayea ,' * o      * o  ',16:03
paroneayea;  o   ,'```',   *  ;16:04
paroneayea{ *  * '.___.'* o   }16:04
paroneayea;   o  .-._.-.   *  ;16:04
paroneayea ', * ( =(_)= ) o ,'16:04
paroneayea   '-.'.-,',-.'.-'16:04
paroneayea      ( (   ) )    ldb16:04
paroneayea       ^     ^16:04
paroneayeahappy holidaze #cc16:04
luisvthat looks like an ASCII creature from the deep16:08
paroneayeathis one isn't one of mine, I stole it16:08
paroneayeaI should set it as my signature until 201016:09
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nathanynkinkade, cool, i'll take a look18:12
nkinkadeIt took me a while to figure out how to get it up there.  I ended up making a small Bazaar repo in ~nkinkade on a7, and just having LP pull stuff from there.18:12
nkinkadeI tried uploading a POT file, but it was stuck in the import queue still after 15+ hours, so I had no idea when LP people would review and/or accept it.  This way it went up immediately and automatically.18:13
nkinkadeInterestingly, I'm not really sure why it added Spanish as a language.  I never specified that.  Maybe that is some default.18:14
nathanygenerally looks good18:16
nathanynkinkade, i had a little trouble finding the place to actually translate things, but i think the translation interface itself looks perfectly reasonable18:21
nkinkadenathany: I was fairly impressed that if it found existing translations for things it would suggest them.18:22
nkinkadeThat is, for "New Zealand" in Spanish it suggested "Nueva Zelanda" already among some others.18:23
nkinkadeThat was convenient18:23
nathanythat's always the promise of translation software, but we never saw the benefit in our isolated environment18:23
greg-gshouldn't there be a listing on that page you linked to of all the languages, nkinkade ?18:23
nathanyi think pootle does something similar if you enable translation memory18:23
nathanygreg-g, there is, but that's what i had a hard time finding... let me find the link18:23
nkinkadegreg-g: There is, and there is only one langauge: Spanish.18:23
nathanymine showed a few languages18:24
nkinkadeI was somewhat confused how Spanish got in there.18:24
nkinkadeOh, I know.18:24
nkinkadeIt's because I told LP that English and Spanish were my languages.18:24
nkinkadeThat's sort of nice.18:24
nathanyi don't know why it says "there are no translations" on the link you pasted, nkinkade, but
greg-goh, there we go, now there is spanish18:25
nathanyshows the template18:25
nathanymaybe because no one's saved a translation?18:25
nkinkadeWell, there are no translations in the POT.18:26
nkinkadeJust empty msgstrs.18:26
nkinkadeI just saved some translations for Spanish.18:26
nathanyah, got it18:26
nathanynow it shows up18:26
nathanyi like the suggestion handling, too18:27
paulproteusMmm, lunchpad.18:28
greg-gpaulproteus: are you a fan of LP now?18:28
nkinkadenathany: How are they handled, suggestions?18:28
paulproteusgreg-g, Like a true Debian zealot, I'll waffle about Lunchpad for eternity.18:28
nkinkade"Someone should review this translation?"18:28
nathanynkinkade, right18:28
paulproteusBut I will admit, I have hosted's issue tracker there for ages.18:28
nathanythen in the translate interface there's a dropdown towards the top18:28
nathany"Translating [drop down] using [language] as a guide."18:29
greg-gpaulproteus: :)18:29
nathanyyou can look at several views there18:29
paulproteus(It's Free Software now, so it's probably just dandy. I still view it as kind of alien, but CC using it for translations is probably a good idea. I don't know the whole context of this discussion.)18:33
nathanypaulproteus, basically the question is, do we need to run it ourselves these days?18:33
nkinkadeMaybe not even so much do we need to run it ourselves, but would be benefit from *not* running ourselves.18:34
paulproteusAs much fun as it was being responsible for something, in your shoes (nathany) I'd try as hard as I can to answer it with a "No".18:34
paulproteusI mean, "No" to running it yourself.18:34
nkinkadePootle fun?18:34
paulproteusI haven't tried the new Pootle. It looks vaguely promising.18:35
paulproteusGod knows the codebase has nothing to do with the old jToolkit nonsense.18:35
nkinkadepaulproteus: http://pootle.creativecommons.org18:35
paulproteusI mean, it's lightning-fast (esp. in comparison).18:35
nkinkadeIt looks a little better on the surface than the older one we have, but still is rather clunky, to me.18:35
nkinkadeYeah, I don't know about under the hood ... it must surely be better in that dept.18:36
paulproteusAbove the hood matters quite a lot.18:36
paulproteusI don't think I have an account, so I can't see much inside.18:36
greg-gnkinkade: my next question is why are there more languages here,, than here:
paulproteusI like hte look of,untranslated&view_mode=review18:37
nkinkadepaulproteus: guest/guest18:37
paulproteusTrading passwords on IRC. A time-honored tradition.18:38
nathanypaulproteus, not just IRC, publicly logged IRC ;)18:39
nkinkadeIt still has those clunky "Submit" "Suggest" "Translate," etc. buttons.  Apparently there are reasons for that, but I don't like it.18:39
nkinkadeUnless there is some fatal bug in Pootle 2.0 that allows a Pootle user to take control of the host, then I don't care who logs in and vandalizes it.18:40
paulproteusI like the "related" thing at,untranslated&view_mode=review18:40
paulproteusMaybe that has always been there, but even if so, it looks nice now.18:40
nathanythat's new18:43
paulproteusIf moving to Launchpad would help you guys find high enough quality translators that jurisdiction leads would actually approve translations from, then I'd go with Launchpad basically no matter what.18:47
paulproteusOr if its tools for notifying translators of new strings causes people to actually translate them soon after the notification.18:48
nkinkadepaulproteus: The latter could be a benefit if LP has it, but I think the former is the main motivation for looking into it ... LP may expose the CC translation project to a much wide base of interested translators ... at least that is the thought.18:51
paulproteusIf the blocker is jurisdiction leads needing to approve translations and never doing it, then all the new translators in the world won't help.18:52
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johndbrittoncan anyone in here help me with choosing a jurisdiction? What are the implications of unported vs US license.19:10
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paulproteusjohndbritton, You should check out the CC Frequently Asked Questions page.
paulproteusI think this question is discussed there.19:40
johndbrittonok that gives me a little clarity19:41
johndbrittoni think i chose an unported license in the time since I asked the question. the usage of the content will be global but it is being created in the usa19:41
johndbrittonthanks paulproteus19:44
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paulproteusHappy to help!19:45
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nkinkadegreg-g: You know Launchpad pretty well, right?21:29
greg-gnkinkade: decently21:32
nkinkadegreg-g: I'm just trying to be 100% sure that the "export" feature on Launchpad is limited to upstream Bazaar repositories.21:33
nkinkadeSome user named wgrant on #launchpad just verified that for me.21:33
greg-gwgrant is reliable21:34
greg-gI know very little about the translation part of LP, so I don't know much about the exporting21:35
greg-gask me about bugs/branches/teams and I can help :)21:35
nkinkadegreg-g: It's not just about translations, but about code in general.21:36
greg-gwhich "export" feature?21:37
nkinkadegreg-g: That is the term that LP is using for automatically pushing changes to code in LP back to an upstream repository.21:39
greg-gohhh, uh21:39
nkinkadeThey only support bazaar upstream repositories for this auto-syncing feature.21:39
nkinkadeBasically people commit at LP, and then periodically LP will push the changes to the upstream repository.21:40
greg-goh, yeah, my upstream has always been LP anyways (for gwibber), so I haven't done much with that21:40
nkinkadeWe sort of need this because our translations are related tooling are pretty all dependent on subversion.21:40
nkinkadeHowever, there is a tool called bzr-svn.21:41
nkinkadenathany: Are we interested enough in Launchpad for me to try some testing with bzr-svn?21:42
nkinkadeIt seems to me that that is about the only realistic way for us to use Launchpad and still stay with subversion on our side.21:42
nathanynkinkade, probably, although not sure if it's more appropriate to do bzr-svn or bzr-git at the moment21:42
nathanynkinkade, not necessarily, but it'd be nice; if we had a script that pulled the latest translations from launchpad and committed them, we could cron that and use that approach instead of the current instant staging21:43
nkinkadenathany: Well, whichever it ends up being we'll have to interface with Bazaar to use Launchpad so there will have to be some sort of middleware that does the links them seamlessly.21:43
nkinkadenathany: That's what I was thinking ... that perhaps bzr-svn could run periodically to push/pull changes from LP.21:44
nkinkadenathany: Shall I upload some other test branch and test that functionality?21:44
nkinkadeJust don't want to waste time going down a path that you don' think is viable or worth the effort.21:45
nathanynkinkade, i think it's worth looking into21:45
paroneayeasnowstorm a bit scary, leaving slightly early, will be online in a bit22:27
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