Thursday, 2009-12-24

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nathanynkinkade, are you working today?16:33
nkinkadenathany: Yeah.17:01
nathanynkinkade, nevermind, i was going to ask about Paul's NL email; i went ahead and updated a517:01
nkinkadeJust stopped to do a couple things around the house.17:01
nathanyyou can do deeds @ your leisure17:01
nathany(i'm at the office, but just trying to get things in shape for when i come back after jan 1)17:01
nkinkadenathany: I'll update the Deeds.17:02
nkinkadenathany: So technically you are off today?17:03
nathanynkinkade, no, i'm working17:03
nathanyjust trying to get things done i don't usually give myself time to do17:03
nkinkadeI was sort of slacking this morning because I had only about 3 emails in my inbox and virtually nobody was online ... so I went to the hardware store and Ross for a couple house things.17:04
nathanyno worries17:06
nkinkadenathany: It looks like Paul didn't commit his new translations.  I'll do that now for him, but mention it now in case it would affect anything you are doing with the chooser.17:07
nathanynkinkade, ah, thanks, i didn't check17:07
nathanycan you just svn up a5:cc.engine/cc/engine/i18n/nl and rebuild i18n?17:08
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nkinkadenathany: I'll do that too.17:10
nkinkadeBetween that and the rebuilding of the Deeds we should be good to go and I'll reply to Paul.17:11
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nkinkadeHmm. is offline.18:06
nathanynkinkade, glad we don't manage that :)18:07
nkinkadeYeah, really.  Not even a 404, but a connection refused.18:08
nkinkadeThe whole host must be offline.18:08
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nkinkadenathany: Are the profiles marked as "Gratis profile" valid indefinitely?19:10
nkinkadethat is, they never expire?19:10
nathanynkinkade, yes19:33
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nkinkadegreg-g: You wouldn't happen to be around, would you?21:11
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