Tuesday, 2009-12-22

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nathanynkinkade, ping17:44
nkinkadenathany: Hi.17:45
nathanynkinkade, i'm working on an inquiry with ISC about hosting; do you have any feeling about how much bandwidth we're using for all our servers?17:45
nkinkadenathany: I can compile that information from the SNMP stats if you want.17:46
nathanynkinkade, that'd be great17:46
nkinkadeIt's all on the view_graph.php17:46
nkinkadeWhat timeframe?17:46
nkinkadeIn the last month, for example?17:46
nkinkadenathany: ^^17:46
nkinkadenathany: So aggregate bandwidth for all the servers combined?17:47
nathanynkinkade, yeah, monthly is probably fine17:47
nathanyjust the last month17:47
nathanyjust to give them an estimate17:47
nkinkadeCould they possibly host all of our stuff?17:48
nathanynkinkade, that's what we're talking about (very very preliminary)17:48
nkinkadeAh.  I'll get that number and send it to you via email.17:48
nathanynkinkade, can you also tell me what a5 alone consumes? (if we decided, say, to just move one box first)_17:48
nkinkadenathany: I'll provide breakdowns for each box and total.  It won't be any more work.17:49
nathanyawesome, thanks17:49
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nathanynkinkade, looking at the SNMP graphs, is the spike that every one has ~ 17:00 the backup job?18:27
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nkinkadenathany: Let me look.18:28
nkinkadenathany: I'm not 100% sure what those spikes are.  Sometimes they are fairly consistent, then other times I don't see them.  Backups could certainly account for at least one of the spikes around 10PM to 12AM.18:40
nkinkadeBut the ones that happen during the day are something else.18:41
nkinkadeFor example I see a spike on a9 at 2PM, but the one on a5 is around 8PM.18:41
nathanyok, nevermind, i won't try to explain it to the ISC guys when i send the graph link :)18:42
nkinkadeOn a7 the spike is generally on inbound traffic, not outbound ... perhaps the rsync job that syncs stats stuff on a6 with Asheesh's home dir on a7.18:42
nkinkadeIn any case, those spikes probably don't account for much of the overall traffic.18:43
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nkinkadeparoneayea: Were you really the *only* person to fill in their staff updates for this week?20:03
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paroneayeankinkade: I guess so :)20:15
nkinkadeI guess people decided to not fill out since the call was cancelled for this week, but I suppose it's still probably good to have the info there as a summary.  I'll fill mine in now. :-)20:16
nkinkadeI changed my mind.20:19
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nathanyhi jidm21:57
nathanynkinkade, yeah, no staff call this week :)21:57
nkinkadenathany: I've been reading over the Launchpad.net docs about getting our template/project up for translation.21:58
nkinkadeJust like Transifex they require certain directory structures, which our repository doesn't have.21:59
nkinkadeI can simply upload the English PO file as as POT file.21:59
nkinkadeOr I guess I could create a normalized dir structure, check it into svn or git and have them import that.21:59
nkinkadeSince this is just a test at this point, I'm leaning toward just uploading a single POT file.22:00
nkinkadeAny thoughts on that? nathany ^^22:00
nathanynkinkade, sounds reasonable; I'm assuming we can change our minds later?22:00
nkinkadeI sure hope so. :-)22:00
nkinkadeOr ... this is our one and only chance to get it right, so we better not fuck it up. ;-)22:01
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greg-gnkinkade: nathany just fyi, I saw a library automation project move to LP for translations and they had to re-upload/import a couple times before they got it right. So, two things, 1) maybe complicated but 2) you can reset stuff.22:03
nkinkadegreg-g: Good to know.  I was kidding about the one and only chance thing, to be sure. :-)22:04
nathanygreg-g, awesome; glad to know they accommodate my work model (fucking things up, starting over)22:04
jidmhi i have some questions to ask, may I? won't take a lot of time22:06
akozaknathany, going to this? http://www.semantic-conference.com/22:06
greg-gjidm: go ahead and ask22:06
akozaknathany, wow, just looked at their reg. fees22:07
nathanyakozak, don't know; i've spoke there the past two years, only way i'd go is if i was speaking22:07
nathanyakozak, it's an industry conference :)22:07
jidmim looking for some information about how to license music under cc in argentina. Whom should i ask for info?22:07
nathanyhi jidm; is this music you've created that you want to make available to others?22:08
jidmnot yet, but that's the idea22:08
nathanyjidm, creative commons has a suite of licenses you can choose to use -- see http://creativecommons.org/choose/ to select one22:09
jidmi.e. my brother make some music, but i think he registered it, is it possible to release it under cc?22:09
nathanysure; CC licenses rely on copyright for their efficacy22:09
jidmi have doubts about already registered music22:09
nathanyby "registered" you mean copyrighted? or registered with whom?22:10
jidmi mean registered on classic  associations22:10
nathanyjidm, i'm not familiar with those; if you still own the copyright and have not granted exclusive rights to someone, you can probably use a CC license22:11
nathanybut you should look at the agreements and/or consult legal counsel if you're unsure; we can't provide legal advice22:11
jidmhere in my city there are many emerging bands, and i was thinking on promoting cc, but want to know that kind of stuff so i can tell them22:11
jidmcan you redirect me? where can i find this kind of information?22:12
jidmor is there a spanish irc channel? i'm not very good with english22:13
nathanyyou might try contacting the CC Argentina team22:13
greg-gjidm: as long as you have not signed a contract giving your rights to a 3rd party (publisher/producer/record label/etc) you can release your work under a CC license. simple22:13
jidmafaik most bands here work with independent record studios, but i'm unfamiliar with the contract22:14
jidmthanks nathany and greg-g for the help22:14
jidmi think i'll contact that team22:15
paroneayeanathany: ping22:16
nathanyparoneayea, pong22:16
paroneayeaI'm not sure what you meant by "can I make sure its being translated" in the rdf, but anyway:22:16
paroneayea<dc:title xml:lang="sr-latn">Autorstvo 3.0 Unported</dc:title>22:16
paroneayeaso does it look like the rdf is handling it right?22:16
nathanythat looks close to right (if not completely right)22:17
nathanyso the question is, why does /deeds.sr_LATN show "Attribution 3.0 Unported"?22:17
paroneayeaokay, so I understand the scope of the problem now :)22:18
paroneayeabut I don't know the answer!22:18
paroneayeaI am not sure, but I will look at it.22:18
nathanyexcellent :)22:19
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paroneayeanathany: fixed!22:43
paroneayeaadding a unit test for it now22:43
paroneayeathis was one of those frustrating things with i18n stuff again22:44
nathanyparoneayea, awesome!22:44
paroneayeasometimes the lang is like 'sr_LATN', sometimes it is like 'sr-latn'22:44
mralexnkinkade: interesting solution, if we have any desire to make the WP site search better.. http://mondaybynoon.com/2009/12/14/improving-wordpress-search-with-sphider/22:44
nkinkademralex: Interesting.  Have you found the current search to be lacking?22:48
nkinkadeI don't use it much, so it's hard for me to say.22:49
nkinkadeBy the way, I'm also going to upgrade WP this week.22:49
nkinkadeIn fact I think I'll just update staging right this second.22:49
luisvdoes 2.9 actually have anything terribly compelling?22:50
mralexi'm more interested in 3.0… supposedly including full image resizing/rotating/cropping support22:51
akozakhave great xmas/holidays everyone22:51
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luisvI'm just waiting for an actual photo gallery solution that doesn't suck22:55
luisvI'd be more than happy to ditch gallery for a wordpress photo gallery solution22:55
luisvbut AFAICT unless you're ma.tt the photo gallery is horribly, horribly underfeatured22:56
nkinkadeluisv: Are you using gallery2?23:02
nkinkadeI recently starting using gallery3, and it's not too bad.23:02
luisvit is approximately 1,000 times better than gallery 223:02
luisvI'm using it too23:02
nkinkadeThere is nothing particularly compelling in 2.9, other than bug and security fixes.23:03
nkinkade(at least for me.23:03
luisvbut having one less codebase to upgrade, install, manage, etc. would be nice23:03
nkinkadeI can understand that.23:03
nkinkadeI'm thinking of writing a Flickr-like theme for gallery3.23:03
nkinkadegallery3 is pretty easy for me to upgrade: $ git pull23:04
nkinkadeThen I run the updater. :-)23:04
luisvthat is what I do too23:10
luisvand roughly what I do for wordpress23:10
luisvbut still, one less thing to worry about23:10
luisvand while it is a big improvement over gallery 223:10
luisvI still can't help but think that the wordpress folks are more careful and thoughtful about UI23:11
luisvand they could do it better than gallery3, which still has some irritating little issues23:11
nkinkadeYeah, gallery3 isn't perfect yet.  The JS uploader is a mess if you try to upload more than a couple photos at once.23:13
nkinkademralex: What do we use Simple Tags for in WP?23:13
nkinkadeApparently it's broken in 2.9.23:13
mralexnkinkade: for tagging posts23:14
nkinkademralex: Oh, I guess that's pretty important then.23:15
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paroneayeanathany: do you have a good example of an organization that is currently using the partner interface? :)23:30
nathanythe internet archive is one example that comes to mind... a little difficult to get to where they use it23:30
paroneayeaassuming it is used by the upload tool: http://www.archive.org/create/23:33
nkinkademralex: It doesn't appear so, but does oneclick.js or anything you've done set source=?23:42
mralexnkinkade: i don't think so23:43
nkinkademralex: Allison was just asking me about changing the default message when the campaign is over.23:44
nkinkadeI suppose the Drupal page could just include source= in the links.23:44
nkinkadeLooks like that won't trip up oneclick.js and if OneClickDonate.php sees it it will use that instead of the default hardcoded in that file.23:45
mralexthat'll get passed through to the php script23:45
nkinkadeCool.  I'll just advise her that she can do that.23:45
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