Monday, 2009-12-21

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NTFSso if the someone dosent attribute me its copyright infringment?03:32
greg-gbasically. You should contact the person first, ask them to follow the terms of the license your work is licensed under.03:34
greg-gIANAL, TINLA (I am Not a lawyer, this is not legal advice)03:34
NTFSok its a company though the MBTA i think i asked this the other day03:38
NTFSi dont remember03:38
greg-gyes, you did. Have you contacted them yet?03:41
NTFSthey were closed03:43
NTFSthey open tomorrow morning03:43
NTFSso tell them they have to follow the license?03:44
NTFSif they dont i can file a DMCA?03:44
greg-gthat is one option03:44
greg-gconsulting a real lawyer is always suggested03:44
NTFSi dont have the money for a lawyer03:45
greg-gyeah, such is the world we live in :(03:45
greg-ghere is one court case involving CC licenses, just for your information:
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yngressHello, I didn't find that one in the FAQ or have read over it... when using ShareAlike media in your own works, does the associated "portage country" matter?13:45
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greg-gyngress: no, the licenses explicityly say that any of the ported licenses are compatible. So BY-SA US is compatible with BY-SA UK, for example14:19
yngressgreg-g: Oh okay, thank you. :)14:20
greg-gyngress: no problem!14:21
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greg-goh, the guinness brewery was on fire! 14:31
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HardDriveIs it better to file a DMCA or contact a lawyer?15:33
greg-gI would formally write them a letter, keep a copy for yourself, send it certified mail (where they have to sign for it), and ask that they acknowledge the license terms that your photo was released under and request that they comply within 2 weeks.15:35
greg-gagain, IANAL, TINLA15:35
greg-gthat is, if you care enough to do all of this15:36
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HardDriveThe Legal department said they cant do anything about it15:48
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greg-gHardDrive: they are lying15:49
HardDrivehe said email the MBTA customer support15:49
greg-gnot a customer support issue, I would say15:50
greg-gYou can use the word "DMCA" and/or "sue for copyright infringment" to hopefully get them to take you seriously.15:50
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HardDrivethe legal department guy is lying, i asked customer support where to report copyright infringement and they said the legal department.15:53
greg-gI would start to use official communication, ie: not phones, but letters.15:54
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HardDriveI doubt an email to customer support will work, the email can be marked as a complaint though15:57
greg-gphysical letters, I mean15:57
greg-ghence the "certified mail" thing above15:59
HardDriveor would going directly there help?15:59
greg-gthat could help as well, might try that first16:01
greg-gbring a physical copy/print out of the license your photo is under, highlight the important parts, and leave a copy with them.16:01
greg-gand be nice/respectful :)16:01
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HardDriveim being transferred to marketing now16:02
HardDriveyeah marketing fails i will pay the mbta a visit tomorrow16:03
greg-ggood luck. Might I suggest writting up a nice blog post about this (if you have a blog)?16:05
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HardDrivegood i am being transferred to the General manager of the MBTA16:08
HardDrivei give up im just going to go there tomorrow ive been thorugh 3 departments. 1 says contact the GM,16:13
HardDriveso on and so on16:13
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HardDriveI will try to start a blog if i have time today.16:16
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paroneayeaI *meant* to type /names :P18:14
paroneayeaalso, good morning #cc, as I haven't said that yet18:14
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paroneayea             +===========+18:27
paroneayea             || o  o _o ||18:27
paroneayea             || Y  M  | ||18:27
paroneayea             || ^  ^  ^ ||18:27
paroneayea             |+------,--------------------18:27
paroneayea             | TEAMWO|      _____18:27
paroneayea             +-------|     | MAY |18:27
paroneayea                     |     |#####|18:27
paroneayea                     |     |#####|18:27
paroneayea                     |  ,-,'-----'   ||18:27
paroneayea                     |  | |          ||\18:27
paroneayea \|/   ,,,           |  |_|          ||\|18:27
paroneayea \|/ c/u_u\          |  ||____  _===__===_18:27
paroneayea ===  |\  |=u        |  |_____) | --------18:27
paroneayea-\_/--'b b'----------|____||____| |______|18:27
paroneayea                        O    O  '-'      '18:27
paroneayeahow's monday in the cc office18:28
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nkinkadeHow's Monday in Chicago?18:52
nkinkadeIt's chilly here in Miami Beach.18:52
nkinkadeNot *that* cold, but I did have to close the windows.18:53
mralexSF is damp.18:53
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greg-gnkinkade: quit bragging19:08
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HardDriveWhat would be the next step after sending an email to the legal department if they dont respond or take the photo down?19:38
greg-gthis is starting to get into the realm where I feel uncomfortable giving you advice as I'm not a lawyer19:38
HardDriveoh yeah i forgot19:39
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luisvgood call, greg-g ;)19:41
greg-gluisv: thanks :)19:41
luisvthough I do think the day is coming when, like the FSF/SFLC's GPL enforcement guides, CC will probably need an enforcement guide19:41
greg-gyeah :/19:41
greg-gthough I wouldn't feel comfortable writting that :)19:42
luisvbut of course19:43
luisvall the FSF/SFLC ones are written by non-lawyers19:43
greg-gthat is true19:43
luisvI've always assumed to avoid the 'this is not legal advice' problem19:43
luisvthough maybe that is just a historical quirk, dunno?19:43
greg-gmaybe CC should get a Google Policy Fellow or normal intern to do it some summer19:43
luisvI would imagine that CC probably wants to avoid stirring up the enforcement hornet's nest too much, but I also imagine they get this kind of question on a regular basis19:45
greg-gI haven't really seen it too much in here at least. This is the first time someone has come back repeatedly for more advice (since I've started autojoining #cc)19:45
greg-gnkinkade would know better. many info@ emails about enforcement?19:46
greg-g(feel free to PM your response)19:46
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akozaknkinkade, is there any way we could reduce latency on the asterisk line?20:41
nkinkadeakozak: How do you suggest to do it?20:41
akozakbtw, sorry i didn't get to say bye :)20:41
akozaknkinkade, not sure. maybe reduce quality slightly?20:41
nkinkade(no problem on the goodbye thing ... I'll be back in Feb. :-)20:42
nkinkadeReducing the sound quality won't reduce the latency.20:42
akozakerrr, yea that's right20:42
nkinkadeLatency is probably inherent in the line and/or hardware.20:42
nkinkadeAre you referring to a delay in the line?20:43
akozakYea, maybe that's not latency20:43
nkinkadeMore to the point, what problem did you experience?20:43
akozakWe were just on a call with Jane and someone else in NY and there was a significant enough delay that made having a conversation difficult...20:44
nkinkadeLatency can certainly cause delays.20:44
nkinkadeakozak: Using regular phones, or with software?20:44
akozaknkinkade, I believe we were all using regular phones. Jane might have been using a softphone.20:44
akozakBut the other caller was on a cell.20:45
nkinkadeHmm.  I'm not sure.  I sensed that on the last staff call delay wasn't really a problem.  I wonder if the problem is variable due to other factors like network usage in the CC office, for example.20:46
akozakThat's possible. We've had the problem before, but it really only matters when you're trying to interject or respond quickly.20:47
akozaki.e. having a conversation. But otherwise it's been working great.20:48
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nkinkademralex: Is the link "waived" at the bottom of this Deed working for you?21:18
luisvnkinkade: not working here21:41
mralexnkinkade: looks like it's supposed  to be activating a popup21:41
nkinkadeluisv: Thanks for the confirmation ... it wasn't working for myself and another person, but just wanted to be 100% sure.21:42
nkinkadeI already submitted that ticket ^^21:42
luisvfirefox 3.6b6 here21:42
nkinkademralex: Yeah ... see the above ticket ... assigned to paroneayea.21:42
nkinkadeAssigning tickets to other people is always great fun.21:43
nkinkadeluisv: I'm also currently looking into {action.optOut}21:43
nkinkadeLooks like it could possible be a CiviCRM bug.21:43
nkinkadeBut I need to investigate more ...21:44
luisvnot fun21:44
paroneayeankinkade: so I saw :)21:45
nkinkadeJust following NRY's orders. :-)21:46
paroneayeaand my (cwebber-org-update-roundup) function automatically pulled it in as an orgmode TODO item!21:46
paroneayeaI love emacs & orgmode.21:46
paroneayea(this message brought to you by ERC, the Emacs IRC client)21:47
mralexcan you order pizza from emacs yet?21:48
paroneayeaat worst I could pall the pizza commandline script21:48
paroneayeaer, call21:48
paroneayeaalthough I suppose that has an ncurses interface or something21:49
paroneayeaI don't eat pizza often enough to have investigated this :)21:49
paroneayeaThey did incorporate M-x butterfly from
mralexDAMMIT, EMACS!21:50
paroneayeayeah, new in emacs 23 :)21:52
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luisvI'm told there is basically nothing it can't do22:34
luisvbut every time I've actually tried to use it, it has obscured its power22:34
paroneayeaI started out saying, "well I am not going to use all this complicated orgmode bs, just simple trees for outlining notes and todo lists"22:35
paroneayeathen I started using the agenda22:35
paroneayeaand it slowly feature-creeped its tentacles into my life22:36
paroneayeain that sense, orgmode is a lot like emacs itself :)22:37
paroneayea"I'm not gonna become one of THOSE emacs using people" <- /me, several years ago22:38
* paroneayea totally one of those people now22:38
mralexi never let it give me the chance to become one of those weirdo emacs acolytes.22:38
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