Wednesday, 2009-12-09

JED3nkinkade: trying it out now00:00
JED3yeah it just worked for me00:02
JED3so i created a "prism" app for my the cc google mail account, and when i click on links inside that window, they open in whatever browser my os has set to default00:03
akozakHaha, love this wp comment akismet missed: "It is nice to definitely locate a web site where the blogger knows really well about his subject."00:18
nkinkadeJED3: Good news.  I'll have to try that.00:20
JED3nkinkade: that might be a saner approach00:23
JED3but that would (shutter) require you to use Google Chrome00:23
JED3which doesnt yet appear to have the cookie access control that FF boasts00:24
JED3I've been running chrome for the first time today and I can definitely see a performance improvement in GMail00:25
nkinkadeJED3: The problem there is that I have 5 virtual desktops and Google Apps is on a diff one that my main Firefox instance, so it doesn't show in the task bar.00:26
nkinkadeI guess I could select to have it visible on all desktops.00:26
JED3yeah, I was saying once something like was natively supported in Chrome or an extension was built00:27
JED3there is already a FF to Chrome extension, surely there will be one built for the opposite direction00:27
nkinkadeJED3: That does work, though.00:28
nkinkadeThough I don't like having my main Firefox instance on every desktop .. defeats the purpose of having multiple desktops, sort of.00:29
paroneayeaso what's the state of the tracemonkey vs v8 war?00:31
JED3nkinkade: agreed00:31
paroneayeaer, sunspider00:31
paroneayea(whatever mozilla's js engine is)00:31
paroneayeasyntensity/ the intensity engine is running v8 and it is really fast00:32
JED3nkinkade: i'm going to wait for a chrome extension00:32
JED3Prism works but feels very clunky00:33
nkinkadeJED3: And meantime I'll keep Copying Link Location -> paste.00:33
nkinkadeBut I'm getting TOR up and running for my Google Apps instance of Firefox.00:33
nkinkadeJust for fun.00:34
JED3lol go for it00:34
nkinkadeI don't pretend to have anonymity.00:34
nkinkadeBut it'll make me feel better.00:34
JED3paroneayea: I dont know00:37
paroneayea<j_king> hah, I love the EULA that comes with chrome.  [18:40]00:41
paroneayea<j_king> "from time to time we may remotely disable extensions to your00:41
paroneayea         browser"00:41
paroneayeachromium at least doesn't (can't) have such scary clauses00:43
paroneayea <- hard to tell what they mean by "Services" in here00:44
paroneayeaif it's their separate webapps, why put that in the chrome eula itself?00:44
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Matsonof interest?  The BBC Digital Revolution Licence02:44
Matsonhilariously fail: "HOWEVER the licence granted ..  provided to You only if You ..." "do not use the Work, for any purpose or on any website which ... otherwise brings the BBC into disrepute"02:48
Matsonother than all the caveats and absurdities, it sounds kinds like CC with share alike, Non-Commercial, etc.02:49
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nkinkadeparoneayea: I forgot what OS do you use?15:57
paroneayeankinkade: ubuntu or debian gnu/linux15:57
nkinkadeparoneayea: So have you had any luck with any  of the SIP clients?15:58
paroneayeaI use ekiga15:58
nkinkadeI can't ever seem to get a clear connection.  I've tried Ekiga, Twinkle, Yate, Linphone.15:58
paroneayeaI can hear everyone just fine15:59
nkinkadeparoneayea: Can you send me the list of audio codecs you have enabled and what order they are in?15:59
paroneayeaSpeex, PCMU, PCMA, G72215:59
paroneayeasays it is currently connected w/ PCMU15:59
nkinkadeSpeex 8KHz or 16KHz?16:01
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paroneayeainitiate horror movie drive16:26
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nkinkadeparoneayea: Got a second to connect to conf line #9 with Ekiga?17:45
paroneayeankinkade: sure17:46
paroneayeaalthough I can't speak from this computer :)17:47
paroneayeaI can't call now17:48
paroneayeaI am trying17:48
paroneayeait says User not found17:48
paroneayeawell that's why17:48
paroneayeaso now I tried disconnecting and reconnecting17:48
paroneayeaand it says "User not authorized17:48
paroneayeafor cc@conference.creativecommons.org17:49
nkinkadeparoneayea: Ugh.  Ekiga has been really unstable for me, but since you were having good luck, I did these things:17:50
nkinkade$ sudo aptitude purge ekiga17:50
nkinkade$ sudo su17:50
nkinkade$ locate ekiga | xargs rm -rf17:50
nkinkade$ locate gnomemetting | xargs rm -rf17:50
nkinkadeAnd now things seems a little better. :-)17:50
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nkinkadeI've got to put put more CC-licensed songs from Jamendo for hold music.17:51
paroneayea | xargs rm -rf17:51
paroneayeathat's a scary command17:51
nkinkadeI'm ruthless.17:51
nkinkadeIt wasn't really necessary, but purge wasn't doing what I expected, so I pulled out the big guns.17:52
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nkinkade(I probably wouldn't do that on one of the servers. :-)17:52
paroneayeaI do not think I will ever pipe something to xargs rm -rf ever17:52
nkinkadeJED3: Did you use a SIP phone on the call today?17:52
paroneayeaI am just twitching just thinking about it17:52
JED3nkinkade: yes, but i only caught the tail end17:53
nkinkadeIt felt pretty safe, because I had perused the list of things that the locate command returned before pulling that stunt.17:53
nkinkadeJED3: You mean the connections was so horrendous you only heard that last bit, or you only joined the call at the last minute?17:54
paroneayeabut why can't I register as ?17:54
paroneayeankinkade: did you change authorization stuff?17:54
JED3nkinkade: i joined late17:54
nkinkadeparoneayea: No, nothing.17:54
paroneayeaI was able to just this morning17:54
paroneayeahm weird then17:54
paroneayeamaybe there is a cap17:54
paroneayeaof how many people can log in as the same user at once?17:54
nkinkadeThere shouldn't be because we've been doing that up till now.17:55
nkinkadeI think some of these sound quality issues on the call are related to the SIP clients.17:55
paroneayeaoh hey17:55
nkinkadeNot necessarily the delay, but funny alien noises.17:55
paroneayeaI restarted ekiga and it works :P17:55
nkinkadeThat last horrendous squeal was my fault, but I didn't want to tell anyone.17:55
nkinkadeI had dialed in with Ekiga without a headset and apparently there were some feedback issues.17:56
nkinkadeparoneayea: What I'm curious to see is how much extra bandwidth each SIP connection takes, in unscientific terms.17:58
paroneayeaso i can register to cc@ now but I can't dial to 100@17:58
paroneayeait says user not found17:58
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nkinkadeLet me look at the Asterisk terminal.17:58
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nkinkadeparoneayea: Still no luck, apparently?18:04
paroneayealet me try again18:04
nkinkadeJED3: Will you connect to conf line #9 with a SIP client for a minute?18:04
paroneayea"User not found"18:04
nkinkadeCall from 'cc' to extension '' rejected because extension not found.18:04
nkinkadeThat's what the Asterisk console said.18:05
nkinkadeYou're doing 9#?18:05
paroneayeawell I never even got that far.18:05
paroneayeaI never got to the dial pad part18:05
paroneayeajust rejects the call outright18:05
nkinkadeHmm.  Almost looks like Ekiga is trying to auto join you or something.18:05
nkinkadegreg-g: You around?18:06
akozaknathany, on discovered i just ran the ccbuild.xml crawl and before it started fetching everything i got a really long output of these messages:   is that normal or a problem?18:09
akozakthe fetch appears to be working fine18:09
nathanyakozak, looks like there must be resources with malformed URLs18:10
nathanyi'd guess from something like NSDL18:10
akozakah ok18:10
akozakoh duh, MalformedURL18:10
nathanywhere the identifier could be (theoretically) something other than a URI18:10
akozakit was just weird to me that they were all in a row18:11
nathanyit shouldn't be a problem -- they just (obviously) won't be retrieved18:11
nathanyyeah, that is a little strange, probably a side effect of how it does the query18:11
akozaknathany, this is making more sense. dispersed through the crawl-urls.txt file are strings like m24152. I have no idea where they came from but I don't think it's a big issue.18:14
akozakjust weird...18:14
nathanyakozak, they almost certainly came from the aggregation; unfortunately there's not a quick and easy way to track it down (although it is possible)18:14
akozaknkinkade, is there an easy way i could tell how long a command took after the fact? like if i wanted to know how long this discovered crawl took after it already finished.18:18
akozakor is there a way to know when it completed?18:18
nkinkadeakozak: After the fact I don't know of a way.18:20
akozakhmm ok18:21
nkinkadeBut before the face you can always precede a command with time.18:21
nkinkade$ time somecommand -xyz18:21
nkinkadeakozak: ^^18:21
nkinkadeMaybe you already knew of that command, though.18:22
akozakyea I knew you could do something like that, but I wasn't sure if that changed anything about how the command is executed18:22
akozakthanks though nkinkade18:28
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* paroneayea connected to emacsclient, and thus irc, over ssh on his phone while at lunch19:11
nathanyparoneayea, you using the N900?19:13
nathanycool, can't wait to see it (hoping you're bringing it to SF)19:13
paroneayeaoh for sure I am bringing it :)19:14
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JED3nathany: ping19:43
nathanyJED3, pong19:43
JED3nathany: did you know that Pootle has been rebuilt onto Django and released a 2.0 yesterday?19:44
nathanyi knew they were rebuilding on Django19:44
nathanywe're running an interim version now based on Django19:44
JED3ahh okay19:44
nathanyand they sent an email i need to reply to19:44
nathany(telling me about the release)19:45
JED3okay, are there any discussion threads you can refer me to so that i may be better understand the pootle vs transifex debate?19:45
nathanyi'm not sure there's been a lot of discussion19:46
nathanyi think the primary reasons we're looking @ transifex is it's more comprehensive VCS support19:46
nathany(although that may be different in P2.0)19:46
nathanyand a cleaned up user interface19:46
nathanyI also think we have some PTSD from old Pootle wars that may no longer apply19:47
nathanynkinkade doesn't know it yet, but i'm going to ask him to deploy P2 as well, and solicit feedback on both from CCi19:47
JED3okay cool, what are our gripes with Transifex?19:47
nkinkadeYeah, I suppose Dwayne had a good point.19:48
nathanyJED3, we haven't used it enough to have them yet :)19:48
JED3or disadvantages rather19:48
nkinkadeWe never were the squeaky wheel with the Pootle devs and our installed version is hopelessly out of date.19:48
nathanyit's a little newer project, so probably doesn't have as much "institutional memory", and there are probably lots of edge cases that would need addressed19:48
nathanythat pootle already does19:49
nathanybut i'm just hand waving19:49
nkinkadeRight.  I looked at the Pootle 2.0 install that Dwayne pointed me to, and visually it looks the same, though I didn't see the admin interface.19:49
nathanyright, and maybe the UI is fine for our users? who knows19:49
nkinkadeVisually Transifex is much nicer, at least to me, but that's only one side of the coin.19:50
nathanyi'd like to give them choices and input, so we're not foisting a choice on them19:50
nkinkadeDoes it work is a better question.19:50
nkinkadenathany: I have thought that the web translation interface for Transifex is still lacking some vital things.19:51
nkinkade*) search functionality19:51
nathanyoh :(19:51
nkinkade*) The ability to filter by untranslated strings19:51
nkinkade*) The ability to filter by fuzzy strings.19:51
nathanythose are things that'd be good to have19:51
nkinkadeAt least I didn't notice those features yet.19:51
nkinkadenathany: I think "Lotte" is relatively new and will mature.19:52
nathanynkinkade, can you go ahead and download P2 and look @ deploying it with the cc_org strings?19:52
nkinkadeI'm going to send a mail to the trasifex-dev list asking about an ETA on those features.19:52
nathanyyeah, i think you're right19:52
nkinkadeBecause surely they are in the plans.19:52
nathanynkinkade, but it'd interesting to see what the install process is like these days19:52
nkinkadenathany: Yeah I'll try to install Pootle 2.0 today.19:52
nkinkadenathany: Do you want to reply to Dwayne or should I reply and then let you reply to that reply.19:53
nkinkade(or something like that)19:53
nathanynkinkade, one sec, let me reread his msg19:53
JED3nkinkade: did i just inadvertently put more on your plate? ;)19:53
nkinkadeJED3: No.19:54
nathanyJED3: no, you just reminded me to dump it on his plate ;)19:54
nkinkadeI'm at point where my major projects have mostly finished and it's now just little stuff, so I was needing something like this.19:54
nkinkadeI think that after the tech meetup I'll go away with a few more longer term things.19:55
nathanynkinkade, why don't you go ahead and reply thanking him for pointing this out and saying that we'll do a test deployment and let them know what we find19:55
nkinkadenathany: I was thinking the same thing.19:55
nathanymaybe emphasize that we haven't made any decisions yet19:55
nathanyand that pootle actually has massively improved between major releases (which it has)19:55
nathanydoes that seem sane?19:55
nathanyhe also emailed me directly, so i'll probably reply to that and cc you as well to merge the threads19:56
nathanynkinkade, ^^19:57
nkinkadenathany: Cool.  Thanks.  I'm Cc: you on the draft I'm doing now.  It'll be relatively short.19:57
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paroneayeanathany: are we doing a check-in call today, or are those emails we sent considered sufficient for the week20:00
* paroneayea assuming the latter but figures he should double check20:00
nathanyparoneayea, the latter, i just spaced out what day it was yesterday20:01
nathanyi'm looking forward to having you and nkinkade in the office next week20:01
paroneayeaah okay cool :)20:01
paroneayeayeah, I'm super stoked20:01
nkinkadeYeah, I'm looking forward to meeting JED3 and paroneayea in person, and to touch base in face to face.  I think it will be helpful.20:02
nathanynkinkade, when do you arrive again?20:02
nkinkade... helpful, and maybe even fun.20:02
nkinkadenathany: This Saturday, and I leave the following Friday, so I'll be in the office Mon-Thu, maybe part of Friday.20:03
nathanyawesome; and paroneayea, you'll be in the office monday as well, right?20:03
paroneayeafo sho20:03
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paroneayeapartner interface renders now, working on submitting w/ it21:29
nathanyparoneayea, nice!21:32
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* jagnos bows to JoiIto cause he is a friend of the mighty Catspaw22:43
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