Thursday, 2009-12-10

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Phoxiscan i re license a work with CC attribution sharealike to non-commertial ?12:43
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Phoxisany one?12:54
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paroneayeamorning #cc15:11
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paroneayeahey, sphinx is pretty easy.16:42
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paulproteusOh, that's good to hear, paroneayea.17:53
paulproteusI personally despise reStructruredText.17:53
paroneayeapaulproteus: really?18:05
paroneayeawhy's that18:05
paulproteusI can never figure it out, and the official documentation is so technical as to be unfriendly.18:06
paulproteusLike most people feel about git.18:07
paulproteusIs "* lala" enough for a bulleted list?18:07
paulproteusI wish it were just MediaWiki syntax.18:07
paulproteusI'm already forced to learn that.18:07
paroneayeayeah the docs are not very good18:12
paroneayeamy main issue with it is that hyperlinks are ugly18:13
paroneayea`link name <>`_ is just not acceptable18:13
paroneayeaI don't mind much else about it18:13
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paulproteusYeah, that does suck.18:16
paroneayeaI like orgmode's syntax18:22
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paroneayeaI also like html though18:25
paroneayeamaybe people should just use html more often.18:25
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JED3what about markdown?18:26
paroneayeajust run it through a whitelist filter to clean up html18:26
paroneayeaI used markdown, seemed okay.  The docs also suck with that too18:26
paroneayeaevery markup language sucks, some just suck more18:26
paroneayeapaulproteus: I definitely agree with you on the docs for ReST sucking18:27
nkinkadenathany: Do we have a policy for adding languages to Pootle that simply don't have a defined ISO 639-1 code?18:38
nkinkadeIgnasi wants me to add a few new ones for CC Spain, one of which is Asturian, which apparently on has 639-{2,3} codes ... "ast"18:39
nathanynkinkade, i don't know if we have a "policy" :)18:42
nkinkadeI figured, but what should I do, in other words?18:42
nathanyi suppose if all we have is a 639-{2,3} code, we use that18:42
nathany(with a country qualifier?)18:42
nkinkadeDoes that make sense?18:43
nathanyi was thinking ast_es18:43
nathanysince it's language-country18:43
nathany(er, ast_ES?)18:43
akozaknkinkade, can you remind me the parameter i need to run ionice with so that i don't stall a6 when I cp the DiscoverEd index?18:45
nkinkadeI guess.  It would appear that notating languages in fairly non-trivial.  There are multiple (long) RFCs on the subject.18:45
nkinkadeionice -c318:45
akozakoop, sorry to interrupt18:45
akozakok thanks18:45
nkinkadeakozak: a6 did go down last night at least once.18:46
nkinkadeI came "this" close to suspending your crawl.18:46
akozaknkinkade, yea, I hope that didn't mess up the crawl that was running18:46
nkinkadeakozak: It was the crawl that caused the problem.18:46
akozaknkinkade, I thought it was Ok to run the crawl without ionice?18:46
nkinkadeakozak: I don't know, apparently not.18:46
nkinkadeI got texted at 4AM and all web services were down and your crawl job seemed to be the cause from what I could tell.18:47
akozaknkinkade, ok, that's good to know. do you think running it with ionice would fix that?18:48
nkinkadeIt might have been that in combination with something else, I'm not sure.18:48
akozaknkinkade, whatever tips you have that i could add into the documentation would be helpful18:48
nkinkadeakozak: Probably, because the disc wait status in top was around 80%, and I suspect that Apache was waiting in line for disc access and not getting it quickly enough.18:48
nkinkadeIs there more than one disc on that machine?18:49
akozaki have no idea18:49
akozakI suppose I ought to know...18:49
nkinkadeLooks like no.18:50
nkinkadeI was thinking that we could have the crawl write to a different disc.18:50
nkinkadeWe haven't had a problem before so I guess we can just play it by ear.18:51
akozaknkinkade, ok sounds good18:51
akozaknoticed you a link to the working documentation page if you're interested in taking a look18:51
akozaknkinkade, there's a way to set all command priorities right? like,setting ionice -c3 ahead of time so that everything you do runs at that priority.18:53
akozakif so, maybe we should add that into the script18:53
nkinkadePerhaps if you put that in your .bash_profile or something, but ionice can only be run by root.18:53
akozakwell, I think you need root to run the crawl anyways18:53
nkinkadepaulproteus wrote a small problem called ionicer that will let regular users ionice something.18:54
paroneayeahe wrote a small problem?18:54
nkinkadeIf you're running the crawls as root anyway then don't worry about ionicer.18:54
nkinkade*program :-)18:54
paroneayeaI was going to say, that's not a very nice thing to say :)18:55
nkinkadeJust precede the crawl command with $ sudo ionice -c318:55
akozaknkinkade, I was just thinking of ways to make it more streamlined so that every step didn't have to be ioniced18:55
akozakbut it isn't a big deal18:55
nkinkadeakozak: Are you manually running each step?18:55
akozaknkinkade, yea18:55
nkinkadeWhy not create a shell script that does it for you?18:55
akozaknkinkade, mostly because I'm still getting familiar with the process and each step takes so long, it'd be nice to check in after each one18:56
akozakthe crawl took 18 hours18:56
akozakand the aggregation takes at least 818:56
akozakbut maybe we should just move it all to one script18:57
akozakor I should18:57
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JED3paroneayea: ping19:45
paroneayeaJED3: pong19:50
JED3paroneayea: hey does cc.engine.git render deeds?19:50
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akozakThis is weird: I'll do screen -r and get "WriteMessage: Bad file descriptor", but then doing it a second time works fine.20:59
akozakparoneayea, do you if there's a way to display the version of a currently installed package with apt?21:02
paroneayeadpkg -l "package"21:02
akozakah ok thanks21:02
paroneayeadpkg -l "*package*" if you don't remember the filename :)21:02
paroneayeathe package name21:02
paroneayeaok not useful, just mean it has globbing21:02
paroneayeamy brain is broken, what happened21:19
greg-gakozak: or "apt-cache policy PACKAGENAME"21:22
greg-gshows not only what is installed but also available versions in the repositories you have in sources.list21:22
akozakoooh, thanks greg-g21:23
paroneayeagreg-g: :o21:23
paroneayeagreg-g: yeah, I suppose you actually know something about packaging/apt/deb :)21:24
paroneayeaall i know is "apt-get install" "apt-get remove" "dpkg -l" "apt-cache search"21:24
paroneayeawell a little bit more21:24
paroneayeabut hey they're having a talk on packaging at the local python usergroup tonight, maybe I will become less ignorant21:25
paroneayeathat's on my todo list: stop being ignorant about debian packaging21:25
akozakgreg-g, I have another question for you: do you know of a Joomla CC plugin that gets RDFa right?21:26
akozakor that implements ccrel21:26
akozakOne of our SJ 2.0 teachers is using a suboptimal Joomla plugin for her class21:26
greg-gakozak: not sure, actually21:28
akozakok, I'll look around some more21:29
greg-gparoneayea: I know a little bit, I haven't actually done any packaging. paulproteus is the packaging master, as he is a DD :)21:29
* paulproteus blinks innocently.21:30
paroneayeayes I saw such posts in asheesh's blog21:32
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nkinkadeparoneayea: Debian packaging ... at least doing it right, is non-trivial from what I know.21:44
nkinkadeI looked into a while back and was going to start teaching myself, but got bogged down and then sidetracked.21:44
paroneayeayeah my understanding is that you really need to know a libarary/application to package it well21:46
greg-gthere are mentors available in both Debian and Ubuntu communities21:47
greg-gnot that I can talk, I did the same thing. <read read read read read, type type type, crash boom, read read, type type, kinda working, read read, give up> :)21:48
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JED3paroneayea: should there be a deploy script for paste in the buildout of cc.engine.git?21:50
JED3err WebOb***21:50
paroneayeaassuming you've already run buildout right?21:51
paroneayea./bin/paster serve cc.engine.ini --reload21:51
JED3yeah, i buildout didnt create a paster script though21:51
JED3thats what i'm asking :)21:51
paroneayeaanswer is yes, it should have done that21:51
paroneayeadid it build out successfully?21:51
paroneayeaI've never seen it not generate the paster script..21:52
JED3hmm yes, buildout appeared to have succeeded21:52
* paroneayea re-building out to test21:53
paroneayeahey you're right21:54
paroneayeait no longer adds the paster script21:54
JED3so i'm not crazy21:54
paroneayeaI might know why.21:55
paroneayeaone sec.. I have a fix.21:56
JED3i think you might need to tweak the entry_points in your setup py file21:56
paroneayeano, it's because I added eggs= to buildout.cfg :P21:57
paroneayeaI wanted to add a dependency that only applied to development21:57
paroneayeabut I was a fool21:57
paroneayeafetch and build out now.21:58
JED3cool, is master safe?22:01
paroneayeaas you will notice, there is nothing useful at /, and everything is bland as I haven't incorporated javascript, html, css22:04
paroneayeabut it works and etc :)22:04
JED3nice. i know have a substantial bin directory, thanks!22:10
paroneayeanp :)22:13
paroneayeathanks for pointing out the bug I made today!22:13
JED3ha my pleasure22:13
JED3i'm trying to test something with metadata_scraper but I can't get the old cc.engine to run any longer22:13
JED3I did something to lxml a week or two ago and now anything with xslt in cc.engine cause's the process to segfault22:13
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akozaknkinkade, were having a conf call on the askterisk number, but when we dialed in it said there were 5 people on the line... and only jane and tim were there.22:34
nkinkadeConf line #1?22:34
nkinkadeProbably SIP clients that never disconnected or left orphan connections.22:34
akozakhmm ok. so that doesn't cost us anything right?22:35
nkinkadeSeems like Asterisk would clean those up, but perhaps some people have them still connected.22:35
nkinkadeSoftware SIP clients are free.22:35
nkinkadeakozak: Oh, the call is still going on?22:37
akozakyea sorry22:37
nkinkadeThat was me who just tried to get in.22:37
nkinkadeI went back out, though.22:37
nkinkadeUser #: 12           cc Christopher Webber   Channel: SIP/cc-01e1ab20    (unmonitored) 366:33:0422:39
nkinkadeUser #: 18           cc Nathan Kinkade       Channel: SIP/cc-01e20350    (unmonitored) 198:39:4622:39
nkinkadeUser #: 40           cc Nathan Kinkade       Channel: SIP/cc-01f1f430    (unmonitored) 30:13:2422:39
nkinkadeSorry, that was ugly.22:39
nkinkadeBut it shows paroneayea in there and me twice.22:40
paroneayeaI'm still logged in on my desktop machine22:42
paroneayeabut I have not called anyone22:42
nkinkadeparoneayea: It thinks you're still on conf line #122:42
nkinkadeAnd it thinks I'm in there twice.22:42
paroneayeamaybe that's why I couldn't connect earlier22:42
paroneayeahold on, gonna kill ekiga22:42
paroneayeahow about now22:42
akozakWe heard 3 exits22:44
nkinkadeparoneayea: I already kicked you out forcefully before you had a chance to kill Ekiga.22:44
nkinkadeakozak: Yeah, I booted paroneayea and in a feat of contortionism, kicked myself twice.22:45
paroneayeakicked me out forcefully?  So violent!22:45
nkinkadeparoneayea: It indicated that you were in that conf line for about 336 hours.22:46
nkinkadeOr maybe that was minutes?22:46
akozakWe were joking that they were moles :)22:46
nkinkadeNo appears it was hours.22:46
nkinkadeYou were in conf line #1 for more than 2 weeks.22:47
nkinkadeI better check our Flowroute account. :-)22:47
akozakimpressive uptime22:47
nkinkade(but I think it was just Asterisk holding on to it when nobody was really there)22:48
paroneayeaif I am at fault22:49
paroneayeaalthough I can't see how i would be22:49
paroneayeasince I killed ekiga and restarted it when testing w/ nkinkade yesterday22:50
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nkinkadeparoneayea:  There were no minutes being used by those orphan participants in the conf line.22:55
nkinkadeI'm just not sure why Asterisk held on to them.22:55
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paroneayeankinkade: good, glad to hear :)23:34

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