Friday, 2009-12-04

johndoigiiiwoot finally got this thing serving back screenshots00:18
johndoigiiinow to see if I can get the module rendering the screenshots to play nicely in a process pool00:23
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paroneayeankinkade: perfect! :)01:20
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mralexnkinkade: i've revised the search intro page text.. how does one update the i18n stuff?01:25
nkinkademralex: That is an excellent question. :-)01:26
nkinkadePresumably you can edit seach.pot, add the string, then run some make command, but I doubt it will work as expected.01:26
nkinkadeYou should chat with Nathan about it for now.  I think he knows more than anyone at the moment, but I think nobody knows everything about it.01:27
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* paulproteus uses rabbitmq04:50
paulproteusVia celery in Django.04:50
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nkinkadenathany: We've got  6 other domains that are going to expire next month.  Seems like I should just go ahead and move them now.  That sound reasonable to you?18:08
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nathanynkinkade, yes18:13
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johndoigiiihey mralex, re: your last tweet, have you seen the updates GA rolled out a couple of days ago?18:33
mralexjohndoigiii: updates?18:33
mralexdo you mean the "Intelligence" section?18:34
mralex(which is pretty cool)18:35
johndoigiiimralex: mainly the async stuff18:35
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johndoigiiiat least thats what especially caught my eye18:35
mralexjohndoigiii: got a link to some details?18:35
mralexoh nice18:36
johndoigiiimralex: relatedly:
mralexthat's a handy addition18:39
mralexwould be great if the whatwg js didn't break my browser.18:40
johndoigiiiFF just crashed on me when i tried to view the HTML5 specs, how ironic18:40
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paroneayeanathany: ping18:59
nathanyparoneayea, pong19:02
paroneayeaso, what is this wiki license stuff that appears to be "feared" throughout the codebase19:04
paroneayeaeg,: # check if we need to (shudder) wiki-fy the result19:04
paroneayeawell I guess the docstring explains somewhat:19:04
paroneayeaclass WikiLicense(License):19:04
paroneayea    """A wrapper for the branded BY-SA Wiki license."""19:04
nathanyparoneayea, oh, that19:05
paroneayeahowever the cc.license-git system obviously does not handle such a case, and I don't know much about it or its use case19:05
nathanyso basically it was this terribly misguided branding exercise19:05
nathanyto call BY-SA the "Wiki License"19:05
nathanyi actually think there are open bugs against the current chooser for it...19:06
nathanyso really it's just BY SA with a different graphic, iirc19:06
nathanyone second, looking at bug tracker19:06
paroneayeaah :)19:07
nathanyit's even broken right now19:07
nathanyok, so here's what should happen19:08
nathany /choose/wiki should redirect to /choose/results-one?license_code=by-sa&wiki=true19:08
nathanyactually redirect to /choose/results-one?license_code=by-sa19:09
nathanyand be done with it19:09
nathanywe're going to kill the special branding19:09
nathanymake sense?19:10
nathanyparoneayea ^^19:14
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paroneayeanathany: sorry, yes :)19:29
paroneayeathat makes sense19:29
nathanythat should simplify things19:29
nathanyand let us throw away that whole class19:29
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mralexwhy on earth would a language change screw up the css19:50
mralexoh.. verbose permissions text. nm.19:50
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greg-gdoes anyone know of a good introduction to CCZero and why a researcher would want to use it? The doesn't quite get there.20:06
greg-gnkinkade: you haven't had any info@ questions about CCZero yet have you?20:08
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nkinkade greg-g: I haven't received any questions about CC0 yet ...  or not many.  I think there was one.20:30
nkinkadeWhy, do you want me to forward it to you?20:30
greg-gnkinkade: sure. I'm just curious how people are reacting to it/using it/etc20:31
greg-gI mean, I know some good projects that are using it ( but, I always want more data points :)20:31
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mralexgreg-g: opponents abound..
nkinkadegreg-g: Actually there isn't much after reviewing it.20:34
nkinkadeOne person wanted to know if they could apply CC0 to a derivative of a PD work.20:34
nkinkadeAnother wanted to know if we recommended CC0 for software.  I think the jury is still out on that one, according to ML/Diane.20:35
greg-gnkinkade: legally speaking (IANAL, anyone not intimately familiar with this reading a back log should ignore this) CC0 works on anything copyright applies to.20:36
greg-gmralex: hadn't seen that one, but yeah, this is what I'm trying to work through for a presentaiton I'm giving on Monday :)20:36
nkinkadegreg-g: Of course, but what I meant was that CC is still deciding if we are going to *officially* recommend it for software or not.20:37
nkinkadeNot whether it can be done or not.20:37
greg-gnkinkade: ok, right.20:37
greg-gthat is more of a politics questions, probably.20:38
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greg-germ, reverse that. Is it time for #FridayBeer yet?20:38
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nathanyfor all the type nerds:
nathanyin particular, check out the youtube video21:09
JED3nathany: whenever you have a free moment this afternoon, can we have a quick chat about
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nathanyJED3: sure21:18
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greg-gnathany: that is *exactly* what I needed at this moment.21:18
nathanygreg-g, yeah, I can't stop watching it21:19
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JED3nkinkade: ping21:24
nkinkadeJED3: Hi.21:25
JED3hey, I need to install a package on a9 and wanted to get your opinion on a preferred method of installation...21:25
nkinkadeJED3: Always use the Debian package, unless it's not in the repo.21:26
JED3the package is not in the deb repo's however I have an external repo I can add for the instalaltion21:26
nkinkadeOr unless it's a Python package and there is some specific reason to use a non-system version.  nathany probably has something to say about that.21:26
JED3or.. I could compile it myself21:26
nkinkadeNo, don't compile it.21:27
JED3its not a python package21:27
nkinkadeDownload the .deb and install it with dpkg -i21:27
JED3this package hasn't even released a stable version yet :\21:28
nkinkadeShould we be using it, then?21:28
JED3there are alternatives, but for right now I just want to show proof of concept21:28
nkinkadeJED3: Do they provide a .deb?21:28
nkinkadeI say download the .deb and dpkg -i it, then later when you don't want it it's easy to get rid of.21:29
nkinkadeI try to do *everything* via the Debian package management system.21:29
nkinkadeA machine can become a terrible ghetto in a hurry with make install.21:30
JED3nkinkade: yeah but i wouldnt have installed it system wide21:31
JED3a9 is remarkably slow at the moment21:32
nkinkadeJED3: In  that case, do whichever you are most comfortable with.21:32
nkinkadea9 is 99% idle.21:32
JED3i'd rather dpkg, just wanted to make sure thatd be okay with you21:32
nkinkadeTotally.  I'm always fine with .deb packages.21:33
JED3ok good21:34
paroneayeanathany: btw, the image code isn't currently handled in cc.license-git, but I clearly need to add it.  Do you think I should add it to cc.license-git or just make a function that does the mapping in cc.engine for now?21:56
nathanyparoneayea, is this the code to get the image?21:56
nathanybut iirc we've started adding that to the RDF, right?21:57
paroneayeapreviously provided by the "imageurl" method21:57
paroneayeaso we did.21:57
nathanyso question answered? :)21:57
paroneayeayes, it is now named as .logo() :P21:58
paroneayeayes :)21:58
paroneayeathanks :)21:58
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paroneayeanathany: if I could bother you again :)22:25
nathanyparoneayea, sure, no problem22:25
paroneayea    @property22:25
paroneayea    def logo(self):22:25
paroneayea        if self._logos is None:22:25
paroneayea            self._logos = rdf_helper.get_logos(self._model, self.uri)22:25
paroneayea        if self._logos:22:25
paroneayea            return max(self._logos)22:25
paroneayeaso in the template we also get the smaller logo22:25
paroneayeaold code did:22:25
paroneayea            self._license.slim_image = self._license.imageurl.replace(22:25
paroneayea                '88x31','80x15')22:25
paroneayeanow we actually have that in the rdf:22:25
paroneayea>>> ccb._logos22:26
paroneayea('', '')22:26
paroneayeaso I guess I could write another method that's like22:26
paroneayeadef small/slim_logo:22:26
paroneayea  return min(self._logos)22:26
nathanyi can't remember, do we actually publish assertions, as well, for the dimensions of the logos?22:26
paroneayeanot afaict22:26
paroneayeaI mean, we could parse it22:26
nathanyso whether we do max/min or regex matching on the URL, it's going to be a semi-hack22:27
nathany(ie, CC specific)22:27
paroneayearunning max and min on a string doesn't seem very reliable either.22:27
nathanywhat about:22:27
nathanydef logo(self, size='88x31'):22:27
paroneayeaah okay, yeah that makes more sense22:27
nathany   return [logo for logo in self._logos if regex.match(logo, "...")][0]22:27
paroneayeayeah I can do that.22:28
nathanyso turn it into a method, just test for containment (probably don't even need a regex now that i think about it)22:28
nathany(size in logo)22:28
nathanycool, thanks22:29
nkinkademralex: Do you know of any limitations on textareas in terms of how much text they can hold?22:49
nkinkadeI'm trying to put about 8K of data into one and I've found that the difference between it working and not comes down to 1 character.22:50
nkinkadeIt just won't accept one more character ... which or where the char it is doesn't matter22:50
nkinkadeI'm somewhat stumped.22:50
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JED3nathany: ping23:06
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JED3nkinkade: ping23:14
nkinkadeJED3: Hey.23:15
JED3well first of all, do you know if any of our machines are using python 2.6?23:15
JED3err, have it installed already*23:16
nkinkadeJED3: I thing 2.523:16
nkinkadeThey probably don't even have it installed.23:16
JED3sigh, okay23:16
nkinkadeI don't even see it in Lenny's repos.23:17
JED3yeah its not in there23:17
JED3its experimental23:18
JED3nkinkade: nm, 2.6 not needed23:24
JED3finally got the damn thing to work on a headless machine23:25
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nkinkademralex: Do you have a few minutes to peek at something that is baffling in CiviCRM?23:46
mralexnkinkade: i can try23:49
nkinkadeGo there, then click Next>> until you get to step #3.23:52
nkinkadeIt may not be CiviCRM.23:52
nkinkadeIt could be Drupal, or even some weird browser bug, but likely it's CiviCRM.23:53
nkinkademralex: Let me know when you get there and then I'll explain this crazy situation.23:53
nkinkadeI just wanted you to take a look at it to see if something occurs to you right off the bat.23:54
mralexnkinkade: i'm at step 323:54
nkinkademralex: In the content box, go down about 2/3 way and find:23:54
nkinkade"Ecoinformatics - Maximizing your data  What can informatics do for you?"23:54
nkinkadeIf you put a colon after Maximizing your data, and then try to click Next>> you will get a blank screen and will have to hit the Back button.23:55
mralex(yep @ the text)23:55
mralexblank page23:56
nkinkadeBut that colon is not precisely the problem.23:56
nkinkadeIt's how that colon is interacting with some of the other text.23:56
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nkinkadeIt would appear that some parser is getting tripped up by some very unusual sequence of characters in that text.23:56
mralexit only does it when you put a colon in that particular text23:57
nkinkadeAnd it's just screwy that a single colon in a seemingly random place in the text would trigger a fatal error.23:57
nkinkademralex: Yeah, it works find without the colon, but when you try to add it, the thing fails.23:57
mralex"foo: bar" works too.23:57
nkinkadeare you kidding me?23:58
mralexweirdly, when i hit back, the : disappears23:58
nkinkadeIt's hard for me to know whether it's Drupal or CiviCRM choking.23:58
mralexbut if i put a : anywhere else, it's still there23:58
nkinkademralex: The colon will disappear when you hit back because the page never gets saved when you get the blank screen.23:58
nkinkadeSo the page will just be whatever it was before you clicked Next>>23:59
mralexi thought it was some browser state issue23:59
mralexit also only happens when you put the colon precisely after "data"23:59
nkinkademralex: I suppose it could be a browser things too, or a Drupal thing or a Civi thing.23:59

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