Saturday, 2009-12-05

nkinkadeI'm slightly thinking not Civi because on the file that form submits to I put an "echo 'LOL';exit'" at the top and it never get's triggered, yet when it saves normally it does get triggered.00:00
JED3nathany_: your last message reminded me...00:00
mralexnkinkade: there might be some typographical error that's fouling the parser00:01
nkinkadeWell, at least it would indicate the problem isn't in the file the does the lifting, but it could easily be somewhere earlier in the chain of Civi that's tripping.00:01
JED3try logging in with a CC Net open id00:01
nkinkademralex: The question is: which parser?00:01
JED3and then try it to log in with "http"00:01
mralexnkinkade: huh.. i rewrote that text, and it still broke00:01
nkinkademralex: Without a colon?00:01
nathany_am i supposed to give a username and password, too? shitty form00:02
mralexnkinkade: no, with.. i just entered "your data: What" by hand.00:02
nathany_so only http is working with their provider?00:02
JED3naa just the openid00:02
JED3yeah shitty form indeed00:02
nkinkademralex: I've even inspected that text in bvi, which shows me the hex, octal, and ascii for every char ... I thought maybe there was some weird control char in there.00:02
nathany_it doesn't work for me with either00:03
nkinkademralex: Well, I just thought you'd find that curious, and was hoping on a long shot you would say: Oh, yeah, check here.00:03
mralexnkinkade: yeah, that's what i was thinking. are you sure there's no glitch near the word "data"? i removed that, and it worked with a colon after "your"00:03
nkinkademralex: That is truly fucked up.00:04
mralexnkinkade: in a pinch put a space after "data"00:04
JED3nathany_: really? works for me00:04
nkinkadeI'm inclined to not track this down.  It could take hours and hours of debugging, all for a circumstance that might not happen again in 1,000 years.00:04
nkinkademralex: Ah, so just putting a space between like "data :" makes it work?00:05
mralexnkinkade: yeah00:05
nkinkademralex: I guess that's a reasonable workaround to put this behind me and never think about it again.  Thanks for taking a peek.00:05
nkinkademralex: I just told Allison to put a space after "data" and finish the mailing, and I'm closing the book on this one.00:07
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greg-gok, I have to admit, I like the way Science Commons does things, using RFC language/form for writing specs, and in general, being all "sciency" ;)20:34
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