Thursday, 2009-12-03

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nkinkadeHey, paulproteus?14:09
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paulproteusnkinkade, hey14:49
nkinkadepaulproteus: Didn't I hear you mention dish at some point in the past?14:49
paulproteusDish, like satellite TV?14:49
nkinkadeI justed tried out clusterssh and it's not bad, but all the terminal tiling is a bit weird, though helpful.14:49
paulproteusOh, distributed shell.14:50
nkinkadeDish as in Distributed Interactive SHell.14:50
nkinkadeI was just curious if you use anything like it, and I seem to recall you had mentioned dish to me in the past.14:50
nkinkadeHow is Philly, by the way?14:50
paulproteusI don't use anything like dish lately, since I don't have so many machines anymore.14:51
paulproteusI don't know if I ever tried dish in particular.14:52
paulproteusI have learned "expect", though.14:52
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paulproteusPhilly is fantastic.14:55
paulproteusI have to run for now, but I'll be back in a little while.14:55
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dposseHello. I have a question about Copyright19:36
dposseIs there anyone awake in here?19:37
nkinkadedposse: What's you're question?19:38
dpossenkinkade: Well, my friend is a amateur Magician who just created his first DVD full of tricks that he wishes to sell. He wants copyright to protect himself. How would he go about doing this?19:40
nkinkadedposse: In most countries copyright is automatic, not something you have to register for.  However, you're in the Creative Commons channel.  Do you have a question relating to CC?19:40
nkinkadeSounds like your friend should try to find a website for the I.P./Copyright office of their country.19:41
dpossenkinkade: im American, if that helps. Okay, a question relating to CC: why is it that when i went to , all i got was HTML code for a website? I need something that i can place onto the credits of a DVD19:42
nkinkadedposse: should have everything, and then some, you want to know.19:42
nkinkadedposse: Take a look at this wiki page
nkinkadeYou don't have to use the HTML that /choose provided to you, it is just a reasonable suggestion.19:43
nkinkadeYou can mark your work however you like, you just want to be clear about it.19:43
dposseHmm. Thank you.19:44
dposseSo, copyright is automatic for a Creator of a original work, correct? I can use the Creative Common's license to make clear how i want my copyright status to be used?19:45
nathanynkinkade, are you looking @ a9 by any chance?19:45
nkinkadenathany: yeah.19:46
nathanydposse, yes, you can use a CC license to let people know how they can re-use your work, and under what conditions19:46
nkinkadeI've got my finger on the "Rapid Reboot" button ... my ssh attempt is hung waiting for a terminal.19:46
nathanynkinkade,  i just got an OK text19:47
nathanyfor cc.net19:47
dpossenathany: that makes sense! So, it isn't completely necessary to go through the US Copyright office for my Magician friend to have a copyright on his original works?19:47
nkinkadedposse: That is correct.19:48
nathanycorrect, although registering can have some benefits; this is not legal advice, consult a lawyer if you have questions, etc, etc19:48
dposseim not looking for legal advice, just common sense advice, nathany19:48
nkinkadedposse: I suggest you take a look at, that is information straight form the horse's mouth, so to speak.19:49
nkinkadeIt's a very comprehensive site.19:49
nkinkadenathany: I have no idea what just happened on a9, but it's over.19:50
dpossenkinkade: thank you. have a nice day.19:50
nkinkadeSome ugly looking kernel messages.19:50
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nathanynkinkade, i just fixed the imgsplat bug20:17
nathanyonly to discover that is still a checkout from sourceforge's svn20:17
nathanycan you do an svn switch on that and re-splat?20:18
nkinkadenathany: Yeah.20:18
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nkinkadenathany: Can it be a read-only checkout?20:25
nathanynkinkade, yeah, i think so20:27
nathanyit looks like we were checking those in at one point20:28
nathanyas long as we can easily regenerate not a big deal these days20:28
nkinkadenathany: But why will imgsplat need to be rerun after the switch?20:28
nkinkadeFor giggles? :-)20:29
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nathanynkinkade, to copy the images that failed previously20:29
nathany(and it appears there are a couple images missing -- i got a bug report I'll forward ot you)20:29
nathanynkinkade, forwarded20:31
nathanynkinkade, did you svn switch alreayd?20:35
nkinkadenathany: Yeah.20:35
nkinkadenathany: Wait.  /scripts isn't20:35
nathanyoh, we had a mixed checkout?20:35
nkinkadeMaybe not, I think I just Fed up.20:36
nkinkadeI think I only switched the www subdir.20:36
nkinkadeI don't think, I know.20:36
nkinkadeIt was me who did it after all.20:36
nkinkadenathany: You commits fixed the problem ... the repo is switched and the TW icons show up now.  Thanks.20:42
nkinkadeShall I reply to Polley, or will you?20:43
nathanyplease do20:43
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paroneayea. ..22:39
paroneayea\\\ \    __    o o_22:39
paroneayea \\\ \.-'  '-./   ->   GARBLE GARBLE22:39
paroneayea  \\\    vvv   /vv     SORRY I'M LATE GUYS22:39
paroneayea    \\   vv  ./        GARBLE GARBLE22:39
paroneayea      \ _ __'22:39
paroneayea       \ \22:39
paroneayea       /_/_22:39
mralexin helvetica that looks like Big Bird22:40
paroneayeacurse you helvetica22:41
paroneayeaoh god *dammit*22:43
paroneayeathat just reminded me that this morning I picked up the two movies that were delivered to my place that were xmas gifts for my family, including helvetica22:43
paroneayeaand by the time I came back inside with my coffee, I think I didn't have them22:44
paroneayeathey were there in the coffee shop!  I would have forgotten all about it!22:50
paroneayeamralex, you saved christmas!22:50
paroneayeaalso yay, I think I finally made sense of, and made a working implementation of, all that xslt transform stuff that was happening to turn chooser selection get request whatever stuff into an actual chosen license22:55
paroneayeawhich took me considerably longer than I expected for the code, but hey, now it works, and now I understand this old code as well as xslt22:56
paroneayeaJED3: how's your import threading daemon stuff coming22:58
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johndoigiiiparoneayea: been down so many dead ends22:59
johndoigiiisettled on a using RabbitMQ and having a QtApplication running as a dameon listening on a message queue23:00
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paroneayearabbitmq is a fitting name for something you allegedly had to go so far down the rabbit hole to find23:08
johndoigiiihah yeah, i'm sure it goes deeper, just trying to get something usable for the moment23:09
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