Wednesday, 2009-12-02

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Nerd42Hey is anybody awake here?02:38
Nerd42I posted a "Remember The Name" remix to YouTube and it got taken down by WMG02:39
Nerd42My guess isthat they didn't like the fact that I synced their music video to my remix02:39
Nerd42But I'm not sure02:39
Nerd42The message I got (an automated one from YouTube) wasn't very clear02:39
Nerd42I guess I should've taken a screen shot02:40
Nerd42oh wait, it says "visual content"02:40
Nerd42So I guess we're not allowed to use any footage from the "Remember the Name" videos, only the sounds. :(02:40
Nerd42i bring this up because "remember the name" is a creative commons liscensed song02:41
paroneayeais the video creative commons licensed?02:53
Nerd42apparently not02:54
Nerd42course i dont give a crap about copyrights02:54
Nerd42been seraching alot since i typed that question. apparently just the stems are creative commons and nothing else02:55
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Nerd42not like i care. i remixed the entire freaking album.02:55
Nerd42its just coincidence that remember the name is creative commons02:55
Nerd42funny how i never heard about girl talk's YouTube videos getting pulled02:56
Nerd42like this here for example violates like a hundred different copyrights
Nerd42this here was the URL of my remix that got pulled
Nerd42and my reupload without the video
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Nerd42oh well03:32
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Phoxishello, i need a help.10:50
Phoxisi have a published work under CC Share alike unported 3.0  licence10:50
Phoxiscan i license it with Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.510:51
Phoxisi just want to add a non commercial restriction10:51
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greg-gif Phoxis was still here, I would tell him yes.17:19
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nkinkadeparoneayea: JED3: for a given module will python import the an egg before it does the .py file if it find one in the sys.path?18:46
paroneayeankinkade: not sure offhand, testing18:48
nkinkadeparoneayea: I just checked myself and it would seem so.18:49
nkinkadeThat seems odd to me.18:49
paroneayeayeah, imports the .py file first18:50
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nkinkadeparoneayea: No, for me it was importing the egg first.18:55
nkinkadeOn a7, in /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/, it was importing the egg for polib before it was importing
paroneayeaso what I did was:18:57
paroneayeamade an egg Foo/foo/__init__.py18:57
paroneayeaand in my current directory also had foo.py18:57
paroneayeaand then ran "import foo"18:57
paroneayeait imported the file18:57
nkinkadeparoneayea: Hmm.18:58
nkinkadeAny idea what may have been causing what I see on a7?18:58
paroneayeaoh wait.18:58
paroneayeaok, I was right here again18:58
paroneayealooking on a718:59
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JED3nkinkade: its importing the module first for me19:09
nkinkadeparoneayea: JED3: On a7, if you rename /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/polib-0.4.2-py2.5.egg.LOL, then go into a python console it seems to import that egg instead of
nkinkadeCould it be some unique config on a7?19:11
JED3nkinkade: yes, but i just renamed that egg back to its original name and still imported the module19:11
nkinkadeJED3: !19:11
JED3the dpaste i just sent was after the egg mv19:11
nkinkadeI had to rename that egg to get my shell to import the module.19:12
nkinkadeJED3: Actually now it's importing the egg for me again.19:12
nkinkadesudo su - nkinkade19:12
nkinkadeGive it a shot.19:12
nkinkadeDo I have special python config for my user that I don't know about?19:12
nkinkadeBut it did the same things for the user transifex.19:13
JED3okay, whats your working directory?19:13
JED3where you've been testing your python console19:13
nkinkadeJED3:  My home directory.19:14
JED3ha, so in your home directory itll import the egg19:15
JED3but running a py interpretter from site-packages gives you the module19:15
nkinkadeFor the user transifex as well.19:15
nkinkadeAnd the user transifex wasn't in their home directory, but some subdirectory of it.19:15
nkinkadeJust checked, it does it for me /tmp, too.19:16
nkinkadeAppears to make no different was by CWD is.19:16
JED3nkinkade: yeah the only one that makes a difference is if you are in the sites-packages dir19:16
JED3the reason why is python will search your CWD for a module when importing before it looks on the sys.path19:17
JED3and python appears to be building the path in an "eggs first" fashion19:18
nkinkadeJED3: Any idea why it would do that for nkinkade and transifex, but not for you?19:18
JED3nkinkade: no it does it for me too, when i first said that I got the module it was only because i was in the site-packages directory19:20
JED3python in my ~ has the same result as nkinkade and transifex19:20
nkinkadeJED3: Hmm.  So there must be something particular about a7, since it doesn't do that on your local machine.19:20
nkinkadeAnyway, it's not a problem as long as I know that that is how it will function. :-)19:21
nkinkadeThanks for taking the time to look into that with me.19:21
JED3no it would still do it on my machine as well, I think paroneayea experiment was incomplete unless he tested with a legitimate egg file19:21
JED3it looked like he was testing against a package19:22
paroneayeayes, was testing against a package and not a zipped egg19:22
paroneayeaI figured they would load in the same way19:22
* paroneayea proven wrong!19:22
nkinkadeGot a robot for that one? ;-)19:22
JED3yeah `python -c 'import sys; print sys.path'` paroneayea have an ascii of a python eating eggs??19:24
paroneayea <'>      <'>        DO NOT TRUST CHRIS WEBBER        <'>      <'>19:26
paroneayea  \\      //     __       _ _ _                 _      \\      //19:26
paroneayea   \/----\/     / _| __ _(_) | |__   ___   __ _| |_     \/----\/19:26
paroneayea   /      \    | |_ / _` | | | '_ \ / _ \ / _` | __|    /      \19:26
paroneayea   | O  O |    |  _| (_| | | | |_) | (_) | (_| | |_     | O  O |19:26
paroneayea   /\ '' /\    |_|  \__,_|_|_|_.__/ \___/ \__,_|\__|    /\ '' /\19:26
paroneayea  // '''' \\                                           // '''' \\19:26
paroneayea <,>  --  <,>       HE DOES NOT KNOW WHAT HE IS       <,>  --  <,>19:26
paroneayea                           TALKING ABOUT19:26
paroneayea  .--.19:26
paroneayea (_''_-<    SSSSNAKEPIT19:26
paroneayea// .-.  .-.19:26
paroneayea\\// \\// \\19:27
paroneayea ''   ''   ''19:27
mralexoh boy19:28
JED3mralex: are you in the office?19:29
mralexJED3: yep19:29
paroneayea    .---.          .----.19:29
paroneayea  _|o__  |_       /   /  \         IN UR SERVER19:29
paroneayea '       | '     /   /\   \19:29
paroneayea(   .----'  )   '   / /\   '      BREAKIN UR EGGS19:29
paroneayea '_|   ____'    |          |19:29
paroneayea   |   o |       \        /19:29
paroneayea    '---'         '------'19:29
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mralexnkinkade1: this dotster mail thread is hilariously strange.22:02
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nkinkademralex: Hilarious?  I'd like to move all our domains away from them this instant, but sadly it would cost $500 - $700 and I doubt Jen, NRY or Mike would be cool with that.22:03
nkinkadeAnd then most likely the new registrar would suck too.  Can anyone tell me a really good registrar?22:03
paroneayeaer, gandi.net22:04
paroneayeaaside from having a shitty login system that requires you have GANDI- in your username (wtf), I've had nothing but good experience with them22:05
nkinkadeI have all my personal domains with, and CC has about 10 or so domains with them.22:06
nkinkadeThey seem pretty good.22:06
nkinkadeBut I did have a semi-hassle with them a few months ago relating to NS records for a domain.22:06
paroneayeaI still have a couple with and some lingering TODO items that say "get the fuck out of there"22:06
nkinkadeYeah, we bailed on GoDaddy about a year ago ....22:07
nkinkade... and transfered all those domains to Dotster. :-/22:07
paroneayeadotster makes me think of those candies22:07
nkinkadeNow I feel like Dotster is incompetent at best.22:08
paroneayeathat were basically just colored sugar dots on paper22:08
nkinkadeI don't remember those.22:08
nkinkadeBut I do remember Dots.22:08
nkinkadeJust gummybear-like things.22:08
paroneayeaalso holy DOF22:08
paroneayeain that picture22:08
paroneayeayeah I remember those too22:09
nkinkadehmm.  I've never seen or had dots before.22:09
paroneayeaI didn't like them much before22:09
paroneayeaI think because I associate them weith their short-lived spice dots22:09
nkinkadeI mean I've had Dots, but not the one you sent an image of.22:09
paroneayeaoh you didn't miss mutch22:10
paroneayea(apparently they're called candy buttons)22:10
paroneayeamuch :)22:10
paroneayeayou missed eating about as much paper as you did sugar and food coloring22:10
nkinkadeBut strangely it was a typo that was phonetically correct.22:10
paroneayeayes true22:10
paroneayealet's just buy a 5 pound gummy bear and call it a day
nkinkadegreg-g: You around?22:12
nkinkade12,600 calories!22:13
nkinkadeOne of those would be good to have on a liferaft.22:13
paroneayeaI don't think they'd spare you from malnutrition though22:14
nkinkadeNo, but the calories would keep you alive for a while and it's pretty small and probably has a shelf life of hundreds of years.22:15
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greg-gnkinkade: I am22:44
nkinkadeFind your wallet?22:44
greg-gno :(22:44
nkinkadeWell, I'm drafting an email to you, NRY and development about a form for creating bday parties for 2009.  I thought you may know something about how that was handled last year.22:45
nkinkadeThe email will have more details.22:45
greg-goh, yeah, sure22:45
nkinkadeOMG, my CC inbox is empty!23:06
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