Tuesday, 2009-12-01

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flexxxvhello, have a question about this license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/sampling+/1.0/deed.en, how about gema there?00:08
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stealth_I have a question about creative commons. If somebody has released a web template under creative commons, and requires I make a link back to their site to use it, do I still have to link back to their site If I just copy the design? Say, for instance, I just see a screenshot and then make the *entire* website from scratch, but mocking that screenshot?05:37
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paroneayeaxslt is confusing.19:47
paroneayea  _@_19:49
paroneayea6/o-o\6     Waah waah xslt waah waah19:49
paroneayea \_e_/\_,19:49
paroneayea /\ /// \19:49
paroneayeac/ c/ o-'19:49
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paroneayeaI think I finally get how this works.  My head is swimming 20% less.21:03
paroneayeaat least 20%21:03
paroneayeamaybe 80% less.21:04
paroneayeaso 20% swimming of the previous value, not 20% less swimming21:04
JED3working on the engine paroneayea ?21:04
paroneayeaJED3: yeah21:04
JED3hows that going?21:05
paroneayeagood :)21:05
paroneayeawould have been a good week to pester nathany ;)21:05
paroneayeathere were several layers of transformations that took place in the chooser code21:07
paroneayeaso on top of the python logic, there was all this xslt processing21:07
JED3paroneayea: yeah there certainly was a lot of xslt21:08
JED3many misdirections21:08
paroneayeayeah I read some of the xslt stuff before, but I think this was the most confusing so far21:09
paroneayeaI think it may have been xslt on top of xslt to apply on the xml21:10
paroneayeabut I am not sure21:10
paroneayeaanyway I am glad xslt is going away :)21:10
JED3ha me too21:11
JED3paroneayea: quick q21:14
JED3so I want to make this threaded but I cannot instantiate any Qt object from a thread that is not the main python thread21:14
JED3so I was thinking i would have to use 2.6's multiprocessing21:15
paroneayeauhoh :)21:15
paroneayeahm multiprocessing seems like a neat solution21:16
JED3but i need to be able to asynchronously queue requests for screenshots from my Django app21:18
JED3which reminded me to ask you if you have ever used Celery before?21:19
JED3ahh ok21:23
paroneayeathat looks neat though21:23
JED3yeah, I may try it out21:23
JED3the screenshots is the smaller of the two cpu/time intensive tasks in development, I still need to figure out how I am going to schedule URL's for archiving21:24
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