Monday, 2009-11-30

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paroneay`hiya all17:45
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nkinkademralex: cc-icons.ttf is under BY 3.0, right?18:27
mralexnkinkade: yep18:28
nkinkadeCool, thanks.18:28
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paroneayea @ @       _   _20:36
paroneayea          |?| |?|20:36
paroneayea     ===20:36
paroneayea  v  | |20:36
paroneayea (") | |  nP  nP20:36
greg-gthat robot makes no sense to me20:46
paroneayeanot a robot21:07
paroneayeamario map :)21:08
paroneayea  /--\21:08
paroneayea  |(M)_   I am a miserable failure of a plumber21:08
paroneayea  ""..21:08
paroneayea /||""\21:08
paroneayea ||| ||21:08
paroneayea O o oO21:08
paroneayea  |--|21:08
paroneayea  -  -21:08
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mralexthere really needs to be some proportional type ascii art...21:27
mralexnkinkade: yeah, i saw that email. looks like a regex parsing error in the Search Unleashed plugin21:38
nkinkadeI have found the cause of the PHP errors, but I've also discovered that Wordpress mangles the URLs.21:38
mralexindeed it does21:38
nkinkadeYeah, it's easy enough to escape any /'s , but the URLs are wrong.21:38
nkinkademralex: In search-unleashed we can just exclude certain categories.21:39
nkinkadeDo you think we would be safe to just not included the international category?21:39
mralexnkinkade: can we exclude all items marked international?21:39
nkinkadeIt doesn't solve the root of the issue, but it's a workaround.21:39
mralexright :)21:39
mralexwell it's finding content that shouldn't be linked to, because of how we have the international pages set up21:39
nkinkademralex: I'll exclude the category "international" ...21:39
nkinkadeThe path of least resistance. :-)21:40
mralexit would be nice to be able to search for international pages content…. but i don't think that's going to happen with the current system21:40
nkinkademralex: How does the index get updated?21:42
nkinkadeI added category 21 to the list to exclude, but it's still there.  Does reindexing happen automatically?21:42
mralexnkinkade: i have no idea how that plugin works21:42
mralexnkinkade: there may be some other categories to exclude too21:44
nkinkademralex: If so, they can be added here:
mralexnkinkade: of course, it may be dumb, and just searches the DB without accounting for child categories.21:45
nkinkadeAh ha.  That could explain why they are still showing up.21:46
nkinkadeLet me try license-status.21:46
mralexi was just going to say that :)21:46
nkinkadeHmm.  That didn't work either.21:48
mralexhm, try adding Brazil - id 2621:49
nkinkadeAh: "Changing any option in this section will require rebuilding the search index."21:49
nkinkadeNow to figure out how to rebuild search index.21:49
mralex"You currently have the Default WordPress search engine enabled - there is no need to index anything." ?21:50
nkinkadeYeah, I just saw that.21:52
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nkinkademralex: But those PHP errors beg another question, and that is why we are displaying PHP errors at all.22:22
nkinkadeI think we should be suppressing PHP errors messages altogether.22:23
nkinkadeOr whatever the WP way of doing it is.22:23
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nkinkadeHey JED3, do you happen to know what timezone of date in the admin interface of
nkinkadeAre they local, maybe UTC?22:53
JED3nkinkade: pretty sure that they are local to a9, but let me doublecheck22:54
nkinkadeYeah, they appear to be localtime.22:54
JED3yeah, they are local22:56
JED3paroneayea: ughhh, nevermind regarding my questions22:58
JED3this is taking longer than expected22:58
paroneayeaJED3: heh23:00
paroneayeawell, if you want me to scan what you've got or whatever at some point, feel free to ping me23:01
JED3will do23:01
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