Tuesday, 2009-11-24

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akozakmralex, http://learn-staging.creativecommons.org/productions01:04
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akozakit's gonna be much cooler soon01:05
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akozakwhy am i still here03:42
akozakso empty03:42
akozakI can't figure out this damn css03:43
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geoffmccubuntu 9.10 Apache w/ php & mysql keep getting "/var/www/cchost/cchost_lib/cc-fileverify.php"(223): Uninitialized string offset: 0 when trying to upload on cchost. cant seem to find any info15:24
greg-ggeoffmcc: the main developer for cchost isn't currently in this channel, but if you send a message to the mailing list, I'm sure someone more knowledgeable than I will answer: https://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/cctools-cchost15:27
geoffmccthank you. i just did15:34
greg-ggeoffmcc: you're welcome. Hope you/they figure it out15:38
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sacrebleuso what kinds of Creative Commons licenses are commercial-ok?18:41
sacrebleuis Attribute 2.5 ok for use in a commercial work?18:41
sacrebleuwhat about 2.0?18:57
mralexworks licensed NonCommercial require permission from the original author; all others just require you to follow the license permissions — attributions, etc.18:58
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akozakmralex, do you think this is ready to move to learn? http://learn-staging.creativecommons.org/productions20:23
akozakI'm not really sure what will happen in browsers without js20:25
mralexakozak: looks nice20:25
mralexakozak: when i disable JS nothign appears. i'd recommend having the JS hide everything, instead of forcing it through CSS. but then you'll have to deal with flickering on page load.20:26
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sacrebleuso what about ShareAlike, can you use a ShareAlike track?20:42
sacrebleuAttribution ShareAlike for instance20:43
sacrebleucan i use it as background music without releasing my whole project that way20:44
nkinkadesacrebleu: The only licenses that explicitly prohibit commercial use of the work are the Non-commercial CC licenses ... BY-NC, BY-NC-ND, BY-NC-SA ... all the others (BY, BY-SA, BY-ND) can be used for commercial purposes.20:44
sacrebleuso its ok to use the stuff that is Sharealike2.0 Attribution from Wikipedia?20:45
nkinkadesacrebleu: Re-read my previous post.20:45
nkinkadeThe version number doesn't affect what I said.20:45
sacrebleuthe problem is, even though it says "ShareAlike" on Wikipedia, it seems to also say "GFDL"20:45
nkinkadeIt is dual-licensed.20:45
nkinkadeYou can use the work under the terms of either license.20:46
nkinkadesacrebleu: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia_Copyright20:47
sacrebleuok, cos some ppl in #fsf were being mean20:48
sacrebleuthe question i guess is "If you alter, transform, or build upon this work, you may distribute the resulting work only under the same, similar or a compatible license.20:49
sacrebleudoes that mean that the larger work must be licensed under SA because it "builds upon" in some way?20:49
nkinkadesacrebleu: Depends on whether it's a "Adaptation" or part of a "Collection"20:49
sacrebleuits "a background score"20:50
nkinkadeI suggest you read over the actual license in question.20:50
nkinkadeSpecifically, take a look at 1(a) and 1(b).20:50
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nkinkadeIt it's an adaptation then you are required to release the whole thing under a the same CC license, otherwise you only need to give attribution.20:51
sacrebleuwhat constitutes "an adaptation"20:51
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sacrebleui would say if it is background score, it is not an adaptation because i'm not altering the actual music except to perhaps fade it in and out or otherwise transition to other music20:52
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akozakmralex, interesting, all i had to do to have all the divs load without js was to remove the display: none; from the css21:12
akozaki guess jquery defaults to hiding them all21:12
mralexakozak: ;)21:12
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nkinkademralex: Did you receive my email about the large Share PNG icon?23:12
nkinkadeJust want to make sure that I can safely delete it from my inbox and leave it in your hands.23:13
mralexnkinkade: yes23:15
nkinkademralex: When you get it fixed will you email the guy to notify him that it's fixed.23:16
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akozakha, jquery tools hosting went down23:40
akozaki suppose that's a good argument against using externally hosted js23:40
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mralexwhat jquery js files are you using?23:43
mralexwe already have jquery.js and jquery-ui.js locally hosted23:43
mralexin various locations23:43
JED3mralex: watching the bohemiam muppets right now23:44
akozakmralex, I'm actually using jquery.tools.min but I'm not sure if I need to be.23:51
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mralexakozak: i'd never heard of "jQuery Tools", and from the looks of it, jQuery UI is superior23:53
mralexnot sure what you're doing on that page that would need anything more than plain jQuery either23:54
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akozakit's just a matter of not knowing much about it23:54
akozakI'll look into switching23:55
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akozakreally hope i dont have to retheme everything23:58

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