Wednesday, 2009-11-25

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paroneayeankinkade: ping15:54
paroneayeawhen I try to dial the conference line15:55
nkinkadeparoneayea: Yo.15:55
paroneayeait gives me "call can't be completed as dialed"15:55
paroneayeagreg-g: morning :)15:55
nkinkadeparoneayea: Yeah, that's what you got when you tried to test it with me.15:55
nkinkadeI'm not sure what's up.  As far as I know 4 or 5 other people have got in without a problem.15:55
nkinkadeBut that message you are getting is surely coming from your carrier.15:56
paroneayeaknow any free sip providers that aren't ekiga? :)15:56
nkinkadei.e. Unrelated to the conference number, at least directly.15:56 I mean15:56
nkinkadeparoneayea: Look at the doc I wrote up on Teamspace.15:56
paroneayeaah ok15:56
nkinkadeTwinkle seemed better to me than Ekiga.15:57
nkinkadeEkiga kept crashing.15:57
nkinkadeIf you're using Ubuntu you can just: sudo aptitude install twinkle15:57
paroneayeaI was able to get in, then my phone wouldn't let me make dialtone noises in softphone mode apparently16:02
paroneayeabecause I couldn't join a room16:02
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paroneayeaI am in now16:06
paroneayeavia ekiga16:06
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JED3nathany is on vacation meaning we won't be having the dev call later today right? nkinkade paroneayea?18:08
nkinkadeJED3: That  sounds right.18:20
JED3mralex: FYI: Jonathan Rees' anchor link on the about/people page isn't working for me18:24
mralexah, typoed his name18:25
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nkinkadeNice.  The randomly numbered fragment anchors have bothered me in the past.18:29
mralexyeah, the numbers were jsut getting stupid18:29
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JED3wow we really like our JS frameworks here don't we?18:31
JED3YUI + Prototype/ + jQuery18:32
mralexi think there's a plugin that pulls in Prototype.. but the others, yeah….18:32
mralexi'd vote for just using jQuery.. but NY has a thing for YUI18:33
JED3could we possibly use the google hostings for those files?18:33
JED3mralex: yeah i know18:33
JED3at least prototype and jQuery18:33
JED3are available via googleajax18:34
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mralexi prefer self-hosting, for the times googleajax.whatever goes down or becomes slow18:34
JED3ahh okay, cool with me18:34
JED3mralex or nkinkade do you know if we currently use Amazon's S3 at all?18:35
nkinkadeJED3: Yes.18:35
JED3nkinkade: for backups?18:35
nkinkadeWe upload Varnish and Apache logs, and the logs for the metadata scraper.18:35
nkinkadeNo, no backups.18:35
JED3oh okay, so we don't really use S3 for anything that requires quick delivery (images, videos, etc)?18:37
nkinkadeJED3: That's right ... just logs.18:38
JED3oh okay18:38
nkinkadea8 pumps out most images18:38
nkinkadeAnd seems to keep up fairly well.18:38
JED3flags and badges primarily though right?18:38
nkinkadeJED3: Yeah, I think that's the bulk of it.  But just those things keep it pretty busy.18:39
JED3yeah I imagine so18:39
JED3nkinkade: the CC Network web citations will include a feature where it generates png screenshots of a cited uri and I'm wondering how I should handle the storage of these files18:42
JED3my script generates png's that are averaging around 300KB18:43
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nkinkadeJED3: How many images will there be?19:21
nkinkadeMy initial thought is to serve them off a9 for now.19:21
JED3nkinkade: 1 for each citation19:22
nkinkadeRight, but I'm guessing that for the foreseeable future that won't be too too many.19:22
nkinkadeAnd that they won't get hit very often.19:22
JED3yeah most likely not19:22
nkinkadea9 is not a terribly busy machine, so we could stand to utilize it a bit more for now.19:23
JED3okay good to know, thanks19:23
nkinkadeAnd it'll probably be easier to just store the images on the same machine as the code so we don't have to get into moving them to a new server each time they are created.19:23
JED3yeah, I was thinking that too but I'm thinking that I might build this as a separate service19:24
JED3paroneayea: ping19:25
paroneayeaJED3: pong19:52
paroneayeasorry for the long delay.. sup JED319:53
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JED3paroneayea: sorry for the delayed reply to your reply :)21:20
paroneayeanp :)21:20
JED3I was going to ask about a threading issue, but I think I may have figured it out21:21
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paroneayeai think I need to jump-start my brain with coffee or some such thing.21:37
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mralexnkinkade: JED3: I understand there were some deed updates recently with regard to PD assertion, right?22:21
nkinkademralex: CC0?22:21
mralexhere's what Diane wrote22:22
mralex#2 PD Assertion of PD status in U.S. plus CC BY for other jurisdictions22:22
mralexModified all license deeds22:22
mralexah, i guess it's the Public Domain assertion that's now in the bottom section of the deeds22:23
JED3Revision 13683 - Directory Listing22:23
JED3Modified Fri Nov 13 23:54:43 2009 UTC (11 days, 22 hours ago) by nyergler22:23
JED3Regenerated Unported en, en-US deeds with new PD, fair use text.22:23
JED3mralex: ^^22:23
mralexyeah, that sounds right22:24 sucks, by the way.22:25
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JED3Qt4 sucks too, btw :)22:35
paroneayeaJED3: the toolkit?22:40
paroneayeawhat makes you comment on qt :)22:40
JED3using it to generate screenshots of webpages22:41
JED3ala the PyQt bindings22:41
paroneayealol :)22:41
paroneayeathat seems funny but I guess that makes sense22:42
paroneayeaI can't think of any way except for something that does at least something like that22:42
paroneayeaI am sure that is not something fun to code in :)22:43
JED3yeah, its certainly craptastic22:43
JED3at least it can run over a xvfb instance and doesn't to connect to a full x server display22:43
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