Wednesday, 2009-11-18

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Sparrow5Heyz every one07:54
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Sparrow5can some one help with my prob?07:55
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brionAny of y'all in here on the beta site? I want to see if we can track down the problem with Adium that mlinksva reported...16:57
mecredisI am17:05
mecrediswhat should I do?17:05
mecredisa while ago I got a "Unable to update timeline: The server is overloaded with requests."17:05
mecredisabout 24hr17:05
mecredisbut its back now17:06
brionwell that's good news i guess :D17:07
brionhad any other problems with it or just that?17:07
mecredissome times its a bit laggy when updating17:07
mecredisbut not sure who's fault that is17:07
brionwithin adium or in general?17:07
mecredisoh, just adium17:08
mecredishaven't tried updating via web in a while17:08
brionadium polls for updates, unfortunately so you're gonna have some delay on getting things back :(17:08
brionthey should go out pretty fast though17:08
mecredisoh, I meant ponging17:08
mecrediserr, posting17:09
mecredisbut I see what you mean17:09
mecredisin that I could post, and then I have to wait for Adium to pull, etc.17:09
mecredissometimes Twitter fakes it17:11
mecredisdespite it not going live17:12
mecredisit'll update the local HTML17:12
brionyeah i see what you mean; it looks like it's echoing your update back immediately within the adium window17:14
brionhmmm there's a checkbox in the account settings to update "after sending tweet"; confirm that's checked?17:16
mecredisoh let me check17:19
mecredisneat. there it is17:19
mecredisI guess its a style preference17:20
brionyay :D17:20
briondo feel free to poke us if anything else comes up!17:20
mecredisthanks for the high-touch support17:21
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paroneayeanathany: so I'm starting to work on the chooser stuff17:50
nathanyparoneayea, cool17:50
paroneayea    """Index views: standard chooser and partner interface.17:50
paroneayea    This view provides support methods and dispatches the appropriate page17:50
paroneayea    template based on the presence of the partner query string parameter."""17:50
paroneayea        if u'partner' in self.request.form:17:50
paroneayeawhat's "partner" about here?17:50
nathanyparoneayea, Interface17:50
nathanyPartner_Interface, that is17:50
paroneayeaaha! :)17:51
paroneayeaok great, thanks17:51
nathanyFWIW that's probably the biggest wrinkle to watch out for17:51
nathanyalso note that we have a redirector in place for /license/ in the old code17:52
nathanysome people were POSTing to the partner interface, and we redirect them with a GET to /choose/17:52
paroneayeaah okay17:52
paroneayearedirects are also fairly easy to add :)17:53
nathanywell that one requires a little bit of massaging, but yes, should be straight forward17:53
paroneayeaokay, well, noted17:58
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JED3<div xmlns:cc="" about=""><a rel="cc:attributionURL" property="cc:attributionName" href="">doigoid</a> / <a rel="license" href="">CC BY</a></div>19:12
JED3generated via
nathanyJED3, awesome19:13
JED3does that look correct?19:13
nathanyJED3, yes; are you currently looking for cc:attributionName?19:14
nathanyWe should also take into account the to-be-implemented support for foaf:name (
JED3done :)19:15
nathanylooks good to me19:17
nkinkadenathany: I'm having a bit of an issue with the l10n stuff on ccSearch.  Do you have moment to take a look at it with me?19:20
nathanysure, why the hell not19:21
nkinkadenathany: This one works ^^19:22
nkinkadeThis one doesn't:
nkinkadeThe only difference is that the 2nd one is associated with a different textdomain.19:22
nathanyright... where do the PO files for that domain live?19:23
nathanyoh, right, looking @ the source now19:23
nkinkadeIt's just a tiny script I made up to help me understand why it wasn't working the way I was expecting in the main ccSearch code.19:24
nathanynkinkade, did you add the lang.en_US string to the cc_sch po file?19:27
nathany(and recompiled it to the .mo afterward)19:27
nkinkadenathany: I think so.  I added the string to the PO file, then did:19:28
nkinkade$ msgfmt -o ccsearch.po19:29
nkinkadeBut I'm a newbie at l10n and i18n19:29
nathanyi think that should do it19:30
nkinkadeSo I'm somewhat confused why the cc_sch domain isn't working.19:30
nathanyi wonder if PHP maintains any sort of cache? i've done very little with PHP i18n19:30
nathanynkinkade, one other idea might be to blow away (or move) all the other languages, and remove all the other strings from the PO file19:30
nathanyso you really isolate that string19:30
nathanymake sure there are no formatting issues causing it to abort binding19:31
nkinkadenathany: I wouldn't expect it to be a formatting issue because that same PO file is actively being used on the ccSearch.19:31
nathanyoh good point19:31
nkinkadeHowever, a better test would be with another language, since the default will be English anyway.19:32
nkinkadeI guess I can try that now.19:32
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nathanyso wait, a) how do we know it's actively being used19:32
nathanyb) is it jsut when tried to add this other string that you ran into problem?19:32
nkinkadeIt's not causing systemic problems, just that I can't seem to be able to pull those strings I'm adding.19:33
nathanyRight... so it'd be worth testing with another language so we can figure out if it's actually working at all or just falling back19:33
nkinkadeFor example, if you go to ccSearch and select from the lang dropdown ... it all works and the strings are coming the LT MO file.19:33
nkinkadeI'll try it with LT now.19:33
nkinkadenathany: ^^ ... nothing19:34
nathanynkinkade, are you restarting things on a8?19:37
nkinkadenathany: No.  Does that stuff get cached?19:37
nathanyno idea, i was just getting a guru meditation error19:37
nkinkadeNo, I wasn't doing anything, but after your message I restarted Apache just to be sure.19:38
nkinkadenathany: That brings up another point.  I was thinking the other day that we might be able to configure Varnish to spit out a custom error page instead of that confusing and ugly one.19:38
nkinkadeIf we are going to fail, we might as well do it elegantly. :-)19:39
nathanynkinkade, i'm not sure what's going on19:40
nathanyit seems weird that all the strings *except* work19:40
nkinkadenathany: I'm not sure either, but it's impeding my ability to have the code fall back on the for the lang dropdown.19:41
nkinkadenathany: Actually it's not working for any string in my example script.19:41
nathanyhow does your example differ from the production code?19:42
nkinkadeThe cc_org domain works fine, but the cc_sch domain doesn't work at all.19:42
nkinkadeIt's almost exactly the same.  I just copied the relevant bits.19:42
nathanynkinkade, no offense, but there's got to be something19:42
nkinkadenathany: I'm sure there is. :-)19:43
nkinkadeIt's just unclear to me why the cc_org domain works, which would indicate to me that the code/script is okay.19:43
nkinkadeIt would indicate to me that there is something different about the cc_sch domain.19:43
nkinkadenathany: I'll keep looking.19:43
nathanynkinkade, what domain name do we use in the existing code?19:44
nathanyi think you're exactly right that it's something about the domain19:44
nkinkadenathany: I need to check that.19:44
nkinkadeI only copied the code that generates the dropdown.19:45
nkinkadeSo the setup for translating other parts may have some key difference that I didn't see.19:45
nkinkadenathany: Who wrote all the l10n code for ccSearch?19:53
nathanyjon phillips :)19:53
nathanypaulproteus has also poked at it in the past, but jon originated it19:54
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* jonsson is looking at the Swedish translations in pootle20:11
jonssonhow about an option for "english string does not make sense" ;-)20:11
nkinkadejonsson: Which string?20:12
jonssonJust realised it might be part of a sentence20:13
jonssoncurrently deed.fair_use20:13
jonssonbut also the last one....20:13
nkinkadenathany: So I got some code in there that seems to work.  What's the best way for me to get those new strings in the PO files?  And it's using a msgid like lang.$lang20:16
nathanynkinkade, this is for the search domain, right?20:20
nathanyjonsson, deed.fair_use is seen in the bottom third of deeds (ie,
paroneayeanathany: are we doing a devcall today?  If so, would you mind hanging out a bit after the devcall and overviewing some of the chooser stuff??20:23
paroneayeaoops, -1 ?20:23
nathanyparoneayea, yes, we're doing a call20:40
nathanyyes, talking after sounds fine20:40
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paroneayea nathany, nkinkade, JED3: conference time!21:30
paroneayeaare we gonna call free conference call number or the asterisk one21:30
JED3free conf21:30
paroneayeaokie dokie21:30
nkinkadeWe could do a purely VoIP one with our own server.21:30
nkinkadeHow about it?21:30
nkinkadeWe could *try*, that is.21:31
paroneayeaHeh, I am down.  Up to whoever would be configuring it ;)21:31
paroneayeathe call this morning sounded great I thought21:31
nkinkadeIt's already configured for VoIP.21:31
paroneayeaoh wait21:31
nkinkadeI've tested it.21:31
paroneayeathat would mean using my computer21:31
nathanynkinkade,, please...21:31
paroneayeamy soundcard is fucked up for audio-in21:31
paroneayeait's fine if you like the nice gentle din of a robot invasion21:32
paroneayeanot very productive for conferences21:32
JED3is that a prelude to one of your ASCII robot attacks?21:33
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paroneayea       o21:33
paroneayea       |21:33
paroneayea     (o o)21:33
paroneayea       H21:33
paroneayea       H21:33
paroneayea       H21:33
paroneayea )===/---\===(21:33
paroneayea     ||X||21:33
paroneayea     ||X||21:34
paroneayea     ||X||21:34
nathanyparoneayea, hate to disrupt the robot21:34
paroneayea    /-----\21:34
paroneayea    ||---||21:34
nathanyjoining us?21:34
paroneayeaGIVE ROBOT LOVE21:34
paroneayeaLOVE ROBOT LOVE21:34
paroneayeathe robots only want love friends21:34
paroneayeathey do not want war21:34
paroneayea  o21:34
paroneayea  |__21:34
paroneayea  \ o)21:34
paroneayea   ||--C   >>>>   >>>>21:34
paroneayea  /  \21:34
paroneayea _L___L_21:34
paroneayeawell this one wants war21:34
paroneayeabut most do not21:34
paroneayeasorry, got carried away by robots21:35
JED3paroneayea: did you know do anything to uri2dict to support cc0, i think its in
JED3did you do*21:39
paroneayeayes I did21:39
paroneayeadid I break things?21:39
paroneayeathe unit tests passed, so I thought I was okay21:40
paroneayeachatting on here while on the conference call is confusing21:40
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nkinkade nathany: Regarding the msgid for the language strings, what do you suggest?  I had been thinking lang.$lang, but that won't make sense for people.21:57
nkinkadeSomehow it should be tied to the lang code, otherwise we'd have to do some acrobatics to from something like lt to Lithuanian to the translated string.21:58
nathanynkinkade, it may not make sense, but i think it's a sane choice (since it's the same as the identifier used in cc_org)21:58
nathanyor the same scheme21:58
nkinkadeBut the translators never see lang.$lang.21:59
nathanyoh, right21:59
nathanynkinkade, it seems like any approach is going to be sort of hackish21:59
nathanyany non-acrobatic approach, that is22:00
nkinkadenathany: Totally.  I guess I'd rather just do lang.$lang and explain later, if needed.22:00
nathanyyou can imagine either doing, or "THIS LANGUAGE"22:00
nathany(the latter being an opaque identifier for whatever language they're translating into)22:00
nathanynkinkade, let's just do lang.xx and get it up22:00
nathanyif people have better ideas they can submit a patch22:00
nkinkadeThat could work: msgid "THE LANGUAGE YOUR ARE NOW TRANSLATING FOR, LITERALLY"22:01
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nkinkadenathany: I just realized that editing ccsearch.pot won't work either, because we can't know beforehand what the msgid will be.22:20
nathanynkinkade, if this were python i'd just use the localization library that contains the language names along with the identifiers22:21
nathanyi suppose PHP doesn't have an equivalent?22:21
nkinkadeI'm actually not sure about that.22:22
nkinkadeBut now that I think about it, I guess you intention was that, for example, would go in every PO file.22:22
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nathanynkinkade, yeah, i guess22:28
nathanyit's not really needed for this approach22:28
nathanypart of me just wants to rewrite this using Python and be done with it :)22:28
nkinkadeIn the meantime, should we just handle this on a case by case basis?22:28
nkinkadeI mean, to add manually to the lt PO file, for example.22:29
nkinkadenathany: ^^22:29
nkinkadeThat's the path of least resistance.22:30
nathanyJED3, cool; can you make the report exclude things like django and south?22:42
JED3yeah, I think so, let me check22:43
nathanybut that's actually not bad22:43
JED3yeah I was a bit surprised, the coverage is negatively affected by south too22:43
JED3... when tested on SQLite3 at least22:44
nathanyyeah, their sqlite3 support is a little shakey, isn't it?22:44
JED3well yes and no, sqlite3 doesn't support a few operations that the big-boys do, and the south test don't consider that to be an exception to not run the case if db == sqlite22:45
JED3south is adding more SQlite support with the next release22:46
JED3ALTER COLUMN will at least be supported, which will help out a tremendous amount when applying a few of our migrations that require an alter22:46
nathanyoh cool22:51
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JED3nathany: without south and django
*** ChiLL0uT is now known as chill|out23:10
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