Tuesday, 2009-11-17

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paroneayeaWere some funky kinks to work out, but CC0, our favorite special case, now has working cc.license.git support and a rendering deed. :)01:24
paroneayeawith that I am going to update my weekly status and call it a night, cc-wise01:24
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pan03xanyone have experience with id theft?02:24
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paroneayeamorning #cc!15:56
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cheshairhi there! say i got a by-nc-sa licensed song and say i am the owner of a coffee-bar. can i air that song in my coffee-bar?16:07
cheshairit's not easy (to me) to say if that is a commercial use of the song16:12
cheshairina certain way it is, since the better the music in my coffee-bar the more clients i have16:13
cheshairi guess this is a common topic in cc chats/wikis/websites. any references/tips are welcome.16:14
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greg-gcheshair: issues around NonCommercial are notoriously hard but this one, I feel, might be a little easier to decide16:32
greg-gthe coffee-bar is a purely for-profit entity and anything being done by mangement is to increase sales (in theory. maybe it is to increase good will which will indirectly increase sales).16:33
greg-gAnd, we can look to what the All Rights Reserved camp does about coffee-bars playing non-CC licensed CDs for a little legal guidance. They fine the coffee-bar owners for unlicensed use of those songs.16:34
cheshairgreg-g: i perfectly see and agree with you16:35
greg-gso, in short, I would suggest you look to just using CC:BY, BY-SA, and BY-ND licensed songs16:35
cheshairgreg-g: it makes sense, thank you very much16:35
greg-gcheshair: you're welcome16:36
greg-gif you are curious and want to read more about the community's perception of noncommercial, see: http://wiki.creativecommons.org/Defining_Noncommercial16:36
cheshairgreg-g: i'll definitely give it a look16:36
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nathanymralex, http://jeffburk.wordpress.com/shatnerquake/18:28
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JED3paroneayea: interesting email ;)19:42
paroneayeaJED3: heh, thx20:07
paroneayeaJED3: that email was the inspiration for this dent: http://identi.ca/notice/14940757 :)20:09
paroneayeaI have a tendency to kind of drop braindumps on people and occasionally mailing lists.20:09
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nkinkademralex: Do you have an instance of IE7 for testing?21:08
mralexnkinkade: i use the office PC for IE7 testing (and browsershots.org for one off views)21:10
mralexnkinkade: is there a page you need to test?21:10
nkinkademralex: ^^ Wondering if this bug is fixed.21:11
nkinkadeI just closed the ticket.  We can open it again if the problem is still around.21:13
mralexgot a job running for it.. http://browsershots.org/http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/3.0/no/21:14
mralexi can take a look later if IE still fails21:14
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paroneayeahttp://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/ <- down22:04
paroneayeaoh, back up22:04
paroneayeanm :P22:04
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nkinkademralex: The Deeds still doesn't look quite right in IE7.22:19
nkinkadeThe flag is too high and the background image of the first section the corners seem square??22:20
mralexhmm.. IE6 appaers to have some z-index problem too. guh.22:22
nkinkademralex: Should I reopen that ticket and assign it to you?22:22
mralexi'm thankful nobody uses ie4 any more22:24
mralexnkinkade: sure, although it doesn't really affect the way the page looks. it's just not the same as firefox. but it's probably a simple tweak within the IE stylesheet.22:26
nkinkademralex: And the square corners on that bg image?22:26
mralexnkinkade: in the top box.. because IE doesn't support rounded corner css, so they come out square.22:27
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nkinkadenathany: Has the DSL better better today?22:58
nathanynkinkade, yes, but i switched to the sonicwall this morning22:59
nkinkadeFeel free to leave it that way, and when I'm in SF I'll work on the WRT.22:59
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akozaknkinkade, when are you in sf?23:03
nkinkadeakozak: Dec. 12 - 1923:03
akozakoh, cool23:04
nkinkadeWe can meet in person for the first time. :-)23:04
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