Thursday, 2009-11-19

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* paroneayea silently drops ascii art in the middle of the night05:17
paroneayea    .---.05:17
paroneayea  _|o__  |_05:17
paroneayea '       | '05:17
paroneayea(   .----'  )05:17
paroneayea '_|   ____'05:17
paroneayea   |   o |05:17
paroneayea    '---'05:17
paroneayeaoh hey more robots:05:18
paroneayea          _  _05:18
paroneayea         |o||o|05:18
paroneayea    o---/ ____ \---o05:18
paroneayea   /   / [/\/\] \   \05:18
paroneayea  /   (   ----   )   \05:18
paroneayea/[|]\  \________/  /[|]\05:18
paroneayea\ | /   | |  | |   \ | /05:18
paroneayea       /__|  |__\05:18
paroneayea      o o05:18
paroneayea      ___05:18
paroneayea    ___H___05:18
paroneayea   / \   / \05:18
paroneayea  _|_ |O| _|_05:18
paroneayea  ttt ||| ttt05:18
paroneayealord do I ever love me sum robotz05:18
greg-gyay robots!05:18
JED3this is why i have growl enabled for IRC05:19
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JED3...falls on the deaf ears of all of the gnurds in here :)05:20
paroneayea         __             __05:20
paroneayea         | \_         _/ |05:20
paroneayea          \  \.-----./  /05:20
paroneayea          / ____     __ \05:20
paroneayea         |   __ \_|_/_ .'05:20
paroneayea         /   L_\   /_l  \05:20
paroneayea        |      ,   ,     |  *growls*05:20
paroneayea      ./    vvvv---vvvv |'05:20
paroneayea     /     _          ./'05:20
paroneayea    |       \_       ./05:20
paroneayea    /         \.   ./05:20
paroneayea   |            \  |05:20
paroneayea   | \.          |  \05:20
paroneayea  .'    \         |  |05:20
paroneayea  |      \        |   |05:20
greg-gJED3: ^05:21
paroneayeaJED3: haha, gnurds05:22
paroneayeaI like the term "gnudists"05:22
JED3greg-g: growl = mumbles05:22
JED3functionally eq.05:23
paroneayeaI've considered hooking up erc to libnotify via dbus or something05:23
paroneayeaI should be hooking up more emacs functions to libnotify in general probably05:23
greg-gwell, I've considered sleeping now, so yeah, i'm gonna05:23
JED3its worthwhile in my case for detecting robot invasions05:23
paroneayeagreg-g: gnight05:23
paroneayea      .-.05:24
paroneayea    ~/o-o\~   How are the experiments running05:24
paroneayea   _(  -  )_    in the lab today, boys?05:24
paroneayea  /  |\o/|  \      Good, good.  Keep05:24
paroneayea | | '/|\' | |      up the good work.05:24
paroneayea \/|   |   |\/   Remember!  We need this05:24
paroneayea '-| ./_\. |-'    product delivered by05:24
paroneayea   |/'   '\|     Tuesday at the latest!05:24
paroneayea    {  |  }05:24
paroneayea   _|__|__|_05:24
paroneayea  (____|____)05:24
paroneayea      .-''-.05:25
paroneayea     < o  o >05:25
paroneayea     /oO-Ooo'\05:25
paroneayea///\/ -____-  \05:25
paroneayea -->\.    ///\.\05:25
paroneayea \__/\    -\_/ /05:25
paroneayea      )     \_/05:25
paroneayea     / \__/   '05:25
paroneayea    /  /  |  |05:25
paroneayea    .-.05:25
paroneayea  c/o_o\c        I hear u need some05:25
paroneayea   \_o_/\.    _     hard drives05:25
paroneayea     //DC \  / \      swappin05:25
paroneayea    //\__ /\/05:25
paroneayea   '-  __/05:25
paroneayea    .-.05:26
paroneayea  c/=_=\c         i hear u need some05:26
paroneayea   \_^_/\.    _    bash scriptin05:26
paroneayea     //SA \  / \05:26
paroneayea    //\__ /\/05:26
paroneayea   '-  __/05:26
paroneayeaok, I'll stop at the datacenter and sysadmin monkeys05:26
JED3haha whats generating these?05:26
paroneayeagenerating them?05:28
paroneayeaI make them05:28
paroneayeame and emacs05:28
paroneayeaI have a file full of all my ascii art05:28
JED3haha so good05:28
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paroneayeahere, in case you ever needed to bloat your signature with CC pride:05:36
paroneayea     .-------.05:36
paroneayea   .'_.-----._'.05:36
paroneayea  / / __   __ \ \05:36
paroneayea . . /.-\ /.-\ . .05:36
paroneayea | | ||   ||   | |05:36
paroneayea ' ' \'-/ \'-/ ' '05:36
paroneayea  \ \_`'   `'_/ /05:36
paroneayea   '._'-----'_.'05:36
paroneayea      '-----'05:36
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paroneayeaalrighty, bedtimez... lates05:48
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greg-gparoneayea: nice CC logo. Wish it was a little cleaner, but it is ASCII after all :)14:25
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tvolgood morning east coast!15:00
tvolerr, easter time zone at least15:01
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paroneayeagreg-g: yeah, only so much you can do in ascii-compressed imagery ;)15:23
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greg-gtvol: it's Easter time zone now? ugh, this daylight savings thing is getting out of hand16:09
tvolgreg-g: EASTER TIME FOREVER!16:10
greg-gI love me some cadberry eggs16:10
mecredismy cat is named catberry16:12
mecredisand everyone thinks we named him cadberry16:13
mecredisto which I respond
greg-ghmm, uh, that makes, .... sense?16:31
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akozakmralex, when can you meet this morning?18:00
mralexakozak: 11?18:01
akozakmralex, ok sounds good18:01
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nkinkadenathany: As I was going over the Lithuanian thing for CC Search, I noticed a number of other languages for which the ccsearch project is 100% complete.  Should I go ahead and launch those on CC Search as well?18:31
nathanynkinkade, sure18:34
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paroneayea"chromium os: now you can boot directly into the browser"19:46
paroneayeathe video they provide is pretty irritatingly hipsteresque, even worse than their google wave video was19:49
paroneayeahey nathany19:49
paroneayeaI'm trying to figure out how to provide selected_jurisdiction19:50
paroneayeathere are two implementations of IDefaultJurisdiction: PreferredJurisdictionByHostIp and PreferredJurisdictionByLocale19:50
paroneayeashould I be implementing one, or both of those maybe?19:50
akozakheh, hipsteresque19:52
mralexoh god, it's so hipster. the voice over sounds quite douchey.19:53
mralexi do like their "web browser" icon is a combination of Netscape and IE19:53
akozakI prefer a hipsteresque product introduction than the old steve jobs approach19:54
akozakprefer it to*19:54
paroneayeasame audience though19:55
paroneayea"Chromium OS: Now your whole computer is about as useless and dumbed down as your phone"19:57
nathanyparoneayea, ByLocale is in use now19:58
paroneayeanathany: cool, thx19:58
nathanyByHostIp was never really fleshed out19:58
nathany(although we thought about doing so and using it when no lang was avail)19:58
paroneayeaah okay, that makes sense20:00
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nkinkadenathany: The localization stuff for CC Search is a total mess.21:48
nkinkadePootle shows multiple languages as 100% complete, but apparently their PO files in Pootle are old, missing all the new strings.21:48
nkinkadeThe whole Makefile thing doesn't work as expected in conjunction with subversion.21:49
nkinkadeIt really would be nice to trash the whole exiting thing and redo it with some purpose in mind.21:50
nathanynkinkade, noted; when you say the Makefile thing doesn't work in conjunction with subversion, can you be more specific?21:59
nkinkadenathany: I had pushed some changes trunk -> production -> svn up on the live site, then I tried the make clean; make all you suggested and it overwrote the PO file I had just pulled in.22:00
nkinkadeMaybe it was me doing it the wrong way.22:00
nathanynkinkade, ah, ok22:00
nathanyyeah, i agree that it almost certainly could be done in a clearer manner22:01
nkinkadeIt backed up the PO file and then replaced it with something based off the POT file, I think.22:01
nathanyah, right22:01
nkinkadeSo that means that running make all will not preserve changes to the PO files.22:01
nkinkadeThen I noticed that virtually none of the PO files in Pootle for ccsearch are even remotely up to date with the current strings.22:02
nkinkadeI don't know if we have any process for updating those.22:02
nkinkadenathany: I'm also planning to remove every single language from that dropdown except English (US) and Lithuanian, as all the others are a joke ... with maybe 2 or 3 strings translated.22:03
nkinkade< 5% of the text on the site or something like that.22:03
nathanynkinkade, that's probably a result of the summer work22:03
nathanywe should update the files in Pootle and ask people on CCi to update translations22:03
nkinkadeIf they are so horridly out of sync with the reality of the site, then it's better to remove them rather than have what appear to be broken language options.22:04
nathanyare the files in pootle a checkout?22:04
nkinkadenathany: Which checkout?22:04
nathanyyes; are the ccsearch PO files in Pootle a ccsearch svn checkout22:04
nkinkadeThe PO files in both ccsearch and Pootle are virtually all totally out of date.22:05
nathanywait, the ones in ccsearch should be updated from the template, which is updated when you run make, right?22:05
nkinkadeEnglish is up to date, of course, and the only other one is Lithuanian and that's because the guy uploaded the PO file to Pootle.22:05
nathanyi know parker was committing changes this summer22:05
nkinkadenathany: I can't see that that was happening.22:06
nkinkadeI tried making an edit to the POT file then make all, but the change didn't propagate.22:06
nkinkadeMaybe I was doing something wrong.  I'm not sure.22:07
nathanyok, well i need to work on some writing for a bit22:07
nathanyi guess i can try and look @ the Makefile, etc after vacation22:08
nkinkadeI can see why.  The all target doesn't include update-po-files target, which apparently is the one that handles that, but when I run it manually it fails.22:11
nkinkadeI mean, I can probably try to track it all down.  But there is a side of me that thinks we should just ditch that whole convoluted makefile shit and replace it with a more simple script.22:11
nkinkadeWait, actually this worked:22:12
nkinkade$ make -f Makefile.language update-po-files22:12
nkinkadeIt's just running ./bin/ that fails.22:13
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paroneayeanathany: so in svn cc.license, there's cc.license.suport:lang_to_jurisdiction(), but that also calls cc.license.license_xsl.lang_to_jurisdiction()22:15
paroneayeaI think I see22:15
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paroneayeathis is a little bit confusing, but that's probably because I don't know much about the whole license_xsl toolchain22:18
nathanyparoneayea, i think you're seeing a poor attempt at abstraction22:21
paroneayeaok, I see, so the equivalent data for this is in jurisdictions.rdf?22:25
paroneayeaso, clearly it's taking the language, and trying to find a jurisdiction that matches it22:25
paroneayeadoes it just look for the first jurisdiction that has a matching language22:26
nathanyparoneayea, yes, it's in jurisdicitons.rdf now22:26
paroneayeaso what about the issue that querying an rdf doesn't preserve ordering?22:26
paroneayeamight people get different jurisdictions every time they gvisit?22:26
nathanyi don't think there are any jursidictions with the same language; we've made zero attempt to "order" things in the XML22:27
nathanywe usually qualify the language when they overlap (ie, en_US v. en_CA)22:27
paroneayeaokay, awesome, and good to know :)22:29
paroneayeaI think I know how to handle this now22:29
nathanygreat :)22:30
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akozakpaulproteus, I don't suppose you remember how the front page navigation and sidebox navigation titles get set on do you?23:02
paulproteusakozak, Yo23:02
paulproteusNot off the top of my head.23:02
akozakah ok, don't worry about it23:02
akozakI'll dig in23:02
paulproteusShould be easy to figure out....23:02
akozakyou'd think23:02
paulproteusA template.23:02
paulproteusLook at a working example.23:02
paulproteusI think it's a MW template and there's some Python code that runs in a cron job that dumps things to an HTML file that gets read by the PHP theme...23:03
akozakOh ok, I'll look for that23:03
paroneayeanathany: en-gb appears to be a language for both and
paroneayeain jurisdictions.rdf23:12
paroneayeare: <nathany> i don't think there are any jursidictions with the same language23:12
nathanywell, tough shit23:13
nathanymaybe just make yourself a note to revisit this at some point?23:13
nathanyand for now, take the first one23:13
paroneayeaokay, will do23:14
paroneayeanothing else has duplicates23:14
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