Monday, 2009-11-16

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paroneayeaMornin #cc15:16
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greg-gmorning paroneayea16:29
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nkinkadenathany: Before I commit the Deeds that were regenerated on a6, would you mind taking a look at a few diffs to make sure that the changes look right?17:10
nkinkadeThey seem fine to me, but I'm not sure what things have been rolled out by either you or John.17:11
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nkinkadenathany_ : did you see my question above? ^^17:13
SaqibHello :)17:14
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nathany_nkinkade, no, i did not17:19
nkinkade(12:10:56 PM) nkinkade: nathany: Before I commit the Deeds that were regenerated on a6, would you mind taking a look at a few diffs to make sure that the changes look right?17:19
nathany_nkinkade, oh, sure17:19
nathany_are they in your home directory?17:19
nkinkadenathany_ : /home/nkinkade/cc_svn/license.rdf/trunk/licenses17:19
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nathany_nkinkade, looking17:20
nkinkadeJust want to be sure things look sane since it's such a large commit.17:20
nkinkadeI'm pretty sure that I started the regeneration before you made those commits you warned me about.17:22
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nathany_nkinkade, ok, have you tried to svn up in the rebuild directory yet?17:22
nkinkadenathany_: I haven't.17:23
nathany_nkinkade, ok, i'll do that while i'm spot checking17:23
nkinkadeThe Deeds that were generated should have been before you made those commits, I think.17:23
nathany_(or at least start it to make sure the diffs between what I did and what you have looks sane)17:23
nathany_i think you're right17:23
nathany_nkinkade, nevermind, i won't try it, your key has a passphrase :)17:24
nathany_nkinkade, i spot checked, looks ok to me17:24
nkinkadenathany_: I'll commit.17:24
nathany_and we can always revert the [massive] commit if something is terribly wrong17:24
nathany_but i don't see anything that looks amiss17:24
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nkinkadenathany_: One other thing, I parsed licenses.xml to get a list of jurisdictions.  Would there be any jurisdiction in there we wouldn't have wanted to generated Deeds for?17:29
nathany_nkinkade, if there are any with launched set to false17:29
nathany_i don't think there are at the moment17:30
nkinkadeI didn't check, but I will now.17:30
nathany_ok, thanks17:30
nkinkadenathany_: Ooops.  I see JO and IE and NG and UA ...17:31
nathany_nkinkade, ah, darn17:32
nkinkadenathany_: But it doesn't appear to have generated Deeds for any of those.17:32
nathany_nkinkade, it's possible it was smart enough to check the jurisdiction against launched ones17:33
nathany_in which case, i'm surprised that for once i was smarter than usual ;)17:33
nkinkadeIt appears to have done something of the sort.17:33
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nathanynkinkade, are you looking @ a7 by chance?18:09
nkinkadenathany: Yeah.18:09
nkinkadeI suspect it may have to do with the massive commit I'm making to code for the Deeds.18:09
nathanyoh, good point18:10
mralex1nathany: "anyways, I feel super horrible about not going -- so I'm gonna bake up somethings tasty and bring it to your office this week" - sarah18:11
nathanymralex1: excellent <insert evil laugh here>18:11
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nkinkadenathany_: Earlier I had to kill the svn commit to get a7 back up and running.  However, the commit doesn't appear to have been totally atomic, as the commit was registered, but certainly not all the data made it up.18:34
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nkinkadenathany_: Not sure if you saw my previous message in here??  About the failed svn commit?18:50
nkinkadeAre you still having wifi problems?18:50
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* paroneayea debugging why cc.license.by_code no longer works at all after he re-generated index.rdf and etc20:38
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pyrakfun django app bug #475: NameError on a line where the name is not used21:17
paroneayea    try:21:43
paroneayea        version = license_info['version']21:43
paroneayea    except KeyError:21:43
paroneayea        pass # Don't get pissed at me Asheesh, I know what I'm doing.21:43
paroneayeapaulproteus: ^^21:44
paulproteusWho wrote that? (-:21:45
paulproteusIs that in the stats code now? (-:21:45
paroneayeafrank tobia in the cc.license code21:47
paroneayeaoy.  I figured out why I couldn't retreive any licenses at all in cc.license after I updated index.rdf after adding the new translations and cc021:52
paroneayeahad nothing to do with the new translations but does have to do with cc021:52
paroneayeaproblem is these lines:21:52
paroneayea    if not uri.startswith(base) or not uri.endswith('/'):21:53
paroneayea        raise CCLicenseError, "Malformed Creative Commons URI: <%s>" % uri21:53
paroneayeaunfortunately base in this case is ''21:53
paroneayeaand the cc0 url is at ''21:53
paroneayeaon top of that, there's a try: except pass over a loop somewhere when loading all the licenses21:54
paroneayeathat captures cclicenseerror21:54
paroneayeaso, since this happens any time any license is loaded, no license is loaded ever21:54
paroneayeaI don't know why I'm typing this on irc instead of into my notes buffer.21:55
paroneayeaor into another overly long and detailed email to nathan like the kind I seem to like to send :)21:55
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pyrakheh.  cc0 causing all kinds of trouble21:57
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