Thursday, 2009-11-12

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rejon132 people in here!16:11
rejon1i'm pounding arabica coffee with bassel16:12
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nkinkadenathany: paster (cc.engine) seems to be running out of control.16:45
nkinkade(on a5)16:45
nathanynkinkade, did you restart it?16:46
nkinkadenathany: Not yet.  I thought you might want to look at if first.16:47
nkinkadeNot sure if there is some live troubleshooting you can do or if a restart is the only thing.16:47
nathanynkinkade, unfortunately not much in the way of live troubleshooting unless it's enabled (and enabling it makes it slower, use more memory for profiling)16:47
nkinkadehtop is a nice tool.16:48
nathanywow, that is cool16:48
nkinkadenathany: The chooser still seems to be having trouble.  Are you looking at it?17:00
nathanynkinkade, i just noticed that17:00
nathanyyes, looking17:00
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nathanynkinkade, i upped the size of the threadpool on cc.engine, that seems to have helped a little, but it's still getting hit pretty hard17:33
nathanyguess we'll just keep an eye on it17:33
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k9d-925there's a concert tonight with several creative commons artists in san francisco17:38
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nathanynkinkade, have we see xhtml for jordan yet?17:40
nkinkadenathany: Not yet.17:41
rejonbassel1 is next to me. he is working on it furiously :)17:42
rejoni have an ak47 to his head17:43
rejonbassel1 is the pressure point to apply to get that html done...go bassel go17:43
bassel1I'm on to it now, will finish soon17:44
nathanyit won't be the first launch to happen without published licenses :)17:44
nkinkadenathany: What is RME?17:49
nkinkadeReceptor-mediated endocytosis?17:49
k9d-925my name is jordan17:49
nathanyrolling my eyes17:49
nkinkaderejon seems to provoke that in you frequently :-)17:50
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nathanyautonomic reaction17:50
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nkinkadeSYN_RECV: 5917:51
nkinkadeESTABLISHED: 569917:51
nkinkadeTIME_WAIT: 356317:51
nkinkadeFIN_WAIT1: 15217:51
nkinkadeFIN_WAIT2: 2417:51
nkinkadeTotal unique connections: 664317:51
nkinkadeThat is on a5.17:51
rejonwhatever. bye.17:55
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nathanynkinkade, hrm; that seems like... a lot.18:01
nkinkadeIt does seem fairly high, but Apache is handling it okay, apparently.18:01
nkinkadeTotal throughput is steady around 600KB/s18:01
nathanythat's good (that apache is handling it), I guess18:02
nkinkadeI take that back ... it's now down around 350K/s18:02
nkinkadeIt seems to be something in cc.engine that is getting bogged down.18:04
nkinkade[273986.182886] paster[8806] general protection ip:7fc5d367c90b sp:4bb25f30 error:0 in etree.so18:04
nkinkade[274456.367599] paster[7542]: segfault at 6e0000005f18:04
nkinkadeAnd the paster process seems to be using nearly 100% of the available CPU cycles.18:05
nathanynkinkade, i'm going to run cc.engine in the foreground for a bit, see if i can get that exception18:08
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pyrakk9d-925, hey buddy18:13
pyraki need to get ready for class, but let's catch up some time18:14
k9d-925for sure pyrak !18:20
k9d-925i'm trying to get the cc friends out to a chiptune event tonight but everyone in the chan is too busy working to chat with me about it18:20
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nathanyhi k9d-925 -- i looked @ the poster but unfortunately have class tonite18:24
k9d-925yo nathany ! yeah it's too bad the party is kind of an early one ... but most the time people make the excuse they can't be out late on a work night ... lesson learned is that no matter what time you make a party, some people will miss it =)18:25
nathanyright :)18:26
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nathanyhi Saqib19:06
SaqibMay I know about development on Bangladesh jurisdiction ?19:09
nathanySaqib, you can find information about jursidiction developments to date at
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nathanyif you'd like to inquire about starting the process for porting the licenses you can email who can let you know what the requirements, etc are19:10
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nathanyparoneayea, i have some changes i'm making to the chooser and deed templates19:50
nathanyshould i just ping you when i commit those so you can incorporate them into your version if needed?19:50
paroneayeanathany: sure, sounds good19:51
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nkinkadenathany: Anything come of running cc.engine in the foreground?  It still seems to be hammered.20:38
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nathanynkinkade, no, i put it back in the background, didn't see anything interesting21:22
nathanyi wish we could see what URLs are getting requested from Zope21:23
nathanysee if there's any information there...21:23
nkinkadenathany: Point your browser at
nkinkadeIt's not exactly what you want, but there will be some URLs in the list.21:32
nathanynkinkade, that's 404 for me21:32
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nkinkadeHow about
nathanyfwiw i figured out how to put a logging shim into cc.engine, setting it up now so i can take a peek21:32
nathanythat works21:32
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nathanynkinkade, of course, that doesn't actually show zope requests since we short circuit those in varnish, right?21:33
nkinkadenathany: Good point.21:34
nathanynkinkade, so we're getting hammered with requests like:21:40
nathany127.0.0.1 - - [12/Nov/2009:15:39:34 -0500] "GET / HTTP/1.0" 200 11219 "-" "-"21:40
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nathanynkinkade, did that log line come through the channel?21:42
nkinkadenathany: Yeah, it did.21:42
nkinkadeIs that a valid request?21:42
nathany /choose/results-one?license_code=by-sa&jurisdiction=-&version=3.0&lang=en is the relevant part21:42
nkinkadeIs there any indication in the request where it came from.21:42
nathanyno user-agent, no referrer21:43
nathanyis it possible to do logging out of varnish to find out what IP it's might be coming from?21:43
nkinkadenathany: And normally those headers would be exposed to Zope?21:43
nathanyat least UA would be; when i make the request from my desktop i can see my UA scroll by21:43
nkinkadenathany: Let me see what I can come up with.21:43
nkinkadenathany: I think we'll be able to use varnishncsa to look at live requests.21:44
nathanynkinkade, cool21:45
nathanywe're getting more than one per second for that address, which seems pretty bogus to me.21:45
nkinkadenathany: So actually it's a simple as:21:45
nkinkade$ sudo varnishncsa21:46
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nkinkadeYou can try to see the blur go by, or you can pipe it to some file to inspect after a sufficient amount of requests have been captured.21:46
nathanynkinkade, can you block
nkinkadenathany: Sure.  One sec.21:48
nkinkadenathany: Done.  And things are already starting to calm down on the machine.21:50
nathanyyeah, pretty dramatic drop-off21:50
nathany(i've got varnishncsa running through a grep filter for the results URL)21:50
nkinkadenathany: I had noticed that host ( factoring pretty heavily iftop earlier.21:51
nathanyok, i need to restart cc.engine in the background with logging disabled21:51
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nathanynkinkade, things seem a bit calmer; let me know if i should look @ it again21:55
nathanybtw, are the connections from that IP just dropped?21:55
nkinkadenathany: Thanks for tracking that down.  I wonder how long we should leave that rule in place.21:56
nkinkadeI set it to DROP packets from that IP.21:56
nathanyit looks like a virtual host provider21:56
nathanyas opposed to an ISP-handed out IP21:56
nkinkadeI could possibly have it send a RST21:56
nathanynkinkade, let's do the thing that uses the least resources on our end (which I suspect is DROP) :)21:56
nathanycan you make a reminder to look at it on monday?21:57
nkinkadeYeah, DROP doen't even bother to be friendly, and is the least resource intensive.21:57
nathanytry removing the rule and see if it spikes again21:57
nkinkadeFuck the fucking fucker is my thought.21:57
nathanyyeah, pretty much21:57
nkinkade(to quote from the audio clip on "The Word Fuck")21:57
nkinkadeIt's true, you can use it as almost every word in a sentence.21:57
nathanyif their use was legit/important, they should at least set a user-agent21:57
nathanyi know i like to :)21:58
nkinkadeI'll make a note to myself to get rid of that rule tomorrow sometime.  For all we know it's a dynamic address that will be handed out to someone legitimate at some point.21:58
nathanyand now i know how to inspect varnish and zope a little better21:59
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tvolthis IRC log reads like air traffic control. i love it.22:34
nathanytvol, thanks, i think22:37
paroneayeahopefully the suicide rate is not as comparable for the kind of work involved22:38
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JED3why is it that Flickr will include photos on their homepage marked as being CC'd but then the photographers have all rights reserved when you view the photo at its canonical url?22:43
JED3 I assume its the creators editing the rights to the photo after the fact, but am curious if this issue has ever been noted or discussed?22:44
JED3sorry if it has been already, but I just discovered this for myself22:44
greg-gJED3: I've noticed it a lot and I'm not sure if it is the authors changing it after the fact or flickr just being dumb22:45
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