Friday, 2009-11-13

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mfwittenThe CC official web page sucks ass. You should make it easier for people to figure out WTF this CC license thing is and how to use it. As it is now, the website is just a jumble of trash.03:41
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user01hi, if i (CC-BY-SA) use a work which is CC-BY is this ok?16:55
user01(i think i can do everything with it, if i name the author -- but also republish it under a different license?)16:55
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SaqibIs there anybody around with knowledge of ccHost?17:03
SaqibI'm just setup this software on my server, but its too complicated to use and perhaps manage.. :)17:03
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lotiaSaqib: what is cchost17:06
lotiaSaqib: also, if you are comfortable granting access, i could certainly take a look at it. even though i don't know what it does, i'm reasonably experienced around a *nix box.17:07
Saqibwell, now delete it from server, will install a clean copy soon but before, i 'll need to study it more17:08
nkinkadeuser01: You could publish a derivative work under BY-SA, but clearly not the original work.17:17
Saqibnkinkade: what are you talking about]17:22
nkinkadeSaqib: I was answering user0.17:22
Saqibyou said we can just publish a derivative work under BY-SA?17:24
nkinkadeThe original question was:17:27
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nkinkade(11:55:17 AM) user01: hi, if i (CC-BY-SA) use a work which is CC-BY is this ok?17:27
nkinkadeI was simply saying that someone could make a derivative of BY work and release it under a BY-SA license.17:28
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lotiaSaqib: once you get it set up, you could publish some slick setup docs under a cc license ;017:35
lotiaanyone here familiar with Drupal?17:35
Saqibi know i can upload but the problem is using such a complicated mechanism17:37
lotiaSaqib: what OS are you installing on?17:37
Saqibi know Drupal17:37
Saqiblotia: mine problem is not with installing17:38
Saqibi installed it once and use it for a while17:38
Saqibbut a bit complicated than other content management systems17:38
lotiafrom a user perspective?17:38
SaqibIt would be great if anybody around can share a simple available Theme with me17:39
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Saqibnathany: Hi17:39
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nathanyhi Saqib17:49
Saqibnathany: You've any idea of using ccHost?17:50
nathanySaqib, nope, sorry; we developed it to run but I was never involved in development or management of that site17:52
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nkinkadenathany: I just configured Asterisk to handle incoming SIP connections because I couldn't find an IAX client for Ubuntu that was worth a @#$%.18:02
nkinkadeDo you have the time and/or desire to try a quick conference session with Ekiga?18:02
nathanyis IAX supposed to be lighter weight or something?18:02
nathanysure, one second...18:03
nkinkadeMaybe, if you can find a good client for Ubuntu then I'll try that.18:03
nkinkadeI tested it on my own by dialing in via Fred's number, and also via SIP, but it's less than ideal ... lots of echo :-)18:03
nathanySIP has lots of echo?18:03
nkinkadeSure, when I've got another mic just inches from the speaker of my laptop. :-)18:04
nathanyoh, got it, you called yourself18:04
nathanyyou want to priv msg me who i should connect to with SIP?18:04
nkinkadeI was holding my cell phone dialed into the conf line and also dialed in my PC via SIP, since I don't have a headset at the moment it wasn't working well.18:04
nkinkade... it worked, just lots of feedback and echo.18:06
nkinkadeThose yahoos are still doing my floors, and my headset is down in Miami.18:06
user01nkinkade: thx, inbetween i think i know something, but still new questions arise... :-)18:07
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mlinksvathis would brk the currybot if it ran18:31
akozakahh, good ol' <font>18:33
akozakI remember you...18:33
akozakmlinksva is thinking about lunch already. must be a friday :)18:34
mlinksvai'm procrastinating18:35
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somahi. somebody can answer a question about by-sa. it says "All new works based on yours will carry the same license". the question is about based. in the german cc it says the license must be the same after editing if the new work is noticable based on the original work. does that mean the sa-clause doesn't apply if the original work is only a very little part of the new work and not its base?18:47
somaim asking this because i want to offer some 3d models under a cc license and don't want to be to strict, i.e. allow commercial usage and not force them to release their work alike when they only use some furniture or something like that in their scenes18:48
nathanyhi soma18:51
nathanythe test is whether the new work is a derivative based on copyright law18:51
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somadoes that mean that if there is a certain level of creativity in the new work the creators don't have to follow the cc-license at all?19:06
nathanysoma, no19:06
nathanythe share alike clause just distinguishes between collections and derivatives, two different concepts in copyright law19:07
nathanyattribution, etc is always required19:07
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JED3if you are providing attribution for a work that licensed with a dc:source or cc:morePermissions specified, do you need to also include that information when you mark a reuse?19:25
JED3 yields no definitive answer...19:25
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nathanyJED3, no20:04
nathanythose aren't part of the license20:05
JED3ahh okay, so attribName and attribURL are the only things that must be included?20:06
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nathanynkinkade, ping21:50
nkinkadenathany: Hi.21:50
nathanyi'm looking @ the zh-tw issue21:50
nkinkadeI was just testing SIP with Fred mecredis a bit more.21:50
nathanyoh cool21:50
nkinkadeWhat did you find with the zh-tw thing?21:50
nathanyso it appears that the bug only shows up when you manually specify the locales on the command line21:50
nathanysince we pass that through "normalize"21:50
nathanyi think i'm going to wrap the stock version of normalize21:51
nathanyto do "xx_YY" instead of "xx-yy"21:51
nkinkadeRelatedly, did you try regenerating all Deeds on your local machine?21:51
nathanynkinkade, no, i didn't try yet -- there's a deed change coming down the line that i [mistakenly?] thought should go in first21:52
nkinkadenathany: I suppose we could just as easily use xx-yy and make the rewrite rule to convert any xx_YY to the other.21:52
nathanybut now i'm realizing that's not quite right21:52
nathanynkinkade, well the links are constructed to deed.xx_YY, right?21:52
nathany(duh, of course they are -- they're static right now)21:52
nkinkadeAs far as I know everything we have published up to know points to xx_YY.21:52
nkinkadeI just sort of liked the idea that we'd be doing the standard thing, if xx-yy is what the rest of the world is doing.21:53
nathanynkinkade, yeah, i know21:53
nkinkadeBut that never stopped up before. :-)21:53
nathanyi'm not sure if this has always been broken or what...21:54
nathanyi have uncommitted deeds in my local checkout from april with the xx-yy convention21:54
nkinkadeI'm open to anything, really.  I suppose the important thing is that URLs work.21:54
nathanyi'll wrap it, commit the fix21:54
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nkinkadenathany: Thanks.21:55
nkinkadenathany: I suspect you're going to have a problem generating on your local machine ... resources and all.21:55
nkinkadeCan you think of any hackish way to force mkdeeds to return after each run?21:55
nathanyyeah, we'll see... one meltdown at a time :)21:55
nkinkadeDoes mkdeeds output to STDOUT?21:56
nathanynot sure21:56
nkinkadeIf so I suppose I write somethign that would scrape stdout looking for "Generation complete"21:56
nkinkadeThen on that cue forcefully kill mkdeeds.21:56
nkinkadenathany: Would you like for me to investigate that, or do you just want to try doing the regeneration on your machine once these issues get worked out?21:57
nathanyi wonder if we could add a manual sys.exit21:57
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nathanyi'll try adding a manual call to exit first21:57
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mralexJED3: mecredis: nathany: either of you working on the CC Network content for the december Dashboard presentaiton?22:02
nathanyi was not asked to do so, although i suppose i could have missed that request22:03
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mecredisJED3: neither was I22:06
JED3I wasn't either, but can pick it up need be it22:07
mecredisok, might be worth checking with ML and AR about22:07
mecredisbefore spending any extra time on it22:07
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nathanynkinkade, just committed fix for locale formatting22:14
nathanyoh, and mkdeeds will now exit on completion22:14
nathanymerging to production now22:14
nathanynkinkade, can you go ahead and kick off your deed-regen-nicely script?22:15
nkinkadenathany: I'll try, but first I need to work on getting the script to process stout to know when to kill mkdeeds.22:16
nkinkadeThat might not be till Monday, if that's okay.22:16
nathanynkinkade, no it exits now22:16
nathany"mkdeeds will now exit on completion"22:17
nkinkadeOh, that makes it easy.22:17
nathanyi try22:17
nkinkadeBut didn't you say there were some changes coming down the line that we wanted to wait for before launching the massive regeneration?22:17
nathanynkinkade, there are changes, but we're not going to wait22:17
nathanywe'll only roll them out on Unported English initially, let others have some translation time22:17
nkinkadeGood.  Then I'll launch the regen-nicely in a screen session on a6.22:18
nathanyplease let me know if it doesn't exit cleanly for you; i don't know why it wouldn't, it just seems like voodoo :)22:19
nathany(and it did exit cleanly for me the one test run i did)22:19
nkinkadenathany: Should svn up be enough, or would I need to buildout anything?22:22
nathanynkinkade, svn up should be enough22:23
nkinkadeOkay, it's starting with ar, I'll let you know what I get.22:23
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nkinkadeHaving mkdeeds output what it's doing is a huge help.22:33
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nkinkadenathany: You fix seemed to work and the script is now iterating over au.22:43
nkinkadeIf for any reason you want to check on it (unlikely) you can su to nkinkade on a6 and screen -r22:44
nathanycool, thanks22:44
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