Wednesday, 2009-11-11

paroneayeawhat's this for?00:04
paroneayeacould be some component being swapped out maybe00:04
paroneayeaI don't know though00:04
JED3just trying to get paster running for cc.engine00:04
paroneayeaI assume you mean the old cc.engine then?00:05
paroneayeahm, yeah, not sure :(00:05
paroneayeaoddly enough I think I might not have ever run the old cc.engine on my machine00:05
paroneayeanot sure00:06
paroneayeaI've certainly borrowed from and read the code plenty00:06
* JED3 building cc.engine.git00:08
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JED3paroneayea: why is librdf not included in the install_requires list of cc.license?00:25
paroneayea** TODO Add recipe for building librdf in cc.license.git buildout      :code:00:28
paroneayeabecause it has c code and etc iirc00:28
paroneayeaso it requires special work to get it easy_installable or whatever00:29
JED3ah i c00:29
paroneayeaso for now it has to be installed system wide :(00:29
JED3may I ask why librdf was chosen over rdflib, just out of curiosity?00:30
JED3i assume its the speediness but wonder if there are any features not included in rdflib00:31
paroneayeaJED3: because I didn't make that decision ;)00:32
JED3ahh okay :)00:32
paroneayeawhat's-his-name-intern did00:32
paroneayeafrank tobia00:32
paroneayeaor I think he was the one who made the decision.  Anyway, done back when he was working on it :)00:32
JED3ohh okay00:32
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paroneayeaI wonder if I can use nosetest classes, but with like, instances00:41
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paroneayeait seems silly to keep subclassing this base class just to test different views00:41
paroneayeathat are really just variations on the same view00:41
paroneayeaclass TestThisLicense(BaseTestLicenseRdfView):00:43
paroneayea    url = '/licenses/by-sa/2.0/rdf'00:43
paroneayea    matchdict = {00:43
paroneayea        'code': 'by-sa',00:43
paroneayea        'version': '2.0',00:43
paroneayea        'controller': 'cc.engine.views:license_rdf_view'}00:43
paroneayea    rdf_file = pkg_resources.resource_filename(00:43
paroneayea        'cc.licenserdf', 'licenses/creativecommons.org_licenses_by-sa_2.0_.rdf')00:43
paroneayeathat doesn't make sense when I could just do BaseTestLicenseRdfView(url, matchdict, rdf_file)00:43
paroneayeatalking to myself out loud over here00:43
JED3why can't you do that paroneayea?00:44
paroneayeabecause the docs don't seem to indicate so, but I'm sure I must be being dumb00:44
paroneayeaprobably not too hard to hook it up, which would be less stupid than a billion subclasses00:45
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AlexandreMBMOlá! Boa noite! Alguém fala português?04:34
AlexandreMBMTenho dúvidas sobre o "uso comercial".04:34
AlexandreMBMHello! Good night!04:35
AlexandreMBMI have a questions about non-comercial use.04:35
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JED3paroneayea: yesterday you mentioned easy_installing librdf, where did you find an egg for librdf?  are you sure you used setuptools to install it?18:25
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paroneayeaJED3: heh... I misspoke19:04
JED3o ok19:05
paroneayeaI didn't easy_install it, what I meant was that you can't just easy_install it like a normal package19:05
paroneayeaiirc I installed it via apt-get on my machine19:05
JED3ohh okay, thats what i figured19:05
paroneayeayup looks like it19:05
paroneayeaso apparently it might be possible to make a buildout command to do that for you if you don't have it, but I'm not sure how yet because I haven't done that before19:06
paroneayeaI have it as a todo item for some future time19:06
JED3oh okay19:06
nkinkademecredis: You around?19:08
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mecredisnkinkade: yep19:08
mralexwell that was pretty fancy19:38
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lotiadid Saqib sign on recently19:48
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paroneayealotia: yes19:51
paroneayealooks like at about 9:30 central was trying to ping you19:52
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paroneayeanathany: another question... cc0's rdf has no dc:identifier and no cc:licenseClass, so I can't select it via cc.license.by_code19:56
paroneayeaI'd add it but I'm not sure what should be filled in for those19:57
nathanyparoneayea, we should probably add those --19:57
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paroneayea<cc:licenseClass rdf:resource=""/>19:57
nathanyCC0 and, respectively19:57
paroneayeaah okay19:57
paroneayea/chooze/zero/, that makes sense19:57
paroneayeaso the licenseClass is pretty much also always the selector interface?19:57
nathanyparoneayea, yeah, either /choose/zero/ or /publicdomain/ is probably the bets19:57
nathanyi think we've been using the chooser URL (real or hypothetical) in most cases19:58
paroneayeaok, yeah I thought so19:59
paroneayeaso presumably I should also add a cc:LicenseSelector to the selectors.rdf, is that correct?20:00
paroneayeaprobably like:20:00
paroneayea  <cc:LicenseSelector rdf:about="">20:00
paroneayea    <dc:title xml:lang="en">CC0</dc:title>20:00
paroneayea    <cc:licenseCode>CC0</cc:licenseCode>20:00
paroneayea  </cc:LicenseSelector>20:00
* paroneayea will assume that is correct for now20:09
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SaqibBY-SA means to release derivative work under same license?20:17
SaqibAnd how about BY content, if derivative work release under a Non-commerical license?20:17
Saqibnkinkade: How could CC content with those, not comply CC license rules?20:23
lotiaSaqib: the faq is superb, will provide answers to most of your questions about the various permutations and combinations of options20:24
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greg-gnathany: off the wall question, do you have a copy of the job description you used when hiring for the sys admin/nkinkade's position?20:46
nathanygreg-g, yes, but it's split between sysadmin/engineer20:46
nathanyi can email you the teamspace link if you want20:46
greg-gnathany: sure, that'd be cool, thanks20:46
nathanygreg-g, trying to make sure nkinkade is doing his job? ;)20:46
greg-gnathany: heh, actually, I'm trying to find a nkinkade for Open.Michigan20:47
lotiagreg-g: or one who can play him on TV20:47
greg-gnathany: thanks20:47
nathanylotia, i have excellent acting skillz ;)20:47
mralexjust imagine how powerful we would become if we, ourselves, had 2 nkinkades20:48
lotianathany: we're looking for l33t skillzors, not just skillz20:48
nathanylotia, oh, my bad20:48
* nathany hangs his head20:48
lotiaso unless you can type l33tsp3ak like a true kiddie, i'm sorry...20:48
greg-gl33tsp3ak is sill requirement number 2.20:49
greg-gnumber 1 being ability to operate a coffee machine20:49
mralex#1 ought to be saving dogs trapped in wells20:50
mralexand then coffee machine skills20:50
nathanyyeah, you need l33t sk1llz for 1455ie-1ik3 5h1t ;)20:51
lotianathany: damn. you may be a worthy candidate after all. want to move from san francisco to ann arbor and take a pay cut ?20:57
lotiai know, its tempting.20:57
nathanylotia, how much of a cut? ;)21:02
nathany(just kidding)21:02
lotiabut the weather is so fantastic nathany21:02
greg-gyou know, $45,000 in A2 is like $70,000 in SF, cost of living and all that :)21:03
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nathanylotia, i actually do like the weather :)21:12
akozakIt just occurred to me that DSMW has some interesting legal problems, namely, the possibility of pulling/pushing wiki pages from wikis using different licenses21:15
akozakI wonder if they ought to build in license negotiation21:16
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nathanynkinkade, did you move that ccearch-lt.po file from a8:/var/www/
nkinkadenathany: I went to and downloaded the PO file.22:39
nkinkadeThat step in my outline was more symbolic than anything.22:39
nathanyuh, ok22:39
nathanyi was referring to your message where you said you dropped it there22:39
nathanyi can get it from
nkinkadeYeah, that's what I was referring to.   ccsearch-lt.po was just a bogus name I gave that eliminated the external steps of downloading the PO from
nkinkadenathany: In another bizarre twist, it appears to be pulling the localized names for the dropdown from the cc_org directory.22:45
nathanynkinkade, not bizarre, expected22:46
nkinkadeWhich is a checkout of
nathanyi'm updating the makefile now22:46
nathanynkinkade, i think that falls into "it seemed like a good idea at the time" :)22:47
nkinkade:-) I guess I was just expecting all strings to come from PO/MO files in locales.22:48
nathanyi think the thought was that we wanted to re-use the strings we already had22:48
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nathanythe problem is that we currently use the presence of lang.xx strings in the cc_org catalog to add languages to the supported list22:49
nkinkadeJED3: Are you doing some updates to the scraper on a7?22:52
JED3nkinkade: yes, why did you get a nagios alert?22:53
nkinkadeJED3: Two of them.22:53
nkinkadeOne for /apps/scrape and one for /apps/triples (??)22:53
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JED3yeah, i'm meddling around in there, but am now cleaning up and backing out22:54
nathanyoh, glad to know it's not just a mystery fail22:55
nathanyi'll stop debugging22:55
nkinkadeJED3: No biggie ... we don't get SMS for those services, just emails.22:55
nkinkademystery fails are my faves.22:55
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nathanyoh, mine too!22:58
* nathany is known for sincerity, not sarcasm. Really!22:58
* paroneayea winces and checks in 498 translated rdf files that are already out of sync with master22:59
paroneayeawell, had to do it at some time or another :(22:59
paroneayeathis is not going to make for a fun merge some day in the future22:59
nathanyparoneayea, the future is full of suck :)23:02
nkinkadeOn top of being known for sincerity, nathany is also known for his dogged, eternal optimism.23:02
nathanyhopefully in most cases we can just take the new version since we're not making widespread changes to the existing one23:02
nathanynkinkade, bet this makes you *really* excited for the tech face to face :)23:03
nkinkadenathany: On a related note, would you like for me to correct intro.php and encapsulate strings in _() ???23:03
nathanynkinkade, yes, writing an email now with a couple requests on that23:03
paroneayeanathany: it shouldn't be a big deal since I have a tool that makes *most* of the changes I applied automatically23:05
nathanyparoneayea, right23:05
paroneayeastill hard to not be alittle bit nervewracked23:05
paroneayeayou know what this moment needs?  a robot23:06
paroneayea|o_o|  Beep beep beep23:06
paroneayeaah, much better23:06
nkinkadeJED3: Can you notify me when /apps/scrape and /apps/triples are back up?23:09
JED3nkinkade: working on it right now23:10
JED3but yes, I will23:10
nkinkadeCool.  I just want to be proactive about knowing when it's up again.23:10
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JED3nkinkade: back up23:18
nkinkadeJED3: Thanks.23:18
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