Tuesday, 2009-11-10

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JED3Bovinity: you around?02:38
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lotiaanyone familar with neo4j http://neo4j.org/16:33
SaqibWhat's that? Content management system?16:35
SaqibOh, graph database16:36
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lotianope, it is a graph DB. Has some additional stuff that allows you to use it as an RDF store.16:37
lotiacan be queried using SPARQL16:37
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Saqibnkinkade: Hi17:57
nkinkadeSaqib: Hi.17:57
SaqibI got your reply, Thank you17:57
SaqibSo do you've any idea about the contacts in Pakistan?17:58
SaqibI mean to say those involved with CC in Pakistan17:58
nkinkadeSaqib: My recollection is that we were working with a number of people to organize a CC project in Pakistan, but that it was abandoned temporarily.17:59
SaqibAny idea why? :)17:59
nkinkadeSaqib: I'm looking for the email about it.18:01
SaqibWell, I'm just about to leave now and I'll be waiting to see, how can we start once again18:01
SaqibHowever, I'm working with some local Wikipedians to start a Free web-based project in effort to promote Free culture in Pakistan18:03
lotiaSaqib: this is tremendous news. I'm an expat Pakistani and would love to see something like that happening there.18:03
SaqibAnd it would be fantastic If CC offer us some advice based on things that have worked in the past.18:04
* lotia is a lurker on #cc not actually a cc staff member18:05
SaqibSee you guys soon18:06
SaqibBye for now :)18:06
* paulproteus waves.18:07
nkinkadeSaqib: I couldn't find the email I was thinking of.18:07
nkinkadeMichelle will get in touch with you shortly and put you in touch with our contacts there.18:07
SaqibOlright, I'll wait :)18:08
SaqibThat would work fine18:08
nkinkadeI thought there was an email explaining why the CC Pakistan project was stalled.18:08
nkinkadeBut I can't find it, so I may have been thinking of a different jurisdiction.18:08
* Saqib didn't figure out, why CC Pakistan could failed :o18:09
nkinkadeIn any case, she'll get in touch with you shortly and hopefully you can help kickstart things.18:09
nkinkadeSaqib: It's possible that the only thing that failed was my memory. :-)18:10
SaqibOh, so you're not sure if there was something on CC Pakistan?18:10
* Saqib eye-rolling18:11
SaqibIn this case, start up will be obviously a little hard :D18:11
nkinkadeSaqib: I know we were working with a group of people in Pakistan.  I *thought* things had stalled, but it's possible I'm not recollecting things correctly.  Michelle will be able to give you the current information.18:11
lotiahttp://www.linux.com/archive/feature/60949 there is an article that may be related. http://www.linux.com/archive/feature/6094918:11
nkinkadeFouad was one of the people we were (are?) working with.18:12
SaqibI see18:12
Saqibnkinkade: He seems to be mostly active with Open source!18:18
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akozakanyone have recommendations for a webcam that works well on skype in ubuntu?18:37
Saqibakozak: You're not in the right place!18:37
akozakyou're right!18:37
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Saqibnkinkade: Any information about at what stage CC Bangladesh reached?18:40
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Saqiblotia: Are you still around ?19:44
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lotiaSaqib: yes20:22
Saqiblurker on #cc :)20:23
Saqiblotia: How are you involved with Free content?20:26
lotiaSaqib I work as a software developer the Open Michigan initiative http://open.umich.edu20:27
SaqibAnd you Ali Asad ? :)20:29
SaqibOkay brother, I20:30
Saqib've to leave now :)20:30
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akozakmralex: have you played with the new Intelligence section in google analytics?21:58
akozakit's pretty cool21:58
mralexakozak: nope...21:59
mralexhuh, interesting22:01
akozakyea it's really neat22:01
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JED3paroneayea: ping23:54
paroneayeaJED3: pong23:55
JED3hi, even seen python crash on your when rendering a ZPT template?23:55
paroneayeayes :)23:55
JED3with a Zope exception? :)23:56
paroneayeaare you hoping to figure out what the context is that's at fault?23:56
paroneayeaer, what's wrong in the template23:56
JED3well the odd thing is that it will render just fine when I call it from the Zope debug interpretter23:57
paroneayeayeah I don't think I know offhand then :(23:57
JED3but when its in zdaemon, when you attempt call ViewPageTemplateFile, python will segfault on me23:58
JED3but only for a specific template file23:58

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