Monday, 2009-11-09

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SaqibAnybody around?13:22
SaqibIs there any posiblity to setup a license in our jurisdiction?13:25
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SaqibIs there any posiblity to setup a license in our jurisdiction?13:54
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SaqibAnybody around?13:55
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SaqibAnybody around now?18:46
paroneayeahiya Saqib18:48
Saqibhay )18:48
paroneayeaI'm actually not familiar with that part of the process, but what jurisdiction are you referring to?18:48
* Saqib 've no expression18:49
SaqibIs there any possibility, if we could setup here?18:49
Saqibparoneayea: You here?18:54
paroneayeayes one second, trying to figure out who I can get an answer on for that type of thing18:54
paroneayeaI'm trying to not leave your question hanging but that isn't my area :)18:55
SaqibI see, I would appreciate18:56
paroneayeacontact Michelle Thorne: michelle@creativecommons.org18:58
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JED3Bovinity: ping22:17
mralexJED3: pong22:19
JED3would you happen to have a local installation of cc.engine?22:19
mralexJED3: i might have a checkout, but not an operational version22:19
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JED3o ok22:19
JED3nm i wont ask for you to build it22:19
mralexi think i tried building it once, but there are incompatibilities on mac22:20
mralexmostly python version, if i recall22:20
JED3i keep getting a mysterious segfault and it persists across several python versions and distributions22:20
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akozaknkinkade: I'm having trouble setting an .sh script to run in a crontab22:53
nkinkadeakozak: What's up?22:53
akozakIt keeps telling me no such file or directory22:53
nkinkadeIs that not it?22:54
akozakfor whatever reason I can't do that with a full path.22:54
akozakthe script is in /var/www/
nkinkadeThat looks like a directory to me.22:55
nkinkadeOh, sorry.22:55
akozaknkinkade: Do you know why it wouldn't let me run ./var/www/
akozakcan you not do ./ with a full path?22:56
JED3akozak: no, a dot prepends your cwd22:56
mralexyou can if you're in /22:56
nkinkadeakozak: The error is not from the running of that script, but from some command inside the script.22:56
nkinkadepython: can't open file '': [Errno 2] No such file or directory22:57
akozakwas that 3 different answers22:57
akozaknkinkade: it wasn't doing that a min ago22:57
nkinkadeakozak: User error?22:57
JED3akozak: ha, "remove the dot" would be the intersection of those answers22:58
akozakthanks JED3. still not working, but I think it's unrelated to my crontab now22:59
nkinkadeakozak: To clarify what I meant by "./" ... bash will not look inside the current directory for a script as a safety measure, so if you are trying to run a script that is in your current directly you must prepend ./, which is an explicit relative path to the script.23:00
nkinkade. is just synonym for the cwd, but you may have already known that.23:00
akozakoh ok, it all makes sense now.23:00
akozakI thought the . meant execute script or something, never made that connection.23:01
nkinkadeWell, . also tells bash to source some file into the current environment when it's used alone.23:01
nkinkade$ vi ~/.bashrc23:02
nkinkade<make some edits>23:02
nkinkade$ . ~/.bashrc23:02
mralex(didn't know you could use it instead of 'source')23:02
JED3cat | ssh "cat >> .ssh/authorized_keys"  <-- I can't believe I just realized this alternative scp,ssh,cat23:03
mralexlots of learnin' going on around here.23:03
akozakglad my ignorance could enable that23:04
nkinkadea6:~ $ echo "rm -rf /" > /home/akozak/ls23:04
akozakstill doesn't fix my crontab23:04
JED3you get so used to doing things one way that you never take the extra second of thinking more efficiently23:04
nkinkadeThat's why bash won't look in the current dir for a command. :-)23:04
mralexunless you specifically put it in your $PATH23:05
mralexbut don't do that.23:05
akozakthis is stupid. the script only works when I'm in the script directory23:06
akozakthat makes no sense to me23:06
akozakif a file is referenced in the script without any directory information, shouldn't it just assume the same dir that the script is in?23:06
akozakso it shouldn't matter where I am when I run it, since the script is in the same dir as the py file it runs23:07
nkinkadeakozak: Paths in your script will reference the cwd from where the script was run.23:08
nkinkadeThat was poorly phrased ... the scripts cwd is the cwd from where the script was launched.23:08
akozakso if I'm in ~/ and I run a script in /var/www/, a line like python would look for in ~/23:09
nkinkadeakozak: Right.23:09
nkinkadeUse cd in your script.23:09
akozakthanks nkinkade, everything should be fine now.23:10
nkinkade(or use absolute paths)23:10
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