Thursday, 2009-11-05

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paulproteuseep, I'm invisible.16:04
paulproteusparoneayea, Don't let nathany see your evil RDF pipe hackery....16:04
paroneayeapaulproteus: don't worry, it's not in real code, it was just for some personal information gathering for my notes :)16:05
paulproteusI figured. (-:16:05
paroneayeathat's right, os.popen('grep') is my new rdf parser16:06
paulproteusI was looking for a high-performance RDF parser I could use from PHP16:06
paulproteusConveniently it has the same API as in Python16:06
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paroneayeanathany: heya16:47
paroneayeaso for the strings like: ${license.pretty_nd-nc} 1.0 ${}16:48
paroneayeaI wrote a function that does "inverse" translation,16:48
paroneayeaso it would take that and turn it into16:48
paroneayeaNoDerivatives NonCommercial 1.0 Netherlands16:49
paroneayeaor whatever it is16:49
paroneayeabut then I was wondering if you actually meant to run it through two translation passes?16:49
paroneayeamaybe I should write an email which is more coherent with better examples and show the code as it is working now16:50
paroneayeaI'll do that.16:50
nathanyparoneayea, yes, that'd be helpful :)16:53
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nkinkadenathany: Are we ready to kick off a regeneration of all Deeds?17:22
nathanynkinkade, i wouldn't know why not17:23
nathanyis this just to catch things up?17:23
nkinkadenathany: You had asked me to do it a few weeks ago, but if I recall you were wanting to hold off just a bit until some things came down the pipe.  Maybe I'm mistaken about that.17:25
nathanynkinkade, that does sound a little familiar, but frankly i have no idea at the moment17:25
nkinkadenathany: I just launched a full rebuild in a screen session on a6.17:25
nkinkadeAm I wrong in supposing that the only option needed is -o?17:26
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nathany_for everyone's amusement this morning:
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nkinkadenathany_: I'm having a bit of a problem getting mkdeeds to generate Unported deed.zh_TW Deeds correctly.  Some strings are still untranslated, yet the cc-style PO file is updated and I have run buildout install i18n ... any ideas what I might be running up against?17:47
nathany_nkinkade, are the strings marked as fuzzy?17:48
nkinkadenathany_: I'll check, though I don't think so.17:48
nkinkadenathany_: No.  At least not for the string that is baffling me.  deed.with_the_understanding17:49
nathany_nkinkade, looking17:49
nathany_nkinkade, is anything getting translated?17:50
nkinkadenathany_: Seems that for jurisdiction Deeds it's working.17:51
nkinkadenathany_: Compare those two.17:51
nkinkadeActually the PR Deed is missing the whole last part, apparently.17:52
nathany_right, probably hasn't been regenerated17:52
nathany_nkinkade, so you regenerated the deeds on a5?17:53
nkinkadenathany_: I tried on my local machine and on a checkout of cc.engine I have on a6.17:54
nathany_oh, and that string isn't translated?17:54
nathany_it is on staging, which is interesting --
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nathany_nkinkade, if you run ./bin/cc_engine fg17:59
nathany_does http://localhost:8080/licenses/by/3.0?lang=zh_TW look correct to you?17:59
nathany_(it does for me)17:59
nkinkadeI get: ZODB.lock_file.LockError: Couldn't lock 'var/Data.fs.lock'18:00
nkinkadenathany_: ^18:00
nathany_nkinkade, do you still have mkdeeds running?18:01
nathany_if so, kill, regardless, just rm var/Data.fs.lock18:01
nkinkadeDamn.  Yeah, it was done, but stuck in that locked state where Ctrl-z is the only way out.18:01
nkinkadeBut, nathany_, yes the Deed does in fact look right that way.18:02
nathany_nkinkade, ok, so something weird is going on -- mkdeeds basically just captures the output from the engine and writes it to a file; what's the command line you're using to run mkdeeds?18:03
nkinkadenathany_: ./bin/mkdeeds -j - -l zh_TW -o <some dir>18:03
nkinkadeBut before that I had run:18:03
nkinkade./bin/mkdeeds -l zh_TW -o <dir>18:03
nathany_nkinkade, i'm trying it now, one second18:05
nkinkadenathany_: Thanks.  It's possible I've overlooked something simple.18:06
nathany_nkinkade, i just tried generated them into an empty, tmp directory, and it appears to have worked18:07
nathany_is it possible you had the output path off-by-a-.. or something?18:07
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nkinkadenathany_: Hmm.  Let me give it another shot.18:08
nathany_it'll create subdirs for you, and that's a mistake i've made before18:08
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nkinkadenathany_: Still nothing.  Maybe it buildout install i18n that isn't working right:18:16
nkinkadeThought I didn't get those errors on my a6 checkout, and it didn't seem to work there either.18:16
nathany_nkinkade, i don't think those errors have anything to do with it; i got them on mine, too18:19
nathany_(iirc they're a svn version v. setuptools issue)18:19
nathany_nkinkade, i don't know what the issue is18:20
nathany_i mean, stupid question, but i assume you've svn up'd everything?18:20
nkinkadenathany_: Yeah.  Strangely, I just did the mkdeeds again and directed the output to /tmp, and it worked.18:21
nkinkadeIt seems to be something strange with outputting it to my license.rdf checkout.18:21
nathany_nkinkade, hrm18:21
nkinkadeI'll poke around more on my end.18:21
nathany_if you do an svn status in your license.rdf checkout, are there unknown files/dirs?18:22
nkinkadenathany_: Wait.  I think I just found the problem.18:22
nkinkadeIt's outputting the file to licenses/by/3.0/deed.zh-tw18:23
nkinkadeinstead of deed.zh_TW.18:23
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nkinkadenathany_: Any insight in that?18:32
akozaknathany_: and
akozakseems we have some critics18:39
nathany_akozak, who cares18:43
akozakprobably very few people18:47
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greg-g - a benefit to Google or will it backfire ("oh my god, they know all that?!")18:49
nkinkadenathany_: Sorry to hound you, but you didn't acknowledge my earlier comments ... should I email or something?18:50
nathany_nkinkade, in a meeting, email please18:50
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nkinkadepyrak:  Hi.19:38
nkinkadeQuick question.  Do you know of any docs on adding new languages to ccsearch?19:38
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pyraknkinkade, nope20:00
nkinkade1pyrak: Do you happen to know how to do it? :-)20:01
paroneayeaheya johnsu01 :)20:02
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johnsu01paroneayea: hey, realized this would probably be a good place to hang out :)20:04
pyraknkinkade1, not sure.  to be honest, even importing new translations and adding new strings to pootle was confusing to me.20:04
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nkinkadepyrak: No problem, thanks.  I think Nathan might have some idea about it.20:05
paroneayeastay awhile20:18
paroneayeastay foreverrrrrrr20:18
JED3to liven our office space up, we need to have a machine screen reading this channels and be made audible throughout the entire office20:20
paroneayeawhat would happen when I paste ascii art?20:21
paroneayea Q_____________,,   _   _        _   _20:21
paroneayea / /  , ,/oooo//   /_\_/_\_/\   /_\_/_\_/\20:21
paroneayea \ \__\_\\----\\   ' \_/ \_/'   ' \_/ \_/'20:21
paroneayea / ,/20:21
paroneayea|__\                  PEW!         PEW!20:21
JED3nice laser gun20:22
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greg-gahh, the things you need to remind geeks of: "remember to greet people when they come into the space – saying hi " ;)20:34
paroneayeagreg-g: :)20:35
* paroneayea goes to make tea while he tests running all rdf files through the translation machinery20:43
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JED3curry anyone?20:52
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paroneayeahey, so remember when I mentioned a while ago that I was skipping out for a few hours to attend a protest related to a former professor of mine who was unjustly denied tenure?21:54
paroneayeawell you know you're on to something when an issue like that is singled out to be attacked explicitly by fox news:,2933,571392,00.html21:55
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greg-gparoneayea: I salute you22:46
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paroneayeagreg-g: thanks... yeah, still pretty distressing :\23:10
greg-gthat Fox gives a voice to dick heads like that? yeah.23:13
greg-gman, that person on cc-devel that keeps talking about paying them for the use of CC licenses is funny. I tried to get more information out of them and it was like pulling teeth. But I think I have an address :)23:15
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