Friday, 2009-11-06

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akozakloving the picture00:38
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sikushsarmasiWill new threads start utilizing my other cores from my multi-core cpu or do I have to fork to see any benefits?05:47
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nkinkadeNow I don't see you.16:52
nkinkadeUnfortunately we do not yet have voice and video chat for Gmail available for your operating system.16:54
nkinkadeLook ^^^16:55
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akozaknkinkade: Thanks for the Pootle test. Bummer it didn't work. Did you/nathany ping any Pootle folks about it?17:21
nkinkadeakozak: No, we haven't.17:21
akozaknkinkade: I might do that today.17:22
nkinkadeThe reason is that we have no way of knowing whether it's something wrong with our install or a bug.17:22
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akozakhmm, wonder if I should get an htc droid18:31
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nathanynkinkade, ping18:31
nkinkadenathany: Hey.18:32
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SaqibI've some confusion with CC licenses19:44
nathanySaqib, we can try and help19:45
SaqibWhat is the difference between SA and SA-BY ?19:46
nathanySA-BY requires Attribution19:46
nathany(credit to the original creator)19:46
nathanySA is no longer maintained or versioned19:46
nathany(ie, it's still @ 1.0, BY-SA is @ 3.0)19:47
SaqibAnd CC-BY and CC-BY-SA?19:49
nathanyjust a different way to abbreviate the same thing19:49
nathanythat is, CC SA is the same as SA, CC BY SA is the same as BY SA19:49
Saqiboh :o19:49
SaqibWhich is the best and recommended license?19:50
nathanywe don't generally make recommendations; it sort of depends on what you want people to do with your work19:50
nathanyBY is the most permissive/liberal -- it says people can do anything, so long as they give you credit19:50
SaqibI'm still confused19:51
nathanyBY-SA is a popular "copyleft" choice that requires credit and that derivatives use the same (or compatible) license19:51
Saqibjust a moment please19:52
SaqibI'm back :)19:57
SaqibSo is it possible to use incompatible license when using content licensed with BY?19:58
Saqibnathany: And is it compulsory to give credit to original author when using either licensed content, even if for derivatives ?20:01
nathanySaqib, yes, giving credit to the author is a requirement of the license, although how that credit is given may vary based on the format20:02
nathanyi don't know what you mean by "use incompatible license"20:02
SaqibIs it possible to use anyother CC license with BY licensed content except BY or SA-BY?20:04
greg-gSaqib: if I'm understanding the question correctly, Yes, you can use content that is licensed as CC:BY in some other work and license it as CC:BY-SA, CC:BY-NC-SA, etc.20:06
greg-gbut, it is best if you can give us specific (real) examples of what you want to do to make sure we understand correctly and give you a better answer :)20:06
akozaknathany: When adding a feed to DiscoverEd, is there an "atom" feed type or would it just be rss?20:06
nathanyakozak, "rss" is a parser that does RSS/Atom sniffing20:07
akozakok thanks.20:07
Saqibgreg-g: Even if author allowed to use his content for commercial purpose, how can me or anybody else re-use his work and make restricts on it?20:07
nathanySaqib, to be clear, someone can take work under a CC BY license, make something with it, and release it without a CC license, too, so long as they give attribution20:08
Saqibnathany: You said SA is no longer versioned but I can see 3.0 :)20:10
nathanySaqib, that's BY-SA20:10
nathanythere used to be an SA only version20:10
Saqibi see20:10
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pvhheyo, i'm working on some license URL stuff for songbird20:11
pvhi talked to asheesh way back in the day. is he around, or is someone else able to answer some questions?20:11
akozaknathany: Another quick question. Does addfeed set the curator with the third parameter, the curator url parameter, or do you need to do a setcurator for each feed?20:11
akozakeach new feed*20:11
pvhah, nathany, i believe you were CCed on that conversation too20:11
pvhwhich was 18mo ago or so20:12
nathanyakozak, assuming you've done addcurator, addfeed will set it as well20:12
akozakoh perfect, thanks nathany20:12
nathanypvh, paulproteus (asheesh) has moved on from CC, although he still lurks in the channel20:12
nathanyi can try to help :)20:13
pvhnathany: well, i'll direct my questions to you, then :)20:13
pvhnathany: basically, we've added support for some new file types to songbird20:13
Saqibso Share Alike means something making derivative work?20:13
pvhand the CC wiki is lacking in answers about how i should map those properties to these tags20:13
Saqiband is it possible to make derivate work from those content using BA license?20:14
pvhnathany: i'm looking for how to store license data into ASF and MP4 files20:14
SaqibDon't mind but actually I was confused with abbreviations20:14
pvhi could, of course, just invent things, but since you guys are the keepers of the flame on this one, i figured i'd come poke you first20:15
nathanypvh, i think we have some conversations about MP4 files...20:15
nathanythat might have relevant info; can you email me? i need to run out for a bit20:15
nathanynathan at creativecommons dot org20:15
akozaknathany: sorry, one more. Doing a setcurator to a feed that already has a curator will just add another curator, right?20:16
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pvhsure. i'm on a bit of a tight deadline and borrowing time to look at this in the first place20:16
nathanyakozak, no a feed can only have one curator20:16
pvhnathany: but hopefully we can make some improvements20:16
nathanypvh, i can reply right after lunch, but yeah, probably not going to be set enough to make a tight timeline20:16
* pvh nods20:16
pvhi prefer to do nothing than the wrong thing in this case20:16
nathanythanks for thinking of it, though :)20:16
pvhbut we can get the ball rolling at least20:16
nathanythat'd be excellent20:17
nathanyok, ttyl20:17
greg-g:( Saqib left20:18
pvhnathany: i'll be idling here if you want to go real-time20:24
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* paulproteus waves to pvh20:33
pvhpaulproteus: hiya! where are you at these days?20:33
paulproteusI started with some friends.20:34
paulproteusIt's an open source involvement engine -- we're building a place to write about the projects in open source you've contributed to, and a search engine for finding new ones.20:34
paulproteusWe want to branch out into other useful open source community tools after we polish those, but I don't want to promise the sky then underdeliver!20:35
paulproteus#openhatch if you like (-:20:35
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pvhvery cool20:35
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nkinkadenathany: Have you ever had to change the IP address for a host using hosted domains at Dotster?20:38
nkinkadeNevermind.  I found it.  Damn they have it buried in there!20:41
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paulproteusnkinkade, I have screen-scraping code for automating that.20:42
nkinkadepaulproteus: Interesting.20:42
nkinkadeIn this case I just need to change the IP for ccmixter, but Dotster has that functionality in a very non-obvious place.20:43
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akozaknathany and nkinkade: in #pootle re: the pootle bug, "<friedel1> yes, that was solved in Translate Toolkit 1.2.1 I guess"20:54
akozakI don't know if we're still pursuing it at this point though20:55
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nkinkadenathany: I'll take a look.  I'm working on the transfer of ccmixter.org21:02
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nathanynkinkade, fwiw, there's also, looks like the uploaded images/media files didn't make it over21:04
akozaknathany: I'm a bit confused about if I can add this feed into DiscoverEd.
akozakthere is a "view feed xml"21:17
akozakbut that wouldn't work, right?21:18
nathanyakozak, i get the feed when i request that URL21:18
nathanyiirc feedburner does content negotiation and will return the feed if it doesn't see a browser user agent21:18
akozakOk so it would be rss/atom when discovered requests it21:19
nathanyi think so21:22
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akozaknathany: Any ideas why this is happening-
akozaklet me know if i should create an issue21:40
nathanyakozak, no idea21:55
nathanyyes, a ticket would be good21:55
ianwellermlinksva: ping21:57
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akozakmecredis NOOOOOO21:57
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akozakmecredis: you just missed my epic NOOOOOO22:05
*** Danny_B has joined #cc22:05
mecredisyeah, I heard22:06
mecredisits gonna be OK22:06
mecredisthanks for your kind words22:07
akozakhaha, ok i believe you it will be ok22:09
akozaki GUESS22:09
akozakReally happy for your new jorb though. Can you give details?22:09
paroneayeawait what? :O22:10
* paroneayea checks his email22:10
nathany_akozak, in case you didn't see it, yes, a ticket would be good22:10
akozaknathany_: submitted
nathany_nkinkade, did you happen to backup the old acawiki deployment? i think we're still missing an extension22:10
nathany_trying to figure out where it lives22:11
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paroneayeawow mecredis22:14
* paroneayea just read the email22:15
mecredisyeah, its sucks we didn't get to hang out22:15
paroneayeaI guess I didn't have much chance to interact with you but22:15
paroneayeasounds like a great fit for you though, exciting :)22:15
mecredisI'm sure we'll run into each other soon enough22:15
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paulproteusmecredis, You going to be near Philly any time in the next 2mo or so?23:29
paulproteusI mean, other than New York, which is near-ish Philly. (-:23:29
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mecredispaulproteus: yes, actually23:31
mecredisnov 15th23:31
paulproteusmecredis, Amazing. We should hang out.23:33
mecredisyep, I put it on my calendar23:34
paulproteusAwesome, I'll do the same.23:35
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pyrakpaulproteus, /me went to a CACert authing party last night!23:46
pyraki'm in the web of trust23:47
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paulproteuspyrak, Nice!23:54
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