Tuesday, 2009-11-03

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user01greg-g: ai, that's no good news -- i thought the licenses are backward compatible and additionally, that the "sense of sharing" works for me. but anyway, thank you very much for the answer! :-)00:56
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nathanynkinkade, you around?15:46
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nathany_ugh, 2 minute lag? FML15:47
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nathanynkinkade, ping16:09
nkinkadenathany: Hi.16:10
nathanynkinkade, we're up on the stock linksys firmware @ the office16:10
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nkinkadenathany: Did you setup a PAT rule to the backup machine?16:11
nkinkadeCool.  Thanks.16:11
nathanynkinkade, i'm not exactly sure what to do about dyndns16:11
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nkinkadeYou know, this may be just as well because twice in the last 2 weeks the router had to be rebooted so that I could access the backup box.16:12
nkinkadenathany: I can set up a client on the backup machine to update the dyndns.16:12
nathanygreat thanks16:12
nathanyi'm hoping this fixes ted's problem16:12
nkinkadeSucks that we have to fall back to WEP again, but we've been using it for 2.5 years, so what's another 2? :-)16:13
nathanynkinkade, who knows, maybe wpa2 would be better with this firmware...16:14
nathanyi just want to stop thinking about it16:14
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nkinkadenathany: Turns out the default firmware for the WRT has software builtin to update dyndns.org.17:15
nkinkadeI just logged into the web interface and configured it.17:15
nkinkadeWe should be set.17:15
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nkinkadenathany: The one thing you may miss from OpenWRT is wondershaper ...  the default Cisco firmware has some type of QoS support, but it's not clear to me that it does any type of fair queuing.  Well,  you can just play it by ear.17:19
nathanynkinkade, great17:27
nathanyfwiw i just went back to wpa17:27
nathanymacs/win machines couldn't cope with the wep "passphrase" and i didn't want to pass around the HEX keys17:28
nathanyso we're going to see if this is more stable with this firmware17:28
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JavaWomanI just landed on the Category:Filetype page from http://wiki.creativecommons.org/XML17:46
JavaWomanmajor omission: image files (as in JPG) supports *everything* that a "Sidecar file" supports in the form of embedded XMP17:47
JavaWomanbut NOT ONLY XMP17:48
JavaWomanand WTH is a "challenge"?17:49
JavaWomanmany other filetypes (than those mentioned) support embedded meta data as well17:50
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JavaWomanmlinksva: hi17:51
JavaWomanmlinksva: what is a "challenge" ? here: http://wiki.creativecommons.org/XML17:51
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nathany_mralex, http://www.nerdmeritbadges.com/products/06-full-stack-web-developer18:42
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paroneayeathere's something in setuptools that you can use to compare version numbers21:15
paroneayeaI've even used it!21:16
paroneayeaand I can't find it21:16
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paroneayeaaha, from distutils.version import StrictVersion21:33
paroneayeadistutils, not setuptools.21:33
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nkinkadenathany_: There was something you needed me to do and you were going to make a ticket for it earlier today.  Now I can't remember what it was, and don't see a new ticket.  Do you recall?22:10
nathany_nkinkade, it wasn't the pootle stuff, was it?22:12
nathany_(looking at my sent mail now)22:12
nkinkadenathany_: I think was it.22:13
nathany_sure ;)22:13
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nkinkadenathany_: I've noticed you going on and offline a number of times today, on top of the fact that you are nathany_ (underscore) ... is this the WPA thing bouncing you frequently?22:22
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nathany_yes, but it doesn't seem to be impacting others (that I've heard of)22:22
nathany_very frustrating22:22
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JED3nathany_: ping22:37
nathany_JED3, pong22:38
JED3do you have a moment for a quick question regarding RDFa and the webcitations?22:38
JED3after we scrape and store, how should I filter these triples when displaying the metadata in the citation's web view22:39
nathany_JED3, we should probably just show a few pre-cleared fields in the default view -- dc:title, creator, publish, license22:40
nathany_maybe there's an "advanced" view that just shows them in N3 format or something22:41
nathany_let's not be too fancy out of the gate22:41
JED3yeah, that's what i was thinking as well, but I was just curious which vocab's you think I should start off with22:41
JED3i was thinking any dc properties, foaf, cc, ...?22:42
nathany_that sounds like a great start22:42
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