Monday, 2009-11-02

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Haploomg someone talked00:59
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JavaWomanJoiIto: where's your little joibot? I miss her!08:13
JoiItoI dunno...08:17
JoiItoI think the CC team killed it. They didn't like it. ;-)08:17
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paroneayeamornin #cc15:03
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mecredisnkinkade: ping17:13
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nkinkademecredis: Hi.17:15
mecredisjust wanted to see how the new kernel on nagios is17:15
nkinkademecredis: I got it to build last week, but right at the end it failed when it was installing the pieces ... specifically it failed looking for bzImage in some place.17:19
nkinkadeI didn't pursue it further at that moment.17:19
nkinkadeI'll take another look today or tomorrow.  Sorry about being so slow on this.17:20
mecredisno big deal17:20
mecredisjust on my to do list17:20
mecredislet me know when its good17:20
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JED3nkinkade: ping18:28
nkinkadeJED3: Hi.18:28
JED3do you manually edit the authorized_keys for svn@a7 when adding a new key or do you issue an svnserve command?18:30
JED3nkinkade: ^^18:32
nkinkadeJED3: Just manually edit it.18:33
JED3okay, thanks18:33
nkinkadeYou only have to make sure to use one of the other lines as a guide because there are some special flags and rules.18:33
nkinkadeJED3: ^18:33
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nkinkademralex: Is this the office IP: ??19:18
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mralexnkinkade: yes19:19
nkinkademralex: Any way I could get you to check the backup machine?19:20
mralexnkinkade: sure19:21
nkinkademralex: If you can SSH to the backup machine, then the problem must be in the router.19:22
mralexnkinkade: what's the lan ip for the backup machine? i can ssh to (although, i seem to forget what password i set on it)19:23
mralexnkinkade: ah, i can ssh into it - with the password i expected.19:24
nkinkadeI'm getting a connection refused from, so the problem must be somewhere in the router ... this happened a week or so ago.19:24
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nkinkadePerhaps a restart of networking on the router.19:25
mralexnkinkade:  /etc/init.d/network ?19:25
nkinkadeI think  so.19:26
nkinkadeOr perhaps it's "networking" ??19:26
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mralex1that was a little rougher than i expected. but it's restarted.19:27
nkinkademralex: Rough in what sense?  That it kicked you off the network?19:29
mralex1nkinkade: yeah.19:29
nkinkademralex1: Thanks.19:30
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nkinkademralex1: For some reason I still can't SSH to the backup machine.  Perhaps it will require a reboot of the router??19:50
mralex1nkinkade: the dyndns is wrong for
nkinkadeI can't seem to get software that will reliably do that.19:52
nkinkademralex1: What is the correct IP?19:52
mralex1nkinkade: ah, nm, it's correct19:52
nkinkadeSomething is apparently wrong with the router, as this is the second time this has happened.19:53
mralex1nkinkade: hmm, would restarting firewall or netconfig help?19:53
nkinkademralex1: Try the firewall.19:53
nkinkadeThanks for looking at that.19:54
mralex1firewall restarted19:54
nkinkadeStill getting a refused connection.19:54
nkinkadeIs that right?19:54
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mralex1nkinkade: correct19:55
nkinkademralex1: Not sure what's happening then.  Maybe only a reboot will fix it?19:56
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mralexand we're back.20:01
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mralexnkinkade: ip is now
nkinkademralex: Thanks.  I'm in now.  I'm honestly have no idea why this has happened twice now.20:03
nkinkadeProbably a bug in OpenWRT or or openembedded ..20:03
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paroneayeagrep dc:identifier cc/licenserdf/rdf/index.rdf | cut -d'>' -f2 | cut -d '<' -f1 | sort | uniq20:30
paroneayeaI notice that I don't do much sysadmin pipe hackery like that any more20:30
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user01hello everyone! someone told me, that we (CC-BY-SA 3.0 Germany license)23:15
user01...cannot use his work (CC-BY-SA 1.0 unported) cannot use his work, because the licenses are incompatible -- i searched the web for some time but didn't find an answer23:16
user01only which doesn't seem to show incompatibilities between the 223:16
user01anyone can help?23:16
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user01...guess you all are sleeping already, right? ;-)23:40
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greg-guser01: he is pretty much correct. The 1.0 license did not have a "or later versions of this license" option. So, they would need to relicense their work to either 2.0, 2.5, or 3.0 for it to be compatible.23:55

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